Ultimate Archery opens in Sterling

Ultimate Archery in Sterling caters to small groups, parties and corporate events. Courtesy Photo

A new family-friendly experience has opened in Sterling focusing on a fun – yet safe – version of archery dodge ball.

Ultimate Archery in Sterling was developed after its co-founders Puneet Maheshwari and Jesse Warlick played the game at a bachelor party in Montreal, Canada.

Originally from northern Virginia, the two met at the University of Virginia. They always had an interest in business and saw the success of this concept in Canada. They felt it could be popular in the U.S. as the “next big thing,” and they opened their first archery dodge ball location in Denver last year.

“We have had a really good response to it and wanted to recreate that here in Loudoun County,” Maheshwari told the Times-Mirror.

He said the pastime is the perfect activity for everything from birthday parties to corporate events. He describes the game as similar to playing dodge ball but with arrows that have marshmallow foam on them. The arrows leave no mark or pain.

Maheshwari said the game is best played with eight or more people at a time. If there are less than eight people in a group, they will put people together in an open session.

The first 15 minutes is spent training people how to play the game and how to use the equipment, which includes a face mask and arm guard. Referees are on the field during the 60-minute match.

“You do not have to have any archery experience. It is intuitive and just needs a little practice. There are tips we can offer and we have found people pick it up quite well,” he said.

Each session includes about eight to 10 games in an hour. At the end, the last man standing wins.

“People are looking for experiences. This is a super fun activity,” Maheshwari said.

The standard rate is around $30 per session, which includes the training, equipment and 60 minutes of playing. Ultimate Archery is located at 22370 Davis Dr. in Sterling. To book a session, visit ultimate-archery.com.

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