Mark Herring

Attorney General Mark Herring (D)

Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring (D) says heavily armed private militias could be in violation of state law if they mimic police functions like crowd control.

Herring’s advisory opinion comes just days before lawmakers discuss gun laws at a Capitol meeting in what’s expected to be a contentious atmosphere.

A Democratic lawmaker asked Herring for the advisory opinion because she said private militia members intimidated gun-control supporters at a recent legislative session. Gun laws have become a top issue in Virginia after a mass shooting earlier this year in Virginia Beach.

Gun-rights advocate Philip Van Cleave said Herring’s advisory opinion unfairly villainized legal gun owners.

Armed militia groups patrolled a 2017 white nationalist rally in Charlottesville that erupted in violence. They said they were protecting free speech.

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Herring - "Could be" - "If" ??? - Meaningless speculation like, "If your Aunt were a man, she would be your Uncle".


did you read the last line?


Private Militias???? there go the democrats again making up narratives to scare people




Freedom of speech is not compatible with threat of violence. Armed people (to protect their speech and force others to listen) chills others from expressing dissent. The armed protectors of speech (generally police) must be neutral regarding the content of any and all constitutionally protected speech.

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