A Place To Be - 'The Land of Music'

Middleburg-based nonprofit A Place To Be plans to use a recent $10,000 grant to fund the production of its new animated children’s series, “The Land of Music.”

The National Endowment for the Arts will grant Loudoun music-therapy nonprofit A Place To Be $10,000 for its new animated children’s show, according to A Place To Be representatives.

As part of its second major funding announcement for fiscal 2020, NEA Chairwoman Mary Anne Carter last month approved 1,015 grants totaling more than $84 million, which she said “demonstrate the resilience of the arts in America.”

“We celebrate organizations like A Place To Be for providing opportunities for learning and engagement through the arts in these times,” Carter said in a prepared statement.

With its new funds — which were given as part of the NEA Art Works award — APTB plans to support production of “The Land of Music,” which officials say will help youth “process the changes brought on by COVID-19 and learn how music can help you be brave, reduce anxiety and fear, and bring people together.”

APTB co-founder Kim Tapper said she and others representing the nonprofit are “thrilled” to be receiving the grant.

“Since the beginning of the pandemic, we all witnessed music sweep the globe as a way of connecting to one another while staying physically distant,” Tapper said in a prepared statement. “Music can help us process what’s happening and it can provide hope and create community and connection. We need those now in ever-more critical ways, and especially for our youth.”

More information on the National Endowment for the Arts grant announcement is available at arts.gov/news. For more information on A Place To Be, visit aplacetobeva.org.

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