Critical Race Theory (CRT) is being taught in our schools, and it has absolutely nothing to do with being kind or teaching facts.

  1. CRT teaches victimhood. Victimhood will never encourage or enable success. See the “Unraveling the Mindset of Victimhood” article in the Scientific American for an explanation of the results we can expect to see from it.
  2. CRT is an off-shoot of Marxist ideals. Don’t agree? Look up “Critical Theory” in Britannica or search for “neo Marxists” in Sage Journals.
  3. One of the end goals of CRT and modern Marxism is the destruction of Capitalism. See the interview with Ibram X. Kendi on Democracy Now from August, 2019.
  4. Capitalism is not an evil, racist construct. Self-serving? Yes. Imperfect? Yes. But, so far, it’s the best system the world has ever seen in terms of innovation, growth and the reduction of poverty.
  5. CRT proponents hope to provide catered experiences to chosen minority groups without variance in the end result. In other words, effort, persistence and results are, in part, irrelevant. For one example, see the revision in acceptance policies for TJ. Lowering entry standards has been shown time and time again to be unsuccessful. It’s an example of attacking a symptom rather than the problem.
  6. CRT rejects the core tenets of the American value system, including equality theory, legal reasoning, rationalism and constitutional law. See page 3 of Critical Race Theory by Delgado.
  7. CRT is not an extension of the Civil Rights Movement: In fact, proponents believe that the goals of the Civil Rights Movement were inherently naive. While Civil Rights leaders believed in our ability to judge people based upon their character vs. the color of their skin; CRT proponents only see white supremacy and racism, disregarding concepts of equality as expressed in the Declaration of Independence, the 14th and 15th amendments, the Voting Rights Act of 1965 as well as the Civil Rights act of ‘64. CRT hopes to address varying results by lowering the bar and victimizing vs. addressing the roots of the problem. It will fail fantastically.

We need to rid our school system of this garbage. We need to get back to and embrace American values. And,

we need a fresh start in this school system. See the petition for board member recall events at

Lauren Harris


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Nice list of what CRT is/isn't but I believe the central issue you are trying to argue is that CRT is being taught in the schools. Unfortunately, you haven't offered any evidence that CRT is being taught in the schools. Where are the lesson plans, the textbooks, the syllabi, etc. that show CRT? Where are the lectures and classroom discussion topics that show it is being taught in the schools? As a 16 year educator, I have never seen it in any of the materials I have been provided by the district to use in the classroom. I had not even heard of CRT until recently. I know I don't teach it and I know my collaborative learning team isn't teaching it for the 12th grade. Since so much of what we teach in LCPS is driven by the Virginia Standards of Learning, I don't see any mention of CRT in the Standards either.

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