Jeffrey Koehler

Jeffrey Koehler

An Ashburn man was arrested July 4 after driving a vehicle carrying three juveniles into several parked cars and mailboxes while under the influence of alcohol.

Jeffrey M. Koehler, 34, of Ashburn, was arrested around 9:30 p.m. near the intersection of Ridgeway Drive and Mapleton Court in Ashburn. He was charged with driving while intoxicated, three counts of child neglect and refusal to provide a breath test, according to the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office.

Koehler was released from the Loudoun County Adult Detention Center on a $1,000 secured bond.

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John M

I am always saddened when I see a couple with young kids in a restaurant, and both parents are drinking alcoholic beverages- and more than one. I could never take that chance with my kids' lives and have never drank any alcohol when they were with me and I had to drive. It's not worth the risk, the embarrassment or the torment you would put yourself through if some kind of accident happened, even if the accident wasn't your fault, you would be asking yourself if you hadn't taken that drink, could you have reacted faster, seen something sooner, etc. I'm no saint, years ago as a young guy, I drank and drove, knowing I was likely over the legal limit, and I'm thankful every day that nothing bad happened, that I didn't kill someone. I'll say it again- It's just not worth it.


This induced such a feeling of heartbreak and sadness that cannot be fully described with words. My family and I have had some exchanges with the Koehler’s and this is unforeseen to say the least. They are truly selfless people that constantly do things with their kids, which many families in our neighborhood can attest to. I know they usually hire babysitters and take ubers and are very concerned with their children’s safety. Despite this unfortunate situation, remember that everyone makes mistakes and that this does not define them as a family, or as members of our community. This devastation will not change how I think of this family and I strongly encourage you to not make assumptions during this difficult time. My prayers go out to the family.


This was infront of my driveway, the wife was there but also intoxicated. She stayed there to help the kids calm down and then was taken away. The kids are going into child protective services.


I don't think that is the kind of help this guy needs, taking his means of living away from him....maybe counselling would be a better approach?

David Dickinson

They should revoke this guy's teaching certificate.




I think he’s trying to be funny.


DWI with three kids in the car.....not bright or responsible at all, where was mom, could she drive? hope the kids were taken care of and this guy gets the help he needs...

Chris McHale

Also charged over the weekend were Carlos Lopez (Public Intoxication); Nicholas Wade (Pub Intox); Nathan Jumaili (Pub Intox); Jose Rivas-Castillo (Pub Intox); Marvin Washington (Pub Intox); Donato Carbone (DWI); Branden Curry (DWI); Nagendra Tummala (DWI-2nd offense). Nice weekend.


Sounds like a typical holiday weekend, unfortunately.

Chris McHale

What's his immigration status?

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