Lindsay R. Mages

Lindsay R. Mages

A Loudoun County Public Schools teacher has been charged after participating in a non-sexual inappropriate relationship with a child that caused or created mental injury, according to the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office.

Lindsay R. Mages, 28, of Aldie, was arrested today after she was found to be a person responsible for the victim’s care. She reportedly created or inflicted, threatened to create or inflict or allowed to be created or inflicted physical or mental injury by non-accidental means upon the child, a misdemeanor, authorities said. Law enforcement pointed to Virginia State Code 18.2-371 as defined by 16.1-228 for the charges.

Mages was occasionally responsible for the student, whose identity is being protected, outside of school, according to the LCSO. The relationship with the student occurred between Jan. 1 and Aug. 30, while Mages was a teacher at Discovery Elementary and Hillside Elementary schools, both of which are in Ashburn. 

Mages, who is being held at the county's adult detention center without bond, is the second Loudoun County Public Schools teacher to be charged with a crime in the past five days. 

On Oct. 26, Loudoun County Public Schools teacher Samuel Hermens, 30, of West Virginia, was charged with three felony counts of unlawful filming after allegedly "upskirting" female students with his cell phone.

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Good Lord she looks CRAZY


Oh yeah, she's got "Mary Poppins" written all over her...


“Teacher charged with a vague crime.” I should write for Loudoun Times 🙄


Such a poor article. Let's find out more before passing judgement. As others said, this could be anything. I am not saying she is guilty or innocent, but posting picture and name before anything at all other than accusation and arrest has been made known is pure shaming. It appears zero research was done before posting this. Might as well save us the time reading and just link to the LCSO daily crime report. Do better LTM.


If she done the same thing to a Hispanic or Muslim family in a restaurant our Sheriff and Comminwealth’s Attorney would look the other way.


We have to be against all forms of child abuse -- but from this wordy article and reading those long and catch all laws -- this could be really BE ANYTHING from to telling the child he/she is fat to spanking to falling a sleep and the child playing in the street or worse. Who knows.

David Dickinson

If you are being charged with being a psycho, shouldn't you try and not look a psycho when you are booked?


More Cowbell

Wow, can't make that charge up. I wonder how many attorneys it took to write this law. She was a teacher that bullied a child after school?

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