Hilarie Burton tee shirt

Hilarie Burton, Park View High School graduate and "One Tree Hill" star, models a long-sleeve tee from her High School Forever line.

“One Tree Hill” star and Park View High School alumna Hilarie Burton has launched a collection of clothing that will benefit extracurricular activities at the Sterling high school.

The initiative is part of Project Patriot, a nonprofit Burton founded in 2018 after PVHS announced the cancellation of its varsity football team. Project Patriot strives to support sports and clubs at the school with help from donations, volunteer work and business partnerships.

We want you guys to have every opportunity to do extra-curricular programs here at Park View, so we’re going to help you get your football team back. We’re also going to help you support every other club,” Burton said at a PVHS pep rally in September 2018.

Burton’s line of clothing includes various short- and long-sleeve T-shirts, pullover hoodies and female cropped hoodies, all of which are emblazoned with the phrase “High School Forever.” The items are available in a variety of sizes and pricing starts at $25.99.

It's Back-To-School time! Help me support my REAL alma mater - a Title 1 high school - by celebrating my fake alma mater, Tree Hill High! Every kid deserves the opportunity to participate in extra curricular activities. Project Patriot gives that to the students of Sterling, Va.,” Burton's description at Represent.com/Hilarie reads.

Items are available for purchase at represent.com/hilarie. More information on Project Patriot can be found at Project-Patriot.org.


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AFF - GO TO MILLER ?DRIVE ON A MONDAY MORNING AND SEE HOW MANY FOLKS SHOW UP FOR FREE FOOD or the Lucketts food pantry on the second Saturday of every month (this is where i currently volunteer) and tell the 35 or so families that show up how wealthy they are. I spent 10 years on the Good Shepherd Alliance Board helping the homeless in Loudoun. Not everyone lives in Creighton Corners, Lansdowne or Belmont Country Club. $100 per child per sport is tough for a relatively poor family but it is UNNECESSARY for all families as the school system doesn't even try enough to be efficient but relies on getting $1.3 Billion in tax dollars. We are a wealthy county because the measurement is based on family income and land assets. The calculation ignores debt so if we have a recession and only one member of the family works and the debt stays there wealth becomes an illusion. Recreation is education in my book and students should be as active as possible during their formative years which should include clubs, sports and charity volunteerism. The community should help facilitate this not make it harder!


My kids were musicians, not athletes - why should they pay for sports when the arts programs get nothing - these fees are appropriate. And Bob, if you were truly aware, there is plenty of money to help those who cannot pay the fees. So, this is not about keeping poor families from participating. And it is not about your election campaign.


Fees are reduced or waived for students who are eligible for Free/Reduced Lunch. If anything, the fees help diffuse the extensive costs of extra-curricular activities that serve only a portion of the student population.


Nice gesture but the football team issue was not due to a lack of LCPS funds. Parkview is very much part of the $1.3 Billion yearly funding LCPS gets mostly from taxpayers via the Board of Supervisors. I would strongly suggest the Loudoun school board members eliminate the $100 per sport penalty fee they charge parents who are trying to do the right thing by involving their children in sports. The $1.3 million turf field would not be at Parkview if there was no funding. How about it school board - DROP THE ATHLETIC FEE!


Why would you want to drop the fee to participate in sports? This is one of the wealthiest counties in the country. If you want your kid to play high school sports pay the $100 fee. (and I'll bet there's already a program in place to help needy kids, as there should be)

Pay the $100. Except for the football program- raise the fee to $500.


EXCUSE ME! I was flabbergasted when I moved back here and heard that anyone who paid the money could be on a team! What happened to try outs and qualifyjng for and earning a spot on a team!? Hypothetically you could have 75 kids on a football team and maybe 20 players are good enough to play on a regular basis. Paying to play is ludicrous! This teaches nothing except money buys you a spot on the team. How many uniforms are wasted, how many kids face demoralization because they aren't good enough! Good Lord people, you have to EARN SOME THINGS IN LIFE! If your kid isn't good in sports, it's OK, I'm sure he/she may excel in something else. My kid helped start a lacrosse team and a ski team in his HS in CT because he discovered lacrosse from a cousin in a prep school and loved it and introduced it to his friends and they worked hard to get it started and sanctioned. He grew up water and snow skiing as did some of his friends, so that was a natural segue as well. He didn't enjoy other sports and why would he play on a team where he never played? I would never subject a kid to that. Life is not fair all the time and I guess rich or poor if you live in "entitled" LoCo you can write a check or get a handout rather than a try out.


Locojrt - what are you talking about? Teams have tryouts and not everyone makes the team depending on the sport and the space available. What this teaches is that everybody has a chance to participate and succeed regardless of how much money their parents ear. - what is wrong with that? The alternative is to treat anyone without excess cash as second tier citizens

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