Route 15-Little Spring Detour

Virginia Department of Transportation officials announced Tuesday that the left turn lane from southbound Route 15, also called James Monroe Highway, to Little Spring Road will be closed until further notice.

The recently opened lane has seen several instances of wrong-way and other dangerous driving. VDOT says the closure will be in place until a permanent solution is developed.

Traffic will be detoured south on Route 15 to the bypass, and drivers will make a U-turn at Battlefield Parkway and return north on Route 15 to Little Spring Road. Outbound Little Spring Road traffic will still be able to turn left onto southbound Route 15 during the closure.

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Keep it real

With all the dumb drivers to come through the county, how come it takes extreme measures to fix an issue everyone saw coming?? The county let's development happen, but no one wants to widen obsolete 2 lane roads until the traffic is unbearable. 15 north and south in Loudoun has to be 4 Lane's to accommodate all the out of area traffic that uses Loudoun roads to get to and from work


There are too many idiots in the world ruining things from the rest of us.
Regardless, VDOT can solve this issue with a traffic circle.


LifetimeLoudouner, your H and A keys appear to be broken as is your ability to understand sarcasm. We understand that the merge lane has not done anything to alleviate traffic and has only shifted the bottle neck down a few hundred yards. Instead, it has added another high speed, heavily trafficked, northbound lane that the residents must attempt to cross with the convenience of a blind spot in the form of the curve in the road. Unfortunately, "right in right out" is not a reasonable option. Residents using this manuver would have to find a place farther down the road to turn around which would not only be risky in this high traffic area, it would also contribute to the congestion that we are trying to alleviate. Additionally, nobody asked for a "private entrance turn lane", and since the entrance is on the southbound lane, it has virtually no positive effect on the residents living in the community. I implore you to consider researching all of the relevant factors before you decide to "expound" upon nonsense.


I’d bet if they tested the Raspberry Falls and Lucketts light to operate as a flashing yellow between 7am-9am then 4pm-6pm, traffic would be virtually eliminated. Widening is 10-year overkill project, and a round-about will just throttle the progression of the traffic from stop-and-go to a slow crawl.

More Cowbell

Curious how much money was spent on this? How long did it take VDOT to give go ahead for this road? Didn't they realize the screw up? Is anyone from VDOT ever held accountable? I can recall many 4 way stops with stop signs(some 2 lanes in each direction) not getting red lights for 3-4 years. Many accidents, excuse I heard from BOS was it was VDOTs call to put up red lights. As for 15, our past and current BOS allowed way too much development along 15 without widening. And it's only going to get worse.


We live in one of the most affluent counties in the US, one of the most educated too, yet we are struck dumb when we vote for Board of Supervisors over and over again. We put these people in office who would not know how to walk and chew gum. They prove it every day. When will Loudoun vote for BOS who have some intelligence, no ties to developers and really care about the people they serve, not their "base" and home building community? When???


I sent a note to Mike Chapman (our Sheriff) on May 21st at 6:30am explaining that this is a far more dangerous situation than most believe because some GPS instructions are actually telling drivers unaware of this area to turn left at the Little Spring entrance for Route 15 southbound. If not blocked this could easily result in a head on collision with fatalities. He promised to get with VDOT immediately and from my perspective he was VERY responsive and deserves our gratitude for getting VDOT to take action. Regardless of party affiliation it remains in the community interest to make VDOT do its job! Thanks Mike.


This harebrained turn lane was requested and pushed by supervisor Geary Higgins for the 6 houses on little spring rd. Luckily no one died going the wrong way on rt 15. We already have enough deaths on rt 15. I wish supervisor Higgins would do something to actually reduce the deaths on rt 15 not increase them.


As demonstrated by the previous post most comments regarding the Rt15 issue are spoken out of ignorance. As a member of this community I assure you that the community did not request any change at this intersection and pointed out potential safety risks to the both residents and thru traffic. However, I believe Supervisor Higgins felt compelled to act in response to traffic flow studies, traffic safety studies and perhaps noisy individuals pushing to act before thinking. To the credit of Supervisor Higgins' office and the VDOT highway engineers they have been working closely with the community to find ways to reduce traffic confusion without sacrificing safety to the community. The bottom line is whether a community consists of 6 houses or 200 houses all are entitled to reasonable safety of ingress/egress.


Let me expound further. The tens of thousands if not over one hundred thousand that was spent on a turn lane for 6 houses (some with tennis courts and swimming pools) should have been spent on safety improvements on Rt15 for the 45,000 + cars that commute each day on the overly congested road. But instead it was spent for 6 wealthy individuals private entrance. There are many other intersections on Rt15 that could have used that money to actually improve safety for all those cars. I’m curious whose political campaigns those homeowners donated to ?


Let’s set the record straight. The only thing “pushed” by Supervisor Higgins was a faster commute home, and surely by extending the merge lane from North King St. that would be accomplished. The studies showed the merge to be a bottleneck so therefore it must be true. So the concrete median was taken out and more pavement put down. I’m sure everyone has noticed their commute is much faster now. Except no one took into consideration that now a small community of 6 houses now has no safe ingress/egress. Whether a neighborhood of 200 or 6 there needs to be safe access. I say luckily no one died every time one of my family members pulls out of Little Spring Rd. And further more, there is plenty of signage. The people driving the wrong way on route 15 are the same ones that drive into lakes and onto railroad tracks because their gps told them to turn “right here”. People need to actually look up and be aware of their surroundings. I’m not sad that the turn lane closed because everyone of those knuckleheads was turning around in my driveway.


Simple fix. Right in and right out Sure the 6 residences will be inconvenienced a little but better than someone loosing a life.

Really faster commute ??? Hahahahahaha it starts to back up at 2:15 until after 6:00. Supervisor Higgins has a 10 year+ plan to fix Rt 15. So how many lives will be lost waiting on that plan? A longer merge lane is nice but it does not fix Rt15 traffic it just shifts the traffic some.

Funny how evergreen mills rd had major safety problems discussed at the same board meetings and those improvements have been substantially completed while Rt15 might get another “study”

More lives have been lost on Rt15 than any other road in Loudoun and supervisor Higgins has paid lip service at best.


unbelievable, if people could read and follow directions. You should not be allowed to drive if you cannot. Once again, idiot drivers will make the homeowners on this road suffer because of their ignorance. I have to say I have seen people do this and you know its been all MARYLAND DRIVERS!

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