Cinthia J. Escobar Gomez

Cinthia J. Escobar Gomez

A former childcare worker has been charged with assaulting a child who was in her care at the Open Arms Child Development Center in Ashburn, Loudoun County authorities announced Friday night.

Cinthia J. Escobar Gomez, 25, of Sterling, was arrested Thursday night and charged with assault and battery after she reportedly restrained the legs of a child with duct tape on Jan. 23, according to the Loudoun County Sheriff's Office. The incident occurred inside the childcare center in the 43100 block of Waxpool Road.

The victim, whose age and gender is not being released to protect their identity, was not physically injured during the incident.

Authorities say the incident happened in a classroom of 4- and 5-year-olds.

Escobar Gomez was being held at the Loudoun County Adult Detention Center without bond Friday night.

The investigation was conducted by the LCSO in coordination with the Loudoun County Department of Family Services.

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I’ve sent two kids through open arms and had a great experience. They usually have two teachers in the class; I wonder what happened with the second person. Looking foreword to more info.


I wonder if the people who are defending this accused person would mind having someone duct tape their legs together. Oh, and the person who is doing the constraining is going to be be several times larger and stronger than you.


I don't think anyone is defending it. It is indefensible, but they want to know what the proof was. If true, it was the act of a coward


of course, I have a problem with this. Did anyone else witness this? Are their camera's in the room? Was there no aid or helper in the class? There are not facts here and I really think that Loudoun County has enough new worthy things other than taking pictures of people arrested that have not been proven guilty. Why don't you post their pictures and more facts once they have been found guilty and with some FACTS. It's about time Loudoun County grew up a little.

Chris McHale

CindyLou - Loudoun County didn't publish the photo, Loudoun Times Mirror did.


CindyLou, I’m sure she will need some sort of employment once LC’s investigation realizes this is all just a huge mistake. Maybe you have some childcare needs?


We're putting up the rope without all the facts? This girl's photo is published for all to see. We don't know why, what led to this, what the child was doing, what kind of training is given for care of special needs kids, if that was the case...we know nothing..but we can judge.

Chris McHale

Judging is the only reason to read these articles.


Are you saying if a child’s behavior warrants duct tape it’s perfectly ok to use as a form of discipline? I must’ve missed the memo on this one


what is wrong with people....what a sick individual.....hope the kid is ok....


And they’re just now* taking her into custody?

Why the delay?


Takes time to conduct the investigation, interview people, etc. And maybe they couldn't find her. Says former so she may have been fired and was hiding from police. Could be lots of reasons.

Chris McHale

Nobody told me that was frowned upon when I was hired.


.and duct tape works on everything!

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