Aliscia Andrews

Aliscia Andrews (R) will face incumbent Rep. Jennifer Wexton (D) in Virginia’s 10th Congressional District election.

Marine Corps veteran Aliscia Andrews will challenge Democratic incumbent Jennifer Wexton in the Nov. 3 election for Virginia’s 10th Congressional District.

On June 20, Andrews won the final round of voting in the 10th Congressional District Republican convention, securing the GOP nomination. The convention was held outside Shenandoah University’s James R. Wilkins Jr. Athletics and Events Center.

Andrews received 57.5% of the vote, defeating fellow Republican candidates Jeff Dove, Rob Jones and Matthew Truong.

“I think we worked incredibly hard, but so did every campaign that was here today,” Andrews said in a phone interview afterward. “And I just am so humbled to be the nominee for the 10th District of Virginia.”

The convention was held drive-through style, with 1,240 Republican delegates filling out ballots in their own cars and handing them to a volunteer. Voting took place from 8 a.m. to 4:45 p.m.

Each delegate ranked their first, second, third and fourth choices. The ranked-choice voting was done to ensure that the Republican nominee for the 10th District race would be supported by a majority of the party, rather than a plurality. The votes were counted inside the Wilkins Center.

In the first round of voting, Rob Jones received 31.67% of the vote, Truong 30.47%, Andrews 27.53% and Dove 10.33%. After Dove was eliminated, the people who supported him had their votes allocated to their second choice. In the second round, Jones had 34.29%, Andrews 33% and Truong 32.67%. After Truong was eliminated and the votes reallocated, Andrews ended up with about 57.5% of the vote, while Rob Jones had 42.5%.

“I’m ready to start a Wexit movement to ensure that Virginia 10’s constituents are represented for the first time in a long time,” Andrews said. “I genuinely want to thank the men I was up against for running an incredible campaign — Rob, Jeff and Matt are incredible competitors. They are just wonderful men and I just am so humbled. And I am just so excited and I’m so ready to take the hill.”

Wexton has represented the 10th District in the U.S. House of Representatives since 2019. She defeated incumbent Republican Barbara Comstock in the 2018 contest by 12.4 percentage points.

The 10th District includes all of Clarke, Frederick and Loudoun counties; the cities of Winchester, Manassas and Manassas Park; and parts of Fairfax and Prince William counties.

Andrews said she stands with President Donald Trump in wanting to build a wall along the U.S.’s border with Mexico, close immigration loopholes and secure America’s ports to stop illegal immigration. According to her website, she also stands with law enforcement and border patrol and supports “policies that enable them to do their jobs while the far-left demonizes them.”

Andrews, who is a contractor for the Department of Homeland Security and Intelligence on border security issues, considers national security a top priority. According to her website, she believes the U.S. should have “a fully-funded and operational military,” stating that the country needs to maintain military dominance over China, Russia, North Korea and Iran. She also vows to never vote in ways that infringe upon Second Amendment rights to bear arms, and she supports the Virginia counties that want to declare themselves Second Amendment sanctuaries.

Heather Rice, of Manassas, who was elected to the Republican Party’s State Central Committee during Saturday’s convention, said there is an understanding among Republican voters “that whoever wins, we all will rally behind them.” She said the convention had a good turnout, considering the circumstances of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I’m very proud of our party and their participation,” Rice said. “We’ve got really great people participating in this event.”

Frederick County Commissioner of the Revenue Seth Thatcher, who voted for Jones, said he will support the GOP nominee.

“I don’t think there’s a bad candidate in the group,” Thatcher said. “I think the majority of people will fall behind the nominee.”

Winchester resident Tony Growden said any of the Republican candidates could “easily go up against Jennifer Wexton and defeat her.”

Also during the convention, former Loudoun County Supervisor Geary Higgins was named chair of the 10th Congressional District Republican Committee, defeating incumbent Matt Leeds. Mark Sell, Ron Wright and Rice were elected to the Republican Party of Virginia’s State Central Committee. Ginni Thomas, Jo-Ann Chase and former Loudoun County Supervisor Eugene Delgaudio were made 10th District delegates to the 2020 Republican National Convention.

Phil Griffin, Rice and Wright were made alternate national delegates. Cathy McNickle became 10th District Presidential Elector.

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Dear Aliscia, I would expect the 2nd Amendment, military and wall support but please share your views on some other key issues:

1. Feds control interstate commerce and northern counties like Loudoun are choking from interstate commutation traffic. Will you bring federal resources to the table to resolve Route 15 north of Leesburg traffic from Maryland and Route 9 into West Virginia?

2. The State of VA is failing to honestly support northern VA schools through the use of the composite index. Will you support the transfer of Dulles Airport back under Virginia control so Loudoun and Fairfax can allocate some property tax burden to the extremely profitable airport parking lots? In this way Loudoun would not have to depend on failing state support quite as much. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and please remember you have to talk to independents like myself not just your own party.



I will give her a point for being brave to run on the GOP ticket. Anyone who votes for GOP on any level; local, state or federal, must have rocks in their heads. The GOP is a vicisus hate filled party now thanks to Trump. The trashing of an Indian restaurant in Santa Fe, NM is sickening. Aside from nasty words, the slogan Trump 2020 was painted and came through loud and clear just how the GOP supporters behave. Shame on the GOP. You need to re-group and get rid of Moscow Mitch, Devin "the cow" Nunes, Two faced Lindsey Graham, Ferret Ted Cruz etc. November will be a house cleaning of epic proportions.


You forgot performing clown Matt Gaetz


It's obvious you havent seen what's going on in the Democrat party as of late. Riots, looting, destruction of property, defunding police, taken over city blocks and making them into autonomous zones. That's America under the democrats , a two bit 3rd world country. Let me just ask this one question Bozo, if this country is so racist then why are so many people risking it all trying to get here?


It's obvious you don’t know what the democratic party is. You seem very confused between a movement and a political party. It must be because you blame everything on the democratic party, always have, always will. You have a sincere hatred for them. But that is not the democratic party out there it is a movement for justice, please educate yourself. Also understand that you can call public figures names on this site but you need to stop calling the people who post here names. Your question is moot. People come here to be able to survive, they feel their lives and the lives of their families are endangered. Stop with the BOZO references.


I give Aliscia Andrews kudos for running against Congreswoman Wexton and for supporting President Trump. Wake up! Our country is on fire and it is not President Trump’s fault. Trump has offered these Democratically run cities help but they hate him so much that they would rather see their cities destroyed and thousands of people’s lives ruined. The local governments have allowed these mobs to destroy our cities and to take down/deface our monuments and statues (also known as works of art). There are artists who put feces on paintings of the Virgin Mary and put a crucifix in a container of urine. This is considered “art”? This is more offensive to most Americans than our statues and you do not hear the left complain about this. Have you heard Jennifer Wexton speak out against any of these violent protests? Her silence is supporting them. People are fleeing the cities and moving to the suburbs changing the 10th District. What has Wexton done for the 10th District? She puts the rights of transgender people above everyone else? I am all for people being treated fairly but I am tired of the rights of the minority being more important than the rights of the majority? In Connecticut transgender girls are competing in track meets and winning, taking the right to advance away from girls that were born biologically girls. It will be interesting to see if Congresswoman Wexton supports all transgender girls to compete in all girls high school sports.


I think that it is you that needs to face reality. Most of the reason our country is so divided is because of trump. First off there are republican run cities in the same shape as the democratic run cities, so why did you only pick dems? He has offered armed forces to fight the American people, that is just going to cause more division. Many of those so-called works of art are pieces of mass-produced junk donated to cities from the DAR as a form of intimidation to blacks and were given during the Jim Crow era. If the governments had moved them to museums to begin with there wouldn’t be a problem. They don’t belong in the public domain. Have you heard anyone but trump complain about defacing the statues? Why Wexton? You are sooooo wrong in saying “She puts the rights of transgender people above everyone else” she has fought to give them equal rights. Isn’t that what the constitution stands for? Show one instance where their rights outweigh your rights.


LTM--you need to make a correction to this story. There is no such thing in the Federal Government as the Department of Homeland Security & Intelligence. It is the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). There is sub-unit within DHS called Intelligence and Analysis division.


They had to choose somebody! Glad she has made her views clear. Se e you in November!


“Stands with President Donald Trump”. She’ll get no more than 30%.


If that. Completely off subject but does anyone else think she looks like Jody Foster?


Yep, there is some resemblance to Jodie Foster.


Strike 1: Supporting Trump

Strike 2: The 10th is a Moderate District

Strike 3: A lack of conservatives moving into the 10th vs. Liberals

This election is over, Wexton won. Call me when the GOP puts up a candidate who isn't a Trump support and then they "might" have a chance if they come across as a moderate Republican like the Maryland Governor.


What an excellent candidate to run against the incumbent! Andrews has had a career of service , professionalism, volunteerism, and running a household. Contrast that with the record of the incumbent (Wexton), who has done little in office but obsequiously follow voting instructions issued by the Speaker of the House (Pelosi) and the true Leader of the House (Ocasio-Cortez). Candidate Andrews is a clear choice for those 10th District voters who aren’t fans of open borders, higher taxes, post-birth abortion, defunding law enforcement, and gun confiscation (to name a few).


Wow, I have almost all of the qualifications you listed and I know I wouldn't be qualified for that job. I have never served in the armed forces, but how does that make you more capable of being a pol? Try looking up Wexton's record instead of just agreeing with other posters here before you say what she has done or not done. I have nothing against Andrews but I don't see the qualifications.


What has Wexton done.

A person serving in the military is a big deal. Maybe you should of joined Ameri girl. Maybe you wouldnt be such a sheep.


I think it's great that she served her country, I truly thank her for that , but how does that qualify you for a political position? Look up Wexton yourself, I am not your help. .That's i stupid to say join the military and you won't be a sheep when they are the one's that take orders from trump, like them or not. My guess is you don't have a clue what it means. It is someone like all these devout trump followers that listen to every conspiracy theory he tells and would follow him of a cliff if he asked them to. Maybe if you think it is such a big deal you should up. If you have paid any attention to the comments you would know that I am retired and therefore too old to enlist, I do my duty and give back already and always have, can you say the same?DUH


Workhardgetahead--wow. based on your comment, it would appear that you are directly violating one of the Army's core values, Respect. Just because AG has a different viewpoint on matters, doesn't make her "the enemy" in league with the Russians/Chinese/North Korea.


Voltaire, I guess you havent been paying attention to what's going on in the democrat party as of late . I can tell you this old infantry soldier has no respect for their actions and no respect for anyone that supports it.


Work, you have not been paying attention or are ignorant of the fact that the equality protests are not democratic protests. Trump says they are but Forbes said “Trump has averaged 23.8 lies per day since the first case of COVID-19 was reported in the US” but you still believe every word he says, right? That’s right old soldier, you have no respect. That is something you should have learned in the Army. Stop embarrassing them by using terms that show you were in the Army while you are showing ignorance of political parties and lack of empathy for black American citizens.

Duncan Idaho

The only chance she has of winning is to distance herself from Trump, who will be a drag on any candidate that cozies up to him. Trump is poison.

Ellie Lockwood

I’m looking forward to a spirited contest. Andrews has the background that appeals across the socio-economic spectrum as opposed to her opponent who has long since been part of the entrenched political crowd. You have only to scan her voting record which basically has rubber stamped Speaker Pelosi’s progressive agenda. GovTrack has pegged Wexton politically to the left of center, and her leadership skills near the bottom! VA-10 can do better! #Wexit2020


I went to the chart and it has her at about dead center of Democrats, what is the left of center, and not at the bottom in leadership.


Well, maybe she would TRY and do something about the destruction of our society. You do know that Saint John's church in DC has been branded/defaced as Black House Autonomous Zone. Wexton perpetuates white and cops are bad and puts her full weight behind BLM and NAACP. These are two of the most disgraceful orgs around. They don't care about black people unless it fits their agenda. Think I'm wrong? Let me know when you see BLM nad NAACP denounce the murders of two 3-year-old kids this past weekend.


Do I know about St.Johns? I want to know who you think would do it? I seriously think it was blacks considering how the priest form St Johns was so upset with trump. Your comment saying "BLM and NAACP. These are two of the most disgraceful orgs around" just proves your racism, and what they are doing is trying to improve the conditions so things like the murders of two 3-year-old kids doesn't happen, what is any other group doing about it?


AG--actually, it did happen. The Chicago Tribune reported online that a 3-year-old Mekhi James, who was fatally shot Saturday. According to a spokesperson with the Chicago Police Department, Mekhi was riding in the back seat of a vehicle in the South Austin neighborhood with his father, 27, the intended target, when he was hit. A few hours later, about five blocks from where Mekhi was killed, three teens were shot, including a 13-year-old girl who died. Two teenage boys, ages 17 and 16, also were killed Saturday in a separate shooting in the South Chicago neighborhood.


Volt, Yes I understand I said that the groups were trying to improve conditions so that wouldn't happen. He was saying that BLM and NAACP are two of the most disgraceful orgs around, a tad racist don't you think?


AG--I realized that you weren't challenging the validity of the killing of the 3-year old in Chicago after I had posted my reply. Sorry about that. To your question, looking at it objectively, yes, I think that it is racist to call them "the most disgraceful orgs around". There are a lot of them more worse than the NAACP/BLM. I know that the NAACP has a solid history of doing a lot of good things for African-Americans and continues to do so. As for the BLM, I have a mixed opinion. I think, overall, there are a lot of people in that movement who are genuine and have the right idea/conviction but I do think that, like other groups, there are elements in that group that don't have the right goals at heart.


BLM is racist and the name NAACP on the cover is racist . The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People? What if it was called the NAAWP? I guess that would be racist too.


So you call them racist, but you hated having a black president, you use racist slurs for the governor, and you think white people needed advancement during the Jim Crow era. That’s a true racist. NAACP was created because of the way black people were being treated. Don’t you know anything from that part of history? The NAACP mission was “to promote equality of rights and eradicate caste or race prejudice among citizens of the United States; to advance the interest of colored citizens; to secure for them impartial suffrage; and to increase their opportunities for securing justice in the courts, education for their children, employment according to their ability, and complete equality before the law.” Here it is over a century later and they have accomplished a lot. They don’t have designated places they can occupy in public areas, share water fountains, sit anywhere on the bus. Just what do you think white people needed advancement from? Did you even know that most of the founders were white?


Congratulations! look forward to voting for you this fall.....wacky wexton is not up to the job...she did absolutely nothing but vote for a sham impeachment that schiff nadler and company lied to all of america even when the witnesses in their little witch hunt investigation said trump did nothing wrong.....what a pack of liars!


L4T, maybe try looking at Wexton's record on bills she has sponsored and co-sponsored, literally hundreds, instead of lying. Looks like if Bolton had testified trump would be gone, I guess we will settle for impeached for now. Can't wait to see him arrested after he is voted out.


The democrat house has done nothing but investigate and lie to Americans.


Is that what the liar in chief told you?


Obama is the one that should be arrested. That actually may happen after the Durham investigation.


You really fell for that conspiracy theory? How foolish. Just wait til trumpster is out of office and arrested by the Southern District of New York


Keep dreaming


Work, yes I voted for Wolf before he became old and feeble,


For those who do not know much about Aliscia your statement might be true, she is a strong woman with a mind of her own that aligns with Trump on some issues as mine do. We only need 50% plus 1 voter to defeat the Pelosi puppet.


In other words, you're gonna lose


The 2nd choice of a party that's already in the minority...supporting a President who finds a way to alienate someone new every day...Wexton coasts to re-election this time around.


AG--it's possible. It is also possible that she may beat Wexton too. We'll see.


What is with these delusional Republicans who think it's a good idea to tie themselves to Trump?

Regardless of whether you agree with him or not, you don't need to reach out to people who support Trump to get their vote, they're already going to blindly vote for anyone with an R next to their name....

Wexton took 56% of the vote in 2018. Things have not gotten more conservative or welcoming for Republicans, so this seems like a quixotic quest on Andrews part if she's only going to appeal to people who align with Trump.


Not true -- I have voted for democrats on the past, but support Trump she should campaign for everyone's vote if she wants to win....


I have voted republican before but that would never happen now. Trumpster said he is a Nationalist, not republican anyway. Why do you support him when he has done nothing but lie to you?


You voted Republican?? That's the biggest lie since the democrats said Trump colluded with the Russians


Workhardgetahead--and how do you definitely know how she voted? The answer is that you don't. It is entirely possible that she voted Republican. You cannot disprove her statement.


Ok, maybe I cant prove you have voted Republican in the past, but I can tell you I've never voted for a democrat. And I'm proud of it.


Work just because you have never voted for a dem doesn't mean anything. The fact that you are close minded is not something to be proud of.


With the Trump albatross around your neck, how the heck to you campaign for everyone's vote? Hope they're not paying attention?


Basically. It's an uphill battle regardless, but I just don't know why anyone would explicitly make a statement supporting Trump. That wasn't going to play well two years ago, and it sure isn't going to play well in November.


RandomName2019--the reason that Wexton took 56% of the vote is that she actually ran a campaign and tried. Barbara Comstock took her re-election for granted and failed to mount a credible campaign. You didn't see any commercials from Comstock until almost near election day. Not a great way to campaign.


V--I had the same feeling about Comstock. In 2018 it was like she didn't really want to run and did so only reluctantly. She had no passion, didn't do any outreach, and seemed to just be going through the motions.


Well there was all that *and* the fact that for two years she supported Donald Trump's crony picks for important government posts and turned a blind eye to his locking up children and on and on and on...


Not to mention her support for trump and then they trying to distance herself toward the end, to wishy washy.


LoudounClear--you can't make that argument stick at all. Wexton was not "lilly white" and had some baggage from when she was in the General Assembly so that "Trump argument" would have possibly been negated by Wexton's own "baggage".

At the time of the election, the 10th District was a Moderate District. I think there was a real possibility that Comstock would have beaten Wexton if she had tried harder and had a more effective campaign approach/strategy.

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