Coronavirus II

Two more people have died from COVID-19 in Loudoun County in recent days, bringing the death toll to four.

According to Loudoun County officials, the two latest deaths were men older than 65. No other details were immediately available. County officials are only providing an age range when listing the deaths.

The first two deaths were women, one a 93-year-old resident of the Falcons Landing retirement community in Sterling and the other a Loudoun County Public Schools worker in her 70s. A School Board member released information on the late teacher, while Falcons Landing officials reported the death from their community.

The Virginia Department of Health is reporting 167 confirmed cases of coronavirus in Loudoun County as of Sunday morning, up 17 from Saturday's reporting.

The number of tests given in Loudoun County is not available, according to the county health department.

Statewide, there have been 2,637 cases and 51 deaths. More than 23,600 tests have been given.

County health officials say they believe widespread community transmission is occurring in Loudoun, and they urge local residents to stay home except for essential trips like food or medicine.

More information about the coronavirus and how to prevent its spread can be found at and

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Count Quackula

The democrat/media party wants to inflict as much damage on the president as possible. The more people die, the more damage they think they can inflict. That is why democrats and the meats rooting for people to die.


Trump never lies. He has always been a model Christian and all the MAGA people send their teen daughters to him to baby sit because he has so much integrity. Plus the creator sent him down to preach the word and make miracles, because Trump is the new Jesus. What perfection. His word is infallible and like Jesus he walks around the common people and heals them. He's doesn't think he is better than all the common people, he doesn't favor his rich friends over the common people, Trump is humble like Jesus. All the evangelicals said so, and they would never lie because they don't care about money and power right?

pual mase

Beside the sarcasm-fit, what’s your point?


I'm wondering also.


Exactly! +1

pual mase

It is a shame crazed liberals, including many trolls that post here, choose to try and score political points when we are in the midst of a national crisis. It is even more shameful when they do it with lies and misleading statements.

The truth is this virus took the world by surprise, even the “experts”, no thanks to China that misled the world.

Here are some facts to consider:

1. As a late as Jan 14, WHO tweets “Chinese have found no evidence of human to human transmission”.

2. It was only Jan 30 that WHO declares a public health emergency of international concern.

3. On Jan 30 WHO “doesn’t recommend limiting trade and movement”.

4. A day later on Jan 31, president Trump announces travel restriction from China as progressives protest and accuse Trump of overreaction and xenophobia.

5. Feb 24, Pelosi encourages people to go to SF Chinatown and declares it “perfectly safe”.

in late January, Dr Fauci says virus is “not a major threat to the US and we should not worry.

6. A few day later Trump declares a national emergency.....Schumer denounces Trump for China travel ban.

7. On Mar 2, NY mayor DeBlasio urges people in NY to “go on with your lives and get out on the town”.

8. In late March, the Senate passes a $2.2 trillion relief act that Pelosi- led dem effort to insert unrelated , ideological pork holds up passage of the relief bill for a week.

The fact is that while not perfect, Trump has been aggressive, bi-partisan, and incredibly effective as anyone could be in this crisis.

Trump was in fact correct when he commented that Dems attempts to gin up attacks, and another impeachment attempt, on his crisis management, is another HOAX on the American people.


Exactly!!!! Thank you 😊

More Cowbell

If our AWOL gov had closed everything down for 2 weeks, VA would be in better shape. Allowing non essential businesses to stay open has mad it worse, not better. He's in denial like most career corrupt politicians.


What's funny to me is that the Dumpsters don’t know - you have a President and have for nearly 4 years. They cannot stop talking about Obama or Hillary because you haven’t done Jack. This Virus is the best thing that could have happened to him because now he has another crutch for his dumbas8 familiy to rely on for why the economy is going to suck, he doesn’t know how to deal with CHINUHHHH. And never did and Jared and a Kellyanne Conway are advising him about the Pandemic.


OMG..some of you are treating this historical tragedy like it’s a freaking sports game where you cheer for your team at ALL costs! Take a step or two back from your political hatred and remember we are all on the same team right now. There is plenty of blame to go around but right now focus your time and energy on helping our people fight throw this pandemic!


Agree with you. To politicize this while we are trying to get through this is not only petty it is damaging. On the positive side, more and more clinicians are seeing results with Hydroxychloroquine augmented by zinc being used for those with severe symptoms. One report was just published of the positive results seen by a Doctor treating patients in LA. More results will need to be captured but if confirmed this would be a very positive result.

I was depressed. Now after reading the 70+ days of inaction by our government, and listening to Trump's pitifully pointless and self-absorbed rantings every afternoon, I'm getting damned angry. Why do we have to put up with this complete and total failure from our government. We pay many thousands of dollars in taxes every year....what are we getting for it? I guess we all remember FDR's famous words, "December 7, 1941...a day that will live in..well, I think the states are going to have to step up on this Japan thing..."


Frank Bruni's article in the NYTimes today:"Has anyone Found Trump's Soul" articulates exactly how I feel about this "leader." I agree with you regarding the taxes and how far away congress has been--not paying attention at all--ignoring outright warnings. " Americans are dying by the thousands, and he gloats about what a huge, rapt television audience he has. They’re confronting financial ruin and not sure how they’ll continue to pay for food and shelter, and he reprimands governors for not treating him with adequate adulation."


What are we getting for taxes? I'll tell you what you democrats are getting: impeach! impeach! impeach! But Russia? But Kavanaugh? But open borders? Nothing but a democrat struggle for power. Yes, talk about self-absorbed.


Trump Lied, people died. No fake news, this is what he said, check it out. Remember he originally told a SC rally that the coronavirus was a "hoax." Hah! Fool.

Now he won't wear a mask because they don't make them large enough for an orange pumpkin head! Here are some lies that Grump Cat has said.

March 13: Google is helping to develop a website. It’s going to be very quickly done, unlike websites of the past, to determine whether a test is warranted and to facilitate testing at a nearby convenient location.”

March 11: “The vast majority of Americans: The risk is very, very low. Young and healthy people can expect to recover fully and quickly if they should get the virus.”

March 24: “I would love to have the country opened up and just raring to go by Easter.” And “I think it’s possible. Why isn’t it?”

February 29: Tremendous amounts of supplies are already on hand. We have 43 million masks, which is far more than anyone would have assumed we could have had so quickly, and a lot more are coming.”

March 31: We have almost 10,000 ventilators that we have ready to go. We have to hold them back because the surge is coming and it's coming pretty strong and we want to be able to immediately move it into place without going and taking it.”


Yeah, This guy called OUR PRESIDENT, said early on People might be sick but they're going to work. This Country wasn't built to be shut down it just wasn't! Go sit in a Corner with a Dunce Cap on. He's a DISGRACE.

pual mase

I’m believe it was Trump on Jan 31, that banned travel from China a day after WHO ridiculously said it “doesn’t recommend limiting trade and movement”.

Trump doesn’t where a mask because he and those around him are regularly tested for the virus.

Trump’s head is neither particularly large or orange despite these regular childish mocks.

And it remains true that most (about 99%) of those infected do fully recover, most within relatively minor symptoms that many don’t even realize they have.

Tremendous amounts of supplies are in hand and the massive mobilization of public and private industries is amazing.

And yes, actively managing supply of critical resources like ventilators, is entirely appropriate.

Trump commented that Dems are ginning up another hoax by lying about his handling of the crisis, even by misrepresenting he was referring to the health crisis.


As this once-in-a-generation nightmare plays out, I can see the 2020 campaign commercials: montages of empty streets in cities and towns with red MAGA hats blowing past businesses with "closed" signs and for a voice over, Trumps actual quotes "Just a hoax" "We have it under control" etc., "soon, the deaths will be down to zero."

God we can't take this fool's tiny hands off the tiller fast enough...


Agree 100%. We've seen what bad leadership looks like close-up. But the candidate the Dems. put forward is not much better---so now what? I'd like to see a strong leader for these times... who though?


Yes, people get sick and people die. It’s part of life and it very sad. For example, CDC reports that 480,000 people die from smoking a year, 41,000 from second-hand smoking alone. Smoking has been proven to cause heart disease, cancer and high blood pressure which are complicating factors in covid-19. After we’ve beaten this horrible disease, let’s ensure people have the best chance to live during pandemics or not during pandemics and outlaw smoking. Smoking is the only thing, if you use it as directed, will kill you.


China lied and people around the world died.

Duncan Idaho



Yes and your point is? You seem to be very happy about this situation and are gloating the more people die and get ill. How about you just let your hatred go for a few days?


Ah, a George Conway devotee. Did you know that he might be the TDS patient zero.

Duncan Idaho

George Conway speaks the truth, unlike his wife.


Simple minds like simple slogans. I get that. And yes, China did hide information. We're quite a ways past that now. Now we have a President that let things slide for 70+ days...then put his son-in-law in charge. Are you feeling better about how this turns out?


That's quite a way to put it.... "HIDE" information. Eesh. Let me help you with that... they LIED to the WHO. And they continue to LIE to the world. They put EVERYONE at greater risk.

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