Robert Reynolds

Robert Reynolds

An Ashburn man was arrested Thursday night after reportedly pointing a gun at two workers at his apartment complex.

Robert W. Reynolds, 53, was charged with two counts of simple assault and two counts of brandishing a weapon following the incident. He also had an outstanding warrant from the Virginia State Police.

Authorities say they responded to the 22000 block of Armstrong Terrace in Ashburn around 8:05 p.m. for a report of a person brandishing a weapon inside an apartment.

According to the LCSO, the victims were workers at the complex performing emergency maintenance. They reportedly knocked on the door and Reynolds let them in. Reynolds then went into another room and returned with a handgun, which he pointed at the workers, according to the LCSO.

Reynolds was taken into custody and transported to the Loudoun County Adult Detention Center, where he was being held without bond as of Friday morning.

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Has his immigration status been checked?


The reality is that many of our fellow humans are under a lot of stress and pressure, some are being stretched beyond capacity. Have some compassion and understanding. Luckily nobody was hurt. Sad that many of you are trying to make this political.


Ashburn again? Scary place filled with radical right wing Trump Supporters.

Chris McHale

You mean like the woman arrested for stabbing in the domestic violence article?


The NRA is alive and well in old Virginia. Y'all need to find something constructive say and do.


This will be reported by the right wing as an example of a gun owner protecting his castle and why we need more guns. However, fortunately, the maintenance people were not packing and didn't counter with a few shots in response. Fewer guns means less death because idiots are less dangerous when they don't have guns to go with the here-hold-my-beer stupid antics.


Virginia has one of the highest gun ownership rates in the nation.

Virginia has one of the lowest serious crime rate in the nation.

Care to try again?


It is all the libruuls in Virginia that own guns responsibly that dilute the gun violence stats from those irresponsible trumpsters. LOL. You also aren't counting suicides by gun as many victims would get help and survive if the gun didn't take that option away.


Japan and India both have near bans on private ownership of firearms, yet experience higher suicide rates than the United States.

Care to try again?


True enough. Ace10 seems to be arguing that we don't have enough guns. Probably thinks Trump's a great president, we should stop letting the Coronavirus affect our day-to-day and all manner of other stupid ideas. Thankfully he'll have to get back under his rock come November. America has had enough of his level of nonsense.


Sorry that I refuted some absurd assertions with facts.

If that sort of thing scares you, just go to your safe space and drink your warm soy milk.



I think most of us aren't worried about a mobster wielding a weapon. It's more a moron with militia fantasy delusions shooting up a school or playground.


Ed your philosophy - Fewer cars mean less drunken/reckless driving = all people must suffer because of the actions of one idiot = all good policeman are to be ridiculed because of one bad one.


Fewer cars doesn't make all people suffer when other forms of transportation exists. Likewise, if there were fewer gun people would use non-lethal ways to protect themselves. A person without a gun would not have let strangers into their well-locked apartment before calling to get confirmation of the emergency. People without guns use flee reflexes instead of fight reflexes to escape harm and statistically do better because of it.


Ed Myers if criminals don't use non-lethal ways to attack you why can't people defend themselves in non-lethal ways? 2nd amendment. It's really that simple, Ed. And you suggest "calling to get confirmation of the emergency" who, Ed? The local de-funded police department? Are they going to come running out there when they themselves are sometimes being attacked every which way? Any call for them could be lethal, Ed. 2nd Amendment stays.


You have some very odd fantasies about self defense. Truly.

You seem to think locks will keep a determined or persuasive violent criminal out of your home..

You seem to think that the fleeing an attacker is a viable strategy n every situation.

The real world knows better.

Loudoun Observer

Ed, we have no idea what you are talking about.

The whole thing sounds a bit strange, like we are missing some info here or someone isn't telling the truth or the entire story.


Keep up the good work Ed, one day you may have relevance. Somewhere. At some point. Maybe.

Count Quackula

Is your son Jeromy ashamed of what of having you as a mother?


Guarantee he's a right wing nut. Trump 2020!


sleezburg - You feel better now that you got a chance to vent. I think you need to go take a walk outside before you become just like this guy.

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