Middleburg Community Center will be home to the town's new fox statue

Middleburg artist Goksin Carey sculpted a six-foot red fox statuethat will be located in front of the Middleburg Community Center. The project is a collaboration with the town of Middleburg, Middleburg Arts Council and Artists in Middleburg. 

With fox hunting, the Red Fox Inn and plenty of fox sightings in the area, the town of Middleburg has always been known for its fox symbolism – and it's about to get even more foxy.

After receiving final approval from the Middleburg Community Center's Board of Directors on Tuesday, a bronze, six-foot red fox statue will be installed later this year in front of the Middleburg Community Center.

The project originated from the town's Business and Economic Development Director Jamie Gaucher and was presented to the Middleburg Arts Council. It has had great support from the beginning, said Sandy Danielson, executive director of Artists in Middleburg.

Gaucher told the Times-Mirror he believes the fox is “synonymous with Middleburg.”

“I'm hoping that this statue provides a link to the community's history and that it also contributes to our future – further refining Middleburg's already strong sense of place,” he said.

A $30,000 budget was created for designing and building the fox, and the Middleburg Arts Council raised the funds – with a pledge from the town and other local contributors.

“Debbie Cadenas was chair of the Middleburg Arts Council until very recently and should be commended for all of her efforts to raise these funds,” Danielson said.

With the help of local art students, artist Goksin Carey sculpted the statue, which is being delivered to the foundry in Fredericksburg for the bronzing process this weekend.

“If all goes according to plan, the fox will be returned to Middleburg in October,” Danielson said, adding the excitement is building for the finished product.

“For us at Artists in Middleburg the fox project means a great deal. We are excited to play a key role in the creation of this fox monument that will be here forever for all to enjoy and be a part of the town's long and fascinating history,” Danielson said.

Olivia Rogers, director of operations at the Middleburg Community Center, agreed the statue is "great news" for the town of Middleburg.

“It is cool to see the town rally behind the artists on this collaborative project,” Rogers said.

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