Coronavirus Update April 6, 2020

The Virginia Department of Health is reporting 188 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Loudoun County, including four deaths as a result of the virus, according to county officials.

The two latest deaths were men older than 65. No other details were immediately available. County officials are only providing an age range when listing the deaths. The first two deceased were women, one a 93-year-old resident of the Falcons Landing retirement community in Sterling and the other a Loudoun County Public Schools worker in her 70s. A School Board member released information on the late teacher, while Falcons Landing officials reported the death from their community.

Statewide, there have been 2,878 positive cases, 54 deaths and more than 24,000 tests have been given.

The number of tests given in Loudoun County is unknown, according to county officials.

County health officials say they believe widespread community transmission is occurring in Loudoun, and they urge local residents to stay home except for essential trips like food or medicine.

Virginia is under a stay-at-home order until June 10 unless updated or rescinded by Gov. Ralph Northam (D).

Locally, Northam announced that the Dulles Expo Center will serve as an alternate care hospital. The project in Fairfax County is expected to take around six weeks.

The number of school staffers to test positive for the virus has increased to at least 12, including one who participated in the school system's Chromebook distribution for distance learning.

Additionally, two companies in Loudoun have announced they are shifting their workforce to focus on COVID-19 testing.

More information about the coronavirus and how to prevent its spread can be found at and



-"Why Loudoun County isn't releasing more specific location data, other details on COVID-19 cases"

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Please don't bury me down in that cold cold ground. I'd rather have them cut me up and pass me all around. Throw my brain in a hurricane and the blind can have my eyes. The deaf can have both of my ears if they don't mind the size. RPI John Prine


I know where one case was connected in Loudoun. However, I don't want people to panic. People who were in close proximity were put in a 2 week quarantine on Monday. Everyone appears to be doing the best they can here. I do think taking temperatures before entry to buildings would be good. A lady at my doctors office has that job.


Does anyone have a firm idea of when the various financial and healthcare coverage measures announced by the White House will happen?

Tony Fasolo

I only know that those seeking a small business loan (90 days with no payback if you keep your workers employees employed)could start filing on 6 April. I understand that individual checks up to $1200 each should start going out around the 15th. Possibly another "stimulus" bill on the way too.


Blah, Blah, Blah...….we have no idea where the confirmed cases are and of course.....we have no tests. And of course, "The number of tests given in Loudoun County is unknown, according to county officials." The blind leading the blinder.

Tony Fasolo

"The number of tests unknown" is not the same as "no tests" I believe that what the County is trying to say is that tests are being given a different places and not all places report this fact to the County.

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