Aldi grocery store coming to Purcellville

German discount grocery chain ALDI is coming to Purcellville in 2019.

According to Mark Fontaine, director of real estate development for Renaud Consulting, which represents Cullmore Properties, a deal is in place for ALDI to take over 20,000 square feet of space being vacated this week by Shop-n-Save on Main Street in Purcellville.

Fontaine said he is negotiating with two other national clients to take over the remaining 14,000 square feet.

ALDI, known for its store brand items and low prices, has been expanding around Loudoun the past few years.

The chain has locations in Sterling and Ashburn. ALDI has also leased space in the upcoming shopping center near the Leesburg Lowe's on Battlefield Parkway.

“ALDI will be starting with permits and construction in the next few months,” Fontaine said. “I don't expect it to be vacant for very long.”

He added there are plans to “reface” the front of the shopping center to give it an “updated look.”

Also at the shopping center, the Virginia ABC store will be vacating its space and moving to the former Blockbuster video storefront near Giant Foods on East Main Street.

Fontaine said he is still negotiating to fill the space being vacated by the ABC store.

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Yup, Pville needs another grocery store! No Walmart, Target, Home Depot or Lowe's; but two drugstores smack dab next to each other and a 3rd 7-11! Now THAT'S growth and progress! But let's not put any blights on this Western part of LoCo!


Let's stay positive! This could be a good thing.


What kind of grocery store will survive on a smaller footprint than the previous loser grocery stores. There is nothing great about this store. Very limited products


So Food Lion,I mean Bloom,I mean Food Lion,I mean Shop N Save is finally kaput.(go ahead amerigirl,give it your best shot).

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