Bubbles and Brews mobile bar cart business to launch in July

A vintage mobile bar cart will soon be on the move at events around Loudoun County.

The business is being launched by a mother-daughter team. Over the years, Shirley Harr of Ashburn and her daughter Jenny Campbell of Hamilton often discussed the idea of opening a mobile bar business with another of Harr's daughters, who was an event planner before her untimely death.

Following the family member's passing, the business idea lingered in Harr and Campbell's minds as a way to honor her memory. They eventually discovered Richmond-based Get Cozy Bars, and they decided to take the plunge to partner with them to open Bubbles and Brews Vintage Mobile Bar.

The versatile bar is made out of an Italian Piageo, a three-wheeled truck with a cab. The tiny vehicles were introduced at the end of World War II, and they are small enough to navigate the narrow streets in Italy, Campbell explained.

Campbell said their market research found the prosecco and cocktails truck concept has become very popular in England and is growing quickly in the U.S. They said this will be the first one in Loudoun County. Other franchise locations around the country include New York City, Philadelphia, San Francisco and Las Vegas.

The bar-on-wheels has seven taps for chilled craft beer, local cider, prosecco, white and red wine, sangria, cocktails and non-alcoholic drinks.

Campbell said it is perfect for weddings, corporate meetings, showers and other special events. Its small size – five feet by 11 feet - can fit through standard-size French doors or can be used outside. Package add-ons include lawn games, craft cocktails and customized signage.

“What is significant to me about starting this business is what a destination Loudoun County has become for weddings and conferences. There are so many opportunities here,” Campbell said.

The Bubbles and Brews cart is currently being built and will be ready to roll by the end of July, according to the owners.

“I'm so excited we are doing this. It is a fun way to meet different people and should be really enjoyable,” Harr said.

More information can be found at getcozybars.com or by emailing jen@getcozybars.com.

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