Alisha Jackson mugshot

Alisha S. Jackson

A woman was arrested in Ashburn early Monday after allegedly stabbing someone, according to the Loudoun County Sheriff's Office.

Deputies responded to the 23000 block of Pennystone Terrace around 12:34 a.m. for a report of a domestic assault.

Authorities reportedly arrived to find a victim who had been stabbed in the lower leg and took the suspect into custody.

Alisha S. Jackson, 32, of Ashburn, was charged with assault — stabbing, as well as preventing a call to 911.

Per the LCSO, Jackson is being held at the Loudoun County Adult Detention Center without bond.

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Yikes, these comments. I'm sure this woman would be very surprised to know that she is a Democrat, or did this because of Democrats, or something. I can't get over how insane people are on the internet.


Just like all the cities with high crimes, riots, bigotry, racism and fascism....voted for by Democrats, controlled by Democrats and governed by Democrats. Seems all the problems are by the Democrats. Amazing the old Democrat leaders have been in office over 30 years, yet blame Trump for their failed policies because orange man bad. Even funnier you all will vote for Biden and you turn a blind eye to all his racist remarks and threats to withhold money to countries...all on video tape. His crime bill alone decimated communities...again in tape praising his crime bill. Remember the 3 strikes and you’re out crime bill? Yes...Biden. How many people in prison for life for selling marijuana because of Biden?


Seems like people who think democrats are the source of all evil are o out of touch with reality that they can't get a job done. You need a history lesson, there is something different about withholding money and having it approved by congress (who controls the purse strings) and just hiding the fact that you never paid the money congress approved because you want a favor.


Orange Suits are on reserve for Someone Named Donald Trump.

Reagan warrior

Criminal arrestees of late were non-Trump supporters.


Like enough people around the trumpster haven't been arrested. How would you know their political status, psychic?


However a white guy brandishes a gun and people like Ed Myers and Cindy Lou call him a MAGA supporter.

It is amazing how many times you only see one side of an issue. I need a pair of your blinders.


How many people connected with the Clintons have died? 30? 40? 50? 60? ???


Can't be, how could you tell where the suit starts and the body ends?

Comment deleted.

Look like it's you who needs meds. You are out of touch with reality if you think there is any chance of him winning. Maybe you should try that cognitive test too.


Folks over there are adamant about living in Brambleton so let's refer to it as such.


Ashburn again?


Cindy Lou--Why are you obsessed with Ashburn?


I had a red one when I was on vacation and I am male


You got a vacation??? I miss those!

Chris McHale

I believe his/her vacation was courtesy of the state.

Chris McHale

Do women get the red jump suit and guys get orange?


The colors represent your level of custody.. Red is max security, orange is medium

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