Wolf Trap announces star-studded 2017 lineup

After nearly 50 years of summer concerts that attract thousands of people from around the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area, officials at Wolf Trap Foundation for the Performing Arts in Vienna announced Friday they have cancelled the 2020 summer concert series due to the ongoing effects of the coronavirus pandemic.

The cancellation includes performances at the Filene Center, Children's Theatre-in-the-Woods and The Barns at Wolf Trap.

“It is with profound sadness that I announce that we are cancelling the 2020 Summer concert season due to the COVID-19 pandemic. For the first time in nearly 50 years, the Filene Center and Children’s Theatre-in-the-Woods at Wolf Trap National Park and The Barns at Wolf Trap will not host live performances from May through September," Wolf Trap Foundation for the Performing Arts President and CEO Arvind Manocha said in a prepared statement. "For many, Wolf Trap means summer, celebrating music with family and friends, but the health and well-being of the Wolf Trap community of patrons, artists, and staff are of paramount importance to us. Concern for the welfare of all makes summer gatherings for performances unfeasible."

Current ticket holders will have three options: donate a portion or total value of the ticket to the Wolf Trap Foundation's "Music Moves Us Fund" as a tax-deductible contribution; exchange the tickets for a gift card to be used in the future; or receive a full refund.

Wolf Trap is the only National Park dedicated to the performing arts. 

The foundation, through its residency program, will be developing and distributing new content this summer from the Barns and the National Park, bringing music to its audiences through digital and virtual platforms.

To help mitigate the financial impact of the season cancellation, the Foundation has launched its new Music Moves Us Fund.

More information can be found at wolftrap.org.


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More Cowbell

Of course none of the promoters are willing to give money back from tickets bought. I had purchased 10 tickets(5 concerts for 2), with all being cancelled. Email states tickets will be good for rescheduled date, but that date might not be good for me(and my wife). I'm hoping to get reimbursed since it could be a year plus until any of these concerts go on. The ones in late July & Aug should have gone on. Let the consumer decide if they want to attend. I'm not as paranoid as the media is.


It says right in the article "or receive a full refund." You and consumers don't get to decide what a business is going to do, their choice, not yours. Such a sense of entitlement.


Well the only way the United States will ever be fit to live in again as a business, is if Trump stops this insanity and like Obama's famous socialist declaration, "I've got a phone and a pen" do what Obama did. Trump needs to issue executive order code named, "save American Businesses" and make everything essential. Otherwise our Country is lost to the forced Social Communist Control. I'm surprised that Wolf Trap wants people to just give them money by not getting a refund. Maybe we all should start our own funds to help ourselves. Oh wait, that's only something someone like Andrew McCabe would do with his "go fund me" page when he was caught lying and leaking and was fired. Loudoun County contributed over 350,000 to that scum bag for his attorney's fees? My God, he belongs in prison for life. What is wrong with people. Of course Michael Flynn, a decorated 3 star General, who was entrapped and railroaded by Obama, Comey, McCabe and others sold his house and everything else instead of doing what that scum bag McCabe did. Wake up people to this attack on our very way of life and to liberal hypocrisy.


If it wasn’t for conspiracy theories you wouldn’t have much to say.

Really it is the “only” way? And you even named it? I think it already has a name PPP. You don’t think trumps 159 executive orders so far weren’t enough. Of course, everything has to be compared to Obama, I guess trump thinks he is running against him. BTW Obama had only issues 147 in his first erm so trump is ahead f him on dictatorship orders. We are being forced into a dictatorship right now. Go ahead and start your own fund, but people donate to the arts all the time, I doubt they will donate to you. You want to go after McCabe who did so little that they wouldn’t press charges but defend Flynn, who admitting to and was convicted of lying? You had a lot to say about his unmasking when he was never masked to begin with. He wasn’t railroaded, just like he wasn’t masked, get the facts. He was negotiating with the Russians about how he would change the sanctions on them when trump was elected. Extremely illegal. That’s they traitor you want to protect? You are the one promoting hypocrisy. BTW


pual mase

Responding with liberal talking points and left-wing conspiracy theories of your own is hardly an effective rebuttal, AG.

The most egregious signs of dictatorship I see are the dem governors and mayors denying citizens the right to work, worship, etc.

Obama and his minions have been caught illegally using intelligence agencies to undermine a duly elected president.

Flynn admitted to a lie after being entrapped by the FBI and after the corrupt Mueller team threatened to go after his son. Flynn is a soldier that is trained to sacrifice himself for others. His actions as incoming national security advisor to develop relationships with foreign officials were more than justified, despite the pathetic Logan act which is a centuries old, obsolete law for another time.

Obama, Comey, Clapper, Brennan never expected Trump to be elected and thought their abuses of the intelligence agencies would see the light of day.

Obama tried to protect his pathetic legacy.

They panicked and concocted the Russian collusion hoax that not even the corrupt Mueller team after years, could substantiate.

The house of cards is collapsing.

And AG lies exposed.


Pual, the adjective man with all the liberal, leftwing nonsense, You don’t see that it is for the protection of the people during a declared emergency but you see everything else? Really not sure what this rant has to do with Wolftrap. Do you realize that even the right-wing conservative republicans also put those restrictions in place as the virus was hitting their states? Probably not since it was a left-wing liberal conspiracy. Pleas tell me how Obama was using intelligence agencies to undermine a duly elected president. First Obama was president at the time that Flynn was wheeling and dealing with the Russian Ambassador before trump was elected, which is illegal. If Flynn’s son hadn’t been involved in illegal activities with his father, he would have had nothing to worry about, right? So, what if he is a soldier that does not make exonerate him for conspiring with a foreign nation. No, it is not allowed to undermine the sitting president and break the law by forming relationships with foreign officials. That is blatantly breaking the law. These laws are put in place so that there will not be foreign influence in US elections. Many laws are centuries old but that does not make them obsolete, look at how old the constitution is, is that obsolete? Nobody, not even trump expected trump to be elected. That is BS. Read the Mueller report. He didn’t ever say that there wasn’t a connection with Russia, he only said it was not within his power, but was up to congress, to do anything about it. You keep making comments about the Mueller report when it is so obvious that you have never looked at it. Why do you think trump has gone all the way to the Supreme Curt to have it blocked? Please answer that question.


So much ridiculousness. It’s an outdoor venue. The joke is on the American people shutting everything down then refusing to reopen it. Gov blackface getting ready to force masks on everyone when he was out and about no distancing and no mask. It’s a joke


I agree with you Simon. It appears that everyone is willing to give up everything (hard earned liberties/freedoms) to the Government because "the experts/government told me so" and not take individual responsibilty and ask logical/rationale questions. Unfortunately we also have government going way outside the scope of their authority "in the name of public health" aided/supported by the media with their nonstop showing of "we are in this together" and "stay home/stay safe" Public Service Announcements (PSAs) which when watching TV nowadays sounds like central party propaganda from either the Russian Federation or China. People don't want to think independently nowadays and instead want Government to do their thinking for them. I think that the Founding Fathers would be utterly appalled by this.


In normal times people are not willing to give up rights. Wolftrap is not a gov owned building. So it is the responsibility of the board, not the individuals that attend, to decide how they wish to respond and this is what they choose. Ignoring the so called propaganda is not a very responsible thing to do, they are called public service announcements for a reason. You can think independently all you want, but people also have the right to decide how they want to protect themselves and their families with the given data. I think the Founding Fathers would be supportive of this.


AG, I would respectfully disagree with your overall premise. The Founding Fathers would not be supportive of Government overreach. The Founding Fathers dealt with public health situations in 1789 (Yellow Fever) on their own and did not impose severe mitigation strategies such as a lockdown. They took the appropriate precautions and carried on. Yet, here in 2020, we find the Government has to step in and take extraordinary measures to mitigate a virus because people refused to be responsible. Furthermore, did the Government ask for anyone's opinion about how they wanted to protect themselves or their families? No, they didn't. The Government (state/local) is responsible for the execution of the mitigation/containment approach of the virus . So, since the Government didn't ask you for your opinion on how to do this, then the premise that the people have the right to determine to protect themselves and their families is a false premise as they did not have a say in the matter. The state/local departments of health (civil service agencies) are responsible for the management of the health crisis. Did the elected officials ask anyone how to manage this virus? No, so again the premise that people have the right to decide how they want to protect themselves and their families is a false premise, on the basis of logic. As to whether the board wanted to close the facility, that is their choice and is not really under dispute. However, the National Park Service does have a say in Wolf Trap as it falls under their jurisdiction. As for Public Service Announcements (PSAs), I would respectfully disagree with your contention that ignoring PSAs is not a very responsible thing to do. First, who gave you the right to judge me or anybody else as being "not responsible" just because we choose to apply logic and will not accept the premise that everything that the Government/media puts on TV as the gospel? Just because the media puts it on television does not make it mandatory viewing. For instance, it is clear to me that these "stay home/stay safe" and "we are in this together" do not provide anything of substantive value. It is pretty obvious to the casual observer that we are all in this situation one way or another therefore the PSA that local media like to distribute to the public about "all in this together" is nothing but propaganda. The "stay at home/stay safe" PSA also does nothing of value as there is an official Stay-At-Home Order with some legal enforcement behind it. So, why do we need a message that does nothing but repeat the obvious? The answer is that we don't.


Voltaire While the federal government has limited constitutional authority, states possess “police power” and have primary responsibility for protecting public health. The Constitution,” Justice John Marshall Harlan wrote for a 7-2 majority, “does not import an absolute right in each person to be, at all times and in all circumstances, wholly freed from restraint.” Instead, “a community has the right to protect itself against an epidemic.” Its members “may at times, under the pressure of great dangers, be subjected to such restraint, to be enforced by reasonable regulations, as the safety of the general public may demand.” States can even require that people be tested or vaccinated. Did the elected officials ask anyone how to manage this virus? Yes they did. They consulted with the CDC and followed recommendations. I am not judging you, those are your words, and I am entitled to my opinion just as much as you are and if I think someone ignoring PSA’s are being irresponsible, that is my opinion which I still believe. Would you ignore a PSA about a tornado coming? Guess what, we are all in this together, it’s there. It’s how people handle it that differs.


If you have been under the cover you know how close you are seated with others there. But this is not a govt building and it is up to their board to do what they think is right.


Can you believe they cancelled out on making money over hoax? Why are so many people doing that? Dear Leader please order Wolf Trap essential make them open with your magic wand.

Chris McHale

So no PitBull?


and no John Prine RIP

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