Albert V. Bryan Courthouse Alexandria

The Albert V. Bryan United States Courthouse in Alexandria

An Ashburn couple has been arrested after allegedly conspiring to commit wire fraud via falsified Paycheck Protection Program loan applications, according to the U.S. Department of Justice.

Monica Magdalena Jaworska, 43, of Ashburn, and Tarik Jaafar, 42, were taken into custody at John F. Kennedy International Airport on June 20 as they were reportedly attempting to flee to Poland.

Jaworska and Jaafar reportedly submitted a total 18 PPP loan applications to 12 financial institutions in the names of four business entities between April and May.

Per court documents, the applications falsely claimed certain payroll tax returns for each of the four businesses had been filed with the Internal Revenue Service.

Three financial institutions reportedly disbursed four loans totaling $1.438 million as a result of the falsified applications. Some of those funds were subsequently frozen, though documents say Jaafar was able to withdraw at least $30,000 in cash.

Jaworska made her first court appearance June 24 in U.S. District Court in Alexandria, where Assistant U.S. Attorneys Williams Fitzpatrick and Kimberly Shartar are prosecuting the case.

Jaworska appeared later that week. If convicted, prosecutors say she and Jaafar each face a maximum prison sentence of 20 years.

The Department of Justice encourages anyone who believes he or she is a victim of a scam or attempted fraud involving COVID-19 to contact the National Center for Disaster Fraud Hotline at 866-720-5721 or

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Loudoun Observer

I just clicked over here to see if amerigirl was defending these folks. Just as I thought. Liberals are incredible.


Lying again? Do you have a reading comprehension problem? Or just want to make it follow your agenda? Show 1 post that says that, in fact I said the opposite when Suave6604 Jun 26, 2020 1:27pm said

“If found guilty, they should be punished to maximum prison term.” My reply was; amerigirl Jun 26, 2020 2:24pm

“I so agree, there were people who deserved the funding before it ran out. How many lost their jobs because of them?”


No GOP should ever comment on how Democrats view justice. Look at what the Big Orange Goon did to get Flynn off and probably soon Stone. What a travesty of justice the GOP has wrought on America! No fear November 3 is coming and the Stench of DC will leave!!! In the meantime it is fun to see how the GOP spins everything from justice and how Barr (really Shrek in disguise) acts to how the CV19 scourge is taken care of. Pence lies with a straight face just like his marionette puppet master!! Shameful.


Skyprince--like to make unsubstantiated statements? The D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals that made the determination that the presiding judge could not block the Government's dismissal of the case against Flynn is mostly composed of judges who were appointed by DEMOCRATS. Yes, Democrats. The Court composes of 5 Democrats and 3 Republicans. The case against Flynn was screwed up thanks to the "wonderous" work that Agent Strok and lovebird Lisa Page did in that matter. The Department of Justice was right to drop. To avoid traversty of justice, then, you know what, you build SOLID cases with untainted evidence that can withstand review usually win both in trial court and on appeal. Any But, hey, don't let the facts stop you from acting juvenile and start with name calling. Classic. BTW, I don't care who is in power in DC (Democrat or Republican), the stench from the political class that resides in that city won't go away no matter whether Trump or Joe Biden is elected.

Chris McHale

You can go through the politically charged senate hearings over the past 20 years with a full house of senators, press and senate aides. In September 2019 a hearing was held on a Senate Bill for term limits (two 4-years terms for senators and four 2-year terms for Congress). Three senators were present. Yes three (3). There needs to be terms limits. They need to eliminate the insider trade exemption for politicians. The need to end life time pensions. However chances of any of that happening is ZERO.


You have to know the Flynn case was an abuse if power.


Yeah but they're registered democrats so we should let it slide. They were just fighting for the black communities


the broof with no proof, I heard they are been trump sheep, and feeling entitled.


If found guilty, they should be punished to maximum prison term.




I so agree, there were people who deserved the funding before it ran out. How many lost their jobs because of them?


Wow. I agree with amerigirl for the first time ever. Hope this program doesn’t suffer too much fraud, but I’ve heard too many stories like this already, and the fact they don’t want to release the recipient info is more than suspicious


AG--how many people lost their jobs because the business that they run or employed by is poorly run and actually deserved to go bankrupt? Why should the Government bail out industries that are complicit in bad behavior? The Market should handle it by making them go bankrupt.


Those dumb fools should have drove across the border with Mexico in the middle of the night and then booked a flight to Poland.

Chris McHale

People committing fraud to gain the system, say it ain't so. Thankfully most of the money was frozen.

Science Can Save Us

With the Trump administration paying $1K to each of over a million dead people this seems like a really small crime. Let's get the SBA, Trump and Munchkin in front of a prosecutor and get to the bottom of that one...

Chris McHale



SCSU - Since they are dead they can't spend the money. It will be easy to get the money back. Where do you think they got their data from? My guess is the IRS. I would suggest going after them.


I doubt they will ever see all that money. Probably not the money that went overseas either. Thousands of foreign workers, many living overseas, are receiving stimulus checks designated for U.S. residents due to an unforeseen glitch that funneled taxpayer dollars to other countries.


SD--really? We should just deploy large numbers of Federal law enforcement personnel/resources and have the Federal Government rack up large costs to conduct a formal criminal inquiry to pursue what $12,000,000 (1M people X $1,200 (for single person)? I think that the costs of pursuit/enforcement outweigh the effort.


Yep got one for deceased father-in-law, wrote deceased on it and sent it back.


We’ve been paying money to dead people for decades. This is not anything new. The Govt. is run by a bunch of idiots and not run like a for-profit business. I had hoped Trump was going to fix that but it’s still going on. Our kids and grandkids are screwed with America’s 27 trillion dollar debt load.


Well let's just say incompetents.....not all, certainly some, well maybe just one head incompetent (who can't figure out what his voting address is,1600 Penn Ave or Palm Beach) who correct me if I'm wrong ,said he alone could fix government. 3/12 years later and government is worse with an even greater bunch of hacks running the various branches.


TedAndrew--that's right, the Government was never designed to run as a for-profit enterprise. Government's mission is to to provide for all citizens through the "common good" - things like roads, schools, and police protection. In fact, if a government is profiting, then they are probably hoarding tax dollars for no good reason. Microsoft may be smart for keeping $36.1 billion in cash and liquid short-term investments, but the government would be letting people down if they sat on that much money and weren't using it to keep the country running.

John M

SCSU- Dead people have been voting for Democrats so why can't they receive a check?


You have to show ID and verified address when you vote. It’s the live people with dead brains that vote Republican. If a Democrat administration had been this much of a circus and a failure we’d never hear the end of it. Trump is a joke. Only in free Murica does a party fight to keep eligible people from voting and you know which party that is.


You mean like the republican judge in Michigan who used her and her dead husbands vote for trump? Trumpster set up the Voter Fraud Commission Vice President Mike Pence served as chair of the commission, while Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach served as vice chair. What did they find? Nada! just a few individuals here and there from both parties. Try reading the actual reason, according to the IRS it was intentional, and stupid.


Typical liberal...clueless on how the government works. With the mess the Dumbacrats did during Obama and Biden (a true racist) administration, it’s taken 4 years to clean up. No worries, Trump will be your President for another 4 years. Don’t trust the polls. They said the same about Killery.


Typical republican, I hope we can clean up the trump dumpster disaster quickly once he is gone this November. Trump has killed off part of his base and alienated much more with how he has handled the pandemic, the protests and the way he is spending tax payer money, trump is tanking.


Waterfordresident--no, it isn't just liberals who are clueless about the role/function of Government. There are many Republicans who also fall into that camp.


SCSU--just how much money do you want the Government to waste pursuing this? You are asking for a lot of Federal personnel/resources to chase down this matter. I would anticipate that the cost of pursuit/enforcement would exceed the benefits of getting the money back. The total amount of funding is $12M (1,000,000 people X $1,200). That amount is a drop in the bucket. For example, the Government spends that amount on wasteful contract awards in less than one day. Throwing good money chasing ghosts does not help the overall fiscal situation of the Federal Government.




This is because the rest of the county is too dumb to pull something like this off. The dumb criminals hold up a 7-11. The smart ones file paperwork and get the Government to send them money.


Yea...they are real smart as they do 10 years in jail for fraud....just brilliant (sarcasm)


The rest of the county is not all criminals.


AG--that viewpoint is subjective.


The admins of justice in these comments will need pictures of the charged before declaring guilt of innocence. C'mon, LTM.

Dave Dickinson's Ego

This is a new feature of the LTM paywal. Only stock photos for the non-paying public.


I didn't know that the LTM had such an international readership! It is quite the honor to have the former Governor of the Bank of England reading and participating on the LTM website!


So what does a guilty photo look like.....a neck tattoo?

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