April 1 Coronavirus Update

Loudoun County now has at least 105 confirmed cases of the coronavirus, an increase of 18 from Tuesday, according to the latest figures released by the state.

In the past 48 hours, Loudoun County has also reported two notable positive cases, including a deputy from the county sheriff’s office and a Sanders Corner Elementary School staff member.

Two Loudoun County residents have also died after testing positive for coronavirus, the first a teacher in her 70s and the second a 93-year-old female resident of Falcon's Landing with underlying health issues.

The Times-Mirror has received numerous inquiries as to why the general locations of local coronavirus cases aren't being released. County officials responded to the inquiries.

On Monday, Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam (D), along with chief executives from Washington D.C. and Maryland announced a “stay-at-home" order to mitigate the spread of coronavirus.

The executive order will be in effect until June 10 unless updated or rescinded.

Virginia and Loudoun County have both declared emergencies due to the pandemic. Virginia is reporting 1,484 cases statewide, including 34 deaths as of 9 a.m. on Wednesday.

More information about the coronavirus and how to prevent its spread can be found at CDC.gov/Coronavirus and Loudoun.gov/coronavirus.

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Stats from the VA website as of 3/2 @ 10:40 am. 17598 tested, 1706 positive (9.7%). 246 hospitalized (1.4%). 41 deaths (.23%). How many businesses are failing today? How many people will not be paying rent or mortgage on May 1st? I understand there may a peak coming and it isn't just go back to large crowds, shaking hands, and touching every door handle, but is ruining our economy for years smart. Outside of NOVA, Richmond, and Virginia Beach, most of the state (80% of landmass) has 5 or fewer cases per county.

I'm kinda missing your point. Are you saying you're moving away? OK. Too bad our sorry excuse of a national government spent precious weeks telling us it was going to soon go away and it was really nothing to worry about. As old Sarah Palin used to ask, "How's that working out for you?"


Please tell me it was from 4/2, I’m sure it’s just a typo. The death rate will be high until they can test more people with less symptoms. Businesses are in trouble, so is the population. How would you suggest getting the economy running when some of the people that have the virus show no symptoms? Some think its is only a cold or allergies or the flu. They would start the spread all over again. Wouldn’t that mean that the market might get a short uptick only to fall flat under the fear of more surges in the virus? That would truly ruin the country for years. Making statements about areas that it is just starting to be seen in doesn’t mean anything. Once upon a time there were only a few cases in Loudoun.


8 million people live in Virginia and only 15,000 have been tested. Party on dudes. Trump denied and lied and we all could die.

pual mase

The 17,000 tested are primarily those with symptoms that were approved for testing by their doctors. This an adverse sample that does not reflect true infection, hospitalization and mortality rates. This means that if random testing was done for the entire state population, which would include those with no symptoms, the infected rates, and mortality rates would be much, much lower.

All this just amplifies DBC’s argument that we must balance the true risk of the virus with the risk of economic collapse. They number of infections and deaths broadcast by media, often in hysterical terms, may be factual accurate but are not good indicators of risk.

That being said, we apparently have not peaked and ought act cautiously.

However, this has to be balanced against economic fallout from the virus mitigation policies. Economic damage also has physical and psychological health consequences as well as life changing consequences for most people.

DBC did not advocate “party on dudes” behavior, but specifically advocated continuation of social distancing and personal behavior currently recommended by the CDC.

Your pathetic Trump attack and outright lies are disgusting.


Much lower is good. It would give an accurate pic of how many people carry and can spread the virus without being very sick. I haven’t heard one hysterical broadcast about the virus, what are you watching?

I agree, we all need to act with caution, if we stay home and stop the spread then the nation and the economy will recover. If there are people, as you said, that do not have severe symptoms, how do you propose to stop them from spreading it to others? Social distancing only goes so far with a virus that can still be contagious on some surfaces for up to 4 days.

Every time someone says what trump has actually done you call it a pathetic Trump attack. The truth is the truth, and trump is a documented pathological liar. Trump has made 16,241 false or misleading claims during his three years in office, as of 1/21/20. He probably broke a record in the last couple of weeks. Is this the person we want making decisions on policies that determine people’s lives?

If you say there are lie, where are they? You must have quite an ego to call someone a liar and not dispute the statement.


Same question posed to other TDS sufferers... do you blame China for withholding critical health data from the WHO in January? Back when other nations could have been alerted to certain CRITICAL aspects of this virus. Or is this something you have chosen to ignore?


We all know that trump is so deranged that they have named a syndrome after him, like his followers the Trump Deranged Sheep.


Are you demanding answers from people? If you don't get it are you going to go off again on the 'I asked you a question" rant? We should all be so angry with a country that was still learning about a new disease that was reporting what little info they had at the time. We had a CDC there that trump had cut by 2/3's which could have given us info if it were fully staffed.

Not to mention, most countries know that there are other countries such as China, Russia, and North Korea that you cannot believe and they have to take their information with a grain of salt.

pual mase

Libs constantly ignore facts that contradict their talking points.

Like the CDC stand was cut by 2/3rds. CDC’s budget has been increasing. They always accuse others of lying as they spin lies like a spiderweb......all with an annoying know-it all attitude.


Pual, if you think 'Libs constantly ignore facts that contradict their talking points' name an example instead of blaming everything on the left.


Just wondering what is happening at the Adult Detention Center. I understand they are not taking any pre-cautions to keep the facility safe. No sanitary wipes, mask or gloves for anyone including the inmates. That seems to be like asking for some deputy, food deliver and any one that comes in contact with the inmates to bring the virus into the jail.


Knowing where the infected live is of little use; places they visited would be more useful, especially if they've been isolating and only went to a particular grocery store.

The one thing I find alarming is the number of businesses which aren't doing basic steps, like providing bacterial wipes for shopping carts, (or doing it themselves), or whose cashiers violate the 6' rule by 5 feet.

Every employee - and patron - of any business should be masked at this point.


The problem is that many of the carriers think they have a cold or allergies and are not tested. The person that catches it from them may not react the same and could die. There are some that have no side effects at all so you would never know who that was contagious has been where.


Trump lied. Now we die.

pual mase

The coronavirus started in China who suppressed information at the onset and is still not providing reliable data or access that would help understand and fight it.

Public health is a primary function of state and local governments with support from federal institutions like the CDC, HHS, etc. The federal government mobilized very quickly and is making great progress to deal with the crisis and supporting state and local governments.

It is truly lame and pathetic to lay blame for pandemic deaths to the president.


This must be the new rightwing talking point since you and ace are using China so much. Trump didn’t take it seriously and tried to blow it off to keep his numbers on Wall street instead of doing something about it. In late January, when a CNBC reporter asked if there were “worries about a pandemic” spreading from China, where it was first reported in December, he replied, “No, not at all. We have it totally under control. It’s one person coming in from China, and we have it under control. It’s going to be just fine.” Our first case was 1/23/20. Feb. 26, he claimed that "pretty soon" there could only be one or two people affected. “And we could be at just one or two people over the next short period of time. So we’ve had very good luck.” The next day, at a White House meeting, he said, "It's going to disappear. One day -- it's like a miracle - it will disappear." Trump on March 7, while standing next to Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro at his Mar-a-Lago club in Florida, said that he was "not concerned at all" He consistently sought to downplay the public health risk and was slow to respond. The health-related activities of state and local government are: traditional public health, including health monitoring, sanitation, and disease control; the financing and delivery of personal health services including Medicaid, mental health, and direct delivery through public hospitals and health departments; environmental protection, including protection against man-made environmental and occupational hazards; and the regulation of the providers of medical care through certificate-of-need and state rate setting as well as licensing and other functions. They are only supposed to try to control and monitor diseases that hit their state. Not the entire country. On a federal level Public health promotes the welfare of the entire population, ensures its security and protects it from the spread of infectious disease and environmental hazards, and helps to ensure access to safe and quality care to benefit the population. What is truly lame and pathetic is not seeing that more could and should have been done so less people would die.

Lame, perhaps. Accurate...without a doubt. Our federal government has failed us. Watch 5 minutes of a Cuomo NY briefing and any 5 minutes of the daily dose of Trump and you should notice many differences. One focuses on truth, one just spouts self-serving lies; one shows he's mobilized a state to serve it's citizens, one just says "I'm not responsible for this" ... on and on. America is no longer in doubt about whether Trump is more a problem than a solution.

pual mase

Amerigirl predictably defends her lib talking points by presenting selective, out-of context quotes. She neglects to report that just about all of the Dems were in denial and that the Dems loudly criticized Trumps early actions like profiting travel from China. She neglects it was the Dems that delayed the $2.2trilion aid package for a week so that Pelosi and Schumer could lobby for their liberal park spending that was unrelated to the crisis.

Pointing fingers is so easy from those with no responsibility for solutions with the obvious agenda of using the crisis to gain political advantage and power. This the definition of the Democrat party. Yes pathetic in the extreme.


Right wing talking point? Eesh. You're in serious denial if you don't understand the implications of the WHO issuing a directive on 14JAN20 that they were told by China that CV19 WAS NOT SPREADING BY HUMAN TO HUMAN CONTACT. But please, by all means, continue to ignore the real culprits here. Make sure you add an extra dose of race-baiting as well. Since that's your go-to.


So you're not mad at China? For lying to the WHO back in mid-January? Eesh.


Are you not mad at trump for worrying more about his numbers and trying to tell everyone that it was all under control? Aren't you mad about him getting rid of the pandemic office that was put there to protect us? or throwing out the manual on what to do during a pandemic? or cutting the CDC staff by 2/3's in China even though almost all flu and viruses start there? They also changed what they said to WHO six days later when they had a better handle on the situation. Put the blame where it belongs.


Do you know what "The Big Lie" is, in the historical context? Well, you're an integral cog in the contemporary version of it. I've never been a witness to someone lie so much in my entire life.


Okay ace, if you want to talk lies. Do you really think that China lied about person to person contact just to change it 6 days later or do you think they were starting to learn about a disease that had just started that had never been studied before? How does being mad at China help? I’m mad a China for continuing to let the wet markets continue. Those markets were the source of SARS in 2003, and the H1N1 “swine flu” virus in 2009, Two highly pathogenic forms of avian flu, H5N1 and H7N9, came from those markets in China starting in 2013. To be mad at them for not being sure of transmission is pointless but they have caused many deaths for many years worldwide. ASo what is the lie? You always say I’m lying but you have nothing to contradict it with. So bud, I’m calling you out. If you think I lie than prove it.


Good grief dude. “Trump lied. Now we die.”?

TDS is far more dangerous than coronavirus. Turn off the liberal fake MSM, wash your hands, follow social distancing guidelines and you’ll be fine.


David Dickinson

We need a map of the locations of the infection in Loudoun. Until we get that, our local government is failing us in the most spectacular fashion during the most important event of our cumulative lifetimes.

We're now moving past the point where some were saying "what's all the fuss about?" That's a very good sign. Assume everyone you encounter is carrying the virus and able to give it to you. Six feet away beats six feet under.

Loudooun independent

The number is growing everyday and yet the County refuses to disclose location data. What a joke.


It does not matter if they report locations. Your assumption should be that there are people around you who have it and you should act accordingly. Your assumption should also be that YOU have it even if you haven't had contact with people in weeks, and you should act accordingly. There is no way to track every single person who has COVID-19 since there are not enough tests. Therefore your safest bet is to assume everyone is contagious and limit your interactions with others as much as possible. Locations are irrelevant at this point.


Nobody...good advice, assume everyone you come in contact with has it, or for the benefit of others assume you may carry it and keep your distance and be really judicious when going shopping. It will pass.


Why does it matter? 105 people are known to have it in Loudoun but almost certainly there are 1,000's that are infected. Knowing locations is relevant at this point. You should follow the directions that literally every level of government is giving you. Stay at home at all costs. If you do have to go out, assume that everyone you encounter is infected.

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