Coronavirus update as of April 17, 2020

Loudoun County's confirmed cases of coronavirus has increased to 385. That's a jump in seven cases from Thursday’s reporting.

One new death was reported Thursday, a man older than 65. Eight Loudoun County residents have died as a result of COVID-19, all of them older than 65.

In the past 24 hours, Virginia learned that more 100,000 workers in the commonwealth have filed unemployment claims in the past week.

Data from the U.S. Department of Labor shows overall there have been more than 415,000 claims filed in the last month, which is about 9 percent of the state’s workforce.

Some Virginians have also protested on social media in response to the “stay-at-home" and closing “non-essential business” orders issued by Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam (D).

Reopen Virginia, one of the Facebook groups opposed to the orders, is a grassroots group of residents and small business owners seeking to return to work. The group says Virginians are upset with the governor’s “overreach” in enacting the executive orders.

Reopen has two groups on Facebook. The private group has more than 21,000 followers as of April 17 and is planning a rally on April 22 when the General Assembly reconvenes.

Earlier this week, Gov. Northam extended his executive order for non-essential businesses to remain closed through May 8 to slow the spread of COVID-19.

The order includes the temporary closing of restaurant dining areas, theaters, museums, gyms, hair salons and other non-essential businesses. Furthermore, the order continues the ban on gatherings of more than 10 people.

The commonwealth now has 7,491 confirmed cases and 231 deaths. 48,997 tests have been given across the state, and 1,221 people have been hospitalized.

Virginians remain under a stay-at-home order from Gov. Northam until June 10 unless updated or rescinded.

More information about the coronavirus and how to prevent its spread can be found at and


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There is little point, it seems to me, to try to parse the data or otherwise draw conclusions or extrapolate from it. I intend to assume everyone I see has the virus and take appropriate precautions.


Smart move!


@Matthew: Globally, about 3.4% of reported COVID-19 cases have died. By comparison, seasonal flu generally kills far fewer than 1% of those infected.

What numbers are you talking about?

An estimated 35 million Americans were infected last flu season, and about 500,000 were hospitalized. Approximately 35,000 died. And that is with a vaccine and some natural immunity because we get influenza every year.

Stop spreading lies.

pual mase

Any coronavirus mortality rate anyone is quoting now is not accurate and likely grossly overstated because we have no idea how many have actually been infected.

There are estimates that the number of actually infected may be multiples of those being reported.

This means the true mortality rate is a small fraction of what is currently being reported.

Overreacting to misleading statistics seems rampant in these posts, especially by the hysterical posts that offer no solution other than keep the country locked up until the virus is eradicated. That will be many months, years or never and we will not have country left with this approach.


Pual, quite the opposite. The mortality rate is probably understated. Example: NY people dying at home but the system was too overwhelmed to test or autopsy them, sometimes 100 a day. Older people in rural communities that die at home sometimes are not tested due to the lack of tests. How are there estimates that the number of actually infected may be multiples? Only one person gives and records the test. The stats are the stats and they are as true as humanely possible. It looks like Virginia as a whole is starting to plateau, why would you want to infect people at the height of the cases and run the risk of this starting all over again? Your outlook is very pessimistic. They have people tracking the progress and that is not at all what they say. They want to open up as the communities are cleared. Communities cross borders and if they open DC but all the Virginians that work there go to work and bring it home again what does that accomplish?

The death stat is 41,064 for the nation. It may rise when or if those who died earlier are tested, but that would be a false positive. To see what is pertinent to this area you need to look at the stats for our area, the metro area where they have doubled the cases in 1 week. People who track that say that the cases should be trending down soon.

AS far as never, that is just another theory put out by the righteous right. The best minds in the world are working on a vaccine. Scientists at the University of Oxford say they should have at least a million doses of a coronavirus vaccine by September this year, trials next week. There is hope.

But I’ll tell you one thing if the people that are doing all these “liberate” rallies end up in the hospitals they should not expect the first rate TLC they would normally get, The doctors and nurses are pretty angry with them because they aren’t just putting themselves at risk, it is the paramedics, intake personal, nurses , technicians, doctors, and others. They would get the “C”, forget the TL.

pual mase

The mortality rates include people that died with coronavirus not necessarily people that died from coronavirus. The evidence is growing that the infection numbers are way undercounted . Facts you choose to ignore to defend your wait for a vaccine approach. The lockdowns were never intended to continue until the virus was eradicated or a vaccine was available. It was intended to flatten the curve so medical facilitates were not overwhelmed. That has been accomplished in many places and other places appear to be approaching it.

Time to start carefully reopening the economy and taking care of the vulnerable.

Time to stop destroying the economy while hoping for a miracle someday.

Virginia SGP

The numbers he is talking about are those from a Stanford study of coronavirus antibodies in Santa Clara, CA. Out of 3300 independently selected participants, about 2.5-4.9% had the antibodies. Their conclusion: the number of those infected is about 50-85x MORE than what has been reported. Put another way, if the denomiator rises, the fatality rate is 50-85x LESS than what you see in the corrupt media.

Several other studies have begun to draw similar conclusions. As new data comes in, the radical crazies repeating talking points (#flattenthecurve) must be shut down. While protecting vulnerable groups, you can either stay at home and live off your accumulated savings (not handouts from those working) or get back to work. But we really need to liberate Virginia from these socialists trying to destroy our economy.


Since up to 50% of people infected show little to no symptoms the 3.4% is not correct.


I don't think you can get a correct figure ad probably won't for a very long time.


Going forward for the foreseeable future, we should operate under a hybrid-normal. That hybrid-normal should include people wearing face masks while out shopping - particularly in grocery stores. A fair number of people in Wegman's today. I was surprised at the number of people not wearing a face mask of any sort and little attempt by those same people to stay six feet apart from the rest of us. I wish I knew as much as they did because they are apparently better informed than the folks at CDC and the Surgeon General. I can see why other parts of the country needed to make wearing a face mask mandatory.


I just spent 15 minutes of my life that I'll never get back, listening to the so-called leader of our country in crisis. Jeez...I'm now convinced that for the past three years or so we've been running an experiment and now the results are in: 30-40% of America is incapable of seeing through really brazen and unremitting lying. Folks, we have a President of the Republican Party, a Senate of the Republican Party, a Supreme Court where the Republican appointees (including the seats stolen) have a majority and yet...somehow the problem is Democrats. Give me a break. Now that we're under pressure and we need some seriously capable people in charge we have this has-been reality TV clown pumping out the bilge. Can we skip right to November and start fixing this before it's too late?

pual mase

Seems to me the country was humming along with Trump as president until an unprecedented Chinese virus attacked the world. Blaming Republicans is the biggest lie you seem to default to justify your naive political views. Remember Obama gave us 8 years of underperforming economy, identity politics, racial discord, weak military and health care fiascos. Let’s not go back there!


I found the answer for that. When the doctors are talking, listen. When trump talks hit the mute button. The face with those weird white circles around his eyes are still hard to deal with. It's so creepy looking.

Virginia SGP

Are you referring to the former Obama administration officials warning that Pelosi needs to stop posturing and immediately fund the small business loan program instead of holding out for Democrat goodies?

Are you seriously absolving the Democrat politicians who seek to take full advantage of every "crisis"?

pual mase

Why don’t you change the channel and seek treatment for your TDS?


I'm watching all the "rallies" of people demanding to have their states "opened" so they can get back to work and I don't blame them. $1200 is not going to go very far at the supermarket. While I have seen these thousands of protesters from many cities, I have yet to see a politician of any party attending a rally or even being interviewed onsite by a reporter. These are the people who are calling the shots and the would-be workers are taking all the risks and the risks are enormous. What else is new?

Up 7% more on Saturday. Loudoun is in the top 10 jurisdictions for this disease in the entire state, #7 to be precise. I understand all the mom & pop entrepreneurs who think we should go back to business as usual. I understand them but I think they're speaking self-serving nonsense. Let's have a day where the number of cases goes down then we can start talking about how we have turned the corner and what the next strategy should be.

Virginia SGP

You are missing the point. The fatality rate is 50-85x less than first thought. It is virtually another version of the flu. If you want to stay home and isolate (without gov't handouts), go ahead. But if business owners are willing to take the minimal risk and others are willing to live their lives without cowering in fear of any new illness, what's it to you?

Hospitals are literally furloughing workers because they are EMPTY!!! NY didn't need anywhere close to 30K ventilators. Virginia has always projected a surplus. The projections turned out to be wrong. Good. Let's get back to work and let the lazy, radical Leftists either use up their savings or starve in thier hysteria.

Tony Fasolo

I agree with what Governor Northam and other leaders in the State are doing who wrote that we have to get to a New Normal in phases as was noted in a recent WH Press Briefing. I also agree with Dr. Fauci that the virus will dictate when this happens. Decisions should be made with FACTS . I am I my 80’s and would love to be able to shop and eat in a restaurant but I will it do so until it is safe. It is a matter if Who Do You Trust? Medical professionals or someone who has lied to us every day he has spent in the White House?

pual mase

If you paid attention to the facts as they evolve and get more data and pay attention to the broader facts about economic collapse, you would conclude the plan laid out by the White House task force is a reasonable approach.

I trust Trump and his task force of medical and business experts more than any biased, lying nonsense posted here and reported in a biased media.


pual, if you paid attention you would see that the Dow is at 23,795 even with being down from yesterday. That is not a bad number. Listen to the farmers in central VA. “There’s no middleman," Calder Kegley, of Charlottesville’s J.M. Stock Provisions, said. "There’s no grocery store supplier. There’s no truck. There’s no nothing. That comes straight from the farm into our hands, and we’re able to get it out there.” Whether it’s because of supply chain disruptions, or a growing desire to know where one’s food is coming from, local farms are seeing a spike in interest and sales. Timbercreek is currently sold out on its online platform. Many others are reporting similar shortages. Americans have ingenuity. The plan laid out by the governors looks much better, trump only mimicked it to look like he was in charge. If you trust trumps medical experts than you would agree that there needs to be more testing and that areas should open by communities (Birx) if you trust his business experts then you should agree that it needs to be a slow opening with lots of testing, That was their recommendation, the same thing the governors said. But trump said testing is “difficult”, “hard” and doesn’t want to deal with it. What would be your answer to how to do it? I’m not trying to be mean or anything but would like your honest opinion.

Virginia SGP

Maybe you should stay in your house every day for the rest of your life.


The utterly corrupt GOP is falling in line behind their paymasters: "Let's urge people to go back to work to protect our investments. So we lose a few of them, heck many of those fools get hit by cars every day. So what." I am heartened to see some GOP governors pushing back against this self-serving nonsense. Gives me hope for next January when we show Trump the door and come together to start the hard work of putting this country back together again. To those who say you can have some states under stay-at-home and others operating like normal is like saying it makes sense to have a peeing section in the swimming pool.


Lemme guess, BLT - you’re still receiving your regular income.

Getting back to work has nothing to do with the evil rich protecting their investments. What an absurdly ignorant and tone def remark. Getting back to work is about restoring employment for the millions of Americans who are out of work since social distancing measures took place. The people most severely damaged financially are the poor and middle class, not the rich. The rich will ride this out. The poor and many middle class will be devestated. It’s completely foolish to think that our current social distancing plan is sustainable for very long. Of course, those suffering from TDS don’t really care and would rather prolong this economic disaster of a “cure” until November because their hatred for Trump is greater than their love of their country.


And then what do you do when there is a second round because people were too impatient and fearful to to go with the original plan start spreading it again?


I still don't know why those of us on Social Security got stimulus payments. We aren't getting any less fro them and we can't go out to spend it. It is a waste of money that only Amazon and other retail companies are profiting from.


Nobody is waiting for a cure, they may not be one. But Virginia is hitting the highest levels yet and people want to go back to work? Illogical. hey are only saying it because trump said so. He also said some crap lies about taking away your 2nd amendment rights. How ironic from the man who has been shredding the constitution regularly since he has been in office.


Let me guess BLT you are working from home and the chance of you losing your home or car is very small. You say you want to work together while slinging insults.

If you think keeping all 50 states closed for 3 to 4 months will not destroy this economy you are wrong.


How all assuming. Do you know each other? Who said 3-4 months? Northam has the date as May 8th. That is not 3-4 months.

Virginia SGP

Never shy about showing their ignorance with blind talking points, BLT demonstrates he/she hasn't put any thought into this. When so many are asymptomatic and we will never confidently determine who has it, no social ditancing program (absent one that last 18 months till a vaccine and results in the complete destruction of our economy and way of life) can end it. The data shows the fatality rate is ~0.1% or similar to the flu.

Let's let all the freeloading, let-me-sit-at-home-and-not-work crazies try just that. You get a couple months of unemployment and then you can hit up the money tree (wherever you think that is). The rest of us can get back to work. When you are no longer able to access freeloading handouts, we'll see how that strategy works for you.


And you put thought into that answer? Testing. They have come up with rapid test, get it mass produced and get it out. What was trumps point of sending all the test analysis machines to (15 each) to the states but no tests? I guess if you think it's okay to send broken ventilators or dry rotted face masks then this should be alright If they had actually started on the vaccine it wouldn't be so far away. The people are not lazy because they are careful and you must have an enormous ego to think and say that type of thing. Where did the bulk of the taxpayer (those lazy people) funded stimulus money go? I can tell you for a fact that 82% went to millionaires that were not suppose to get it under the Democratic bill. It was slipped in the republican bill. It all the lazy people had actually got more of the money that they gave the government they would be much better off right now.

Virginia SGP

amerigirl, reading comprehension. Reading comprehension.

The statements you make (80%+ of the benefits go to millionaires) apply to only one part of the stimulus bill. It allows pass-through businesses to write off tax liability of about $80B. That is not a small number but represents 4% of the $2T stimulus bill. And note that you cannot give tax breaks to folks that pay no taxes (which is about 60% of the population now).

pual mase

So BLT what’s your solution? Stay shut down indefinitely while half the county loses their jobs and we all live in poverty?

How many will die from the poverty? Substance abuse? Malnutrition? Suicide? Domestic abuse?

Face free fact that civilized society depends on functioning economy?

Trump has the foresight and courage to confront reality while you hide behind your fear and attack those that disagree with.

All the Dems have to offer are revisionist history, lies and partisan attacks.

Tough times show character and you fail.


Pual, that is so dramatic. Northam is extending the March 24 executive order closing businesses for another two weeks to May 8. That is a date it is not indefinitely. The world is not ending and stimulus checks will be coming and people will go back to work, and they won’t be living in poverty. It may cost them some money but it sure beats losing one’s life or that of a relative. I have friends and family members that are totally appalled at the exact type of things you are saying. They are risking their lives and working many hours over their shifts to take care of people who really thought this could never happen to them. Some are dying. You really think that “many will die from the poverty? Substance abuse? Malnutrition? Suicide? Domestic abuse?” Look at the chart and see how many are dying from this virus. I had a family member who just lost one of her nurses of 20 years to it. It is heartbreaking. Trump has no forethought because he seems incapable of any thought that isn’t a scheme. He wants it open because he is afraid it will hurt his re-election chances. If you think he cares even a little bit if you live or die you are sadly mistaken.

pual mase


Typical elitist liberal response downplays the obvious economy catastrophe we are experiencing. The economy is made of people that earn a living that support their families. But you know best that the economy will be fine, and the impacts of poverty, malnutrition, suicide, etc. can be denied, right? Have you seen the food lines, dramatic increases of calls to suicide hot lines? can you deny people are postponing surgeries and other medical treatment?

And you can read trump’s mind and claim he doesn’t care because you are are what?, a mind reader?

You accuse me of being dramatic and then proceed with your dramatic stories.

What a phony


True, but only after they took 82% of the stimulus money for themselves. But they want more and more, regardless of what happens to the workers, they can be replaced.


From your lips to the universe's ears.


Again, the goal of the lockdown was to bend the curve in order to allow the system to get prepared. We’ve achieved it. Now it’s time to get back to work. Unfortunately, people will get sick, we can’t kick the can down the road.

Why do folks continue to move the goal post? What would be YOUR decision if you were a small business owner or employee and didn’t get paid?


How is going up around 600 new cases from yesterday achieving anything except going up? Sounds like you are the one moving the goal posts?

Virginia SGP

Look at the models. Virginia is not supposed to peak until late April. But the curve has already been flattened and we have plenty of equipment to cope (surplus of beds, ICUs and ventilators). Let's get back to work and allow those who want to freeload to sit in their homes and starve.

pual mase

What’s your solution?

How many more people do you want to put out of work while you struggle to face your fears and face reality m, as lousy as it is?


@hardworkingamerican. I am all for moving to phase 1 and getting our state back open but we just had 500 new cases from yesterday’s update. What do you think a rally is going to do except put us all back on the clock. I look out my window and see people not practicing social distancing on a daily. The few times I have went out for groceries has been alarming to say the least. No masks, no separation, long lines with little to no space. In my area social distancing is a joke and to even think about going into a reopen prematurely frightens me more when we can’t even give these current orders a try. This state, hell this country can not come together for two weeks what do you think will happen if we open up prematurely? And I got news for you, it will be the businesses that dictate these openings. I guarantee every single one of these businesses are thinking about customer liability, potential lawsuits and worker’s compensation complaints filed by employees if this is reopened to quickly and people start getting sick.

Virginia SGP

The notion that we can track everyone that has the coronavirus when it can be relatively easy transmitted and carriers may have no symptoms is laughable. It doesn't matter whether a state completely eradicated the virus. It would come back. Are our borders going to be shut down for a year? No. It will come back just as the swine flu ultimately infected 1B+ people worldwide.

Should we test? Ok. But mainly to determine who has immunity and give them the option of immunity bracelets (showing they are immune). Eventually all of the non-vulnerable will WANT those bracelets (get the virus and recover) and this paranoid hysteria will end.

Do we need to protect some vulnerable groups? Yes. Should we shut down the 98%+ of the economy/citizenry who have little to fear from this virus? ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!!


Yeah, people will be chasing those with the disease, hoping to catch it so if they survive they will get that bracelet....what planet did you arrive here from?

Virginia SGP

The real world. Sit in your house and starve when you can no longer freeload off those that work.


Then those people give it to their families who give it to friends and relatives and the whole cycle starts over. They aren't sure there is an immunity. People have tested positive, gotten better, tested negative, gotten sick again and tested positive. If people had just shut down when it was called for it would have been isolated.


Really? Every time I have gone to the food store, people were wearing masks, had gloves on, practiced keeping their distance. Not sure where you are shopping. The data on this virus is changing daily. Just yesterday Stanford researchers found that in a county hard hit by the virus the number of people who had it but did not get tested because their symptoms were mild or non-expressed was 85x the number who tested positive (again because only symptomatic people were tested). This means the actual penetration in the population is very high, but most people don't have significant symptoms. If this study holds (and it sounds suspect) then the herd immunity is occurring without us even realizing it. You have to look at the data and realize the most problematic population are seniors and health compromised individuals which phase 1 calls attention to. I trust the Drs. on the Coronvirus Task Force and their press conference yesterday was well done and explained in detail the strategy.

pual mase

I bet many employees will be happy to go back to work and earn a living to support their families.


I'm sure even all us democrats. Not me, I'm retired, but there is still charity work to be done and there will be much more when this ends. But you have to be ALIVE to go back to work. If your sick and go back you will just start the whole thing over again.

Virginia SGP

amerigirl, share your grand wisdom with all of us.

Are you suggesting that once the curve starts to go down, we can prevent anyone from ever getting it again?

Or are you suggesting we can test everyone every week and catch it before it spreads to a single additional person?

Or are you suggesting we can eradicate it from the US and prevent anyone from ever entering the US again?

The lockdowns were never intended to eradicate it. Until a vaccine is produced, any new seeding will result in another exponential growth curve. So the reason why folks want to re-open the economy is because without a 12-18 month lockdown (which would destroy the economy completely) you cannot keep it under wraps.

You see, you folks took talking points you never understood and repeated them over and over again as gospel without realizing you were fed propaganda. 99.9% of the country will be alive even if this were allowed to run rampant. You live your life in hiding. Let others live theirs.


Well they are right and Gov CM Northam is wrong. Move to phase 1 federal reopening plan outlined by facts yesterday and then vote out these people like Northam and others who want to destroy America's small businesses. Northam, Wexton, Bell, Kaine and Warner all want to use this as a political tool while they sit at home like Pelosi showing off her designer ice cream in her Botox filled multi-million dollar mansion and not voting for the additional Payroll Protection Legislation. It is time to remove this American hating troll and all like her. Get back to work, follow the federal guidelines of reopening phases and then if you have time, like all Democrats seem to have since they don't work, go out and protest the Governors insane over-reach, which violates the federal Bill of Rights. No state can take those away. Governor CM Northam is a huge danger to the small business owner. He must be removed!


How dare you disapprove of speaker Pelosi's $24,000 ice cream refrigerator!

Mike Kay

Everyone is anxious to get back to work...even independents and (gasp!) Democrats! LOL. But no matter what you THINK your "liberties" include, they don't include infecting other people by behaving irresponsibly by either not following CDC guidelines or opening your business too soon. I can't help but find it curious that so many Trumpers, who CLAIM they support him for his economy (and not something else) don't have 4 weeks of cash reserves for expenses. I guess maybe those billionaire tax breaks just haven't trickled down to the working man yet? Here's a hint: They haven't yet since Reagan and his voodoo economics, and they never will. :) Congrats! You've been duped by the GOP.


Spoken like a true leftist elite. Thank you.

Mike Kay

@tolerantleft Nothing elite about recognizing a scam that's been in motion for 30 years. Sorry you've been snookered.


Get over yourself Mike, this is proving to be no more deadly than bad years of the flu! If idiots like blackface throw this country into a new Great Depression, the numbers of dead will be many times that of Covid. However, I get it. You are bored and thought spewing your political trash would be a temporary relief from it.

Virginia SGP

Mike "I just love to show everybody how ignorant I am" Kay, did you realize that Trump helped bring us:

1. The lowest unemployment rate in 50 years.

2. The lowest black unemployment rate since it was tracked

3. The lowest Hispanic unemployment rate since it was tracked

Now, all those who love to sit idly by and freeload want to extend the destruction of the American economy. Newsflash: there IS NO MONEY TREE!!!!!!! The reason why radical leftists are so jealous of billionaires is because they cannot understand the concept of retained earnings and investment. Radical Leftists would just give everything out to "alleviate" the poor (that's a higher standard of living than humans knew for millenia until the last few decades) and turn this country into a Cuba or Venezuela.

Mike, sit at home and do nothing. Barricade yourself inside and will be "safe" from a virus that's about as dangerous as the seasonal flu. Then you need not complain about those who WORK for a living. You might starve when your handouts end in a month or so, but you will be "safe". Let's hope your kids have somebody who will rescue them.


Good point! tolerant is speaking like a true trumpian sheep.

Mike Kay

OK, so all the tRumpers, who never heard of saving money, can go back first! Let us know how it works out while we wait a few more weeks. :)

Tony Fasolo

We need to listen to the health professionals and not rush things . I know our Economy has to get up and running but if we go too fast I am afraid more will get sick and die. What would you write IF this happens after we open too soon??

Virginia SGP

More people will get sick and a few will die. That is what happens when people venture out and there are communicable diseases (like the seasonal flu) contracted by the sick and elderly. Nobody suggested we destroy our economy for the flu. Yet, now you want the healthy people (who don't have much risk) to stay at home when the vulnerable groups could avoid it simply be quarantining themselves.


Her craving is still cheaper than the hush payoffs to Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougalfor trumps cravings. Much more ethical too.

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