Western Loudoun's town elections are shaping up with the March 6 filing deadline having passed for the upcoming May 1 election.

The mayoral races in Lovettsville, Purcellville and Middleburg are set to be competitive and more high-profile than usual this year.

In Lovettsville, Mayor Bob Zoldos announced he will not seek re-election after six years in office. Councilman Nate Fontaine and realtor Kris Consul are both running for the open position.

Consaul has lived in Lovettsville for 22 years and wants to serve the town she says is "the best place I have ever lived."

"I like the direction Lovettsville is going as a vibrant place to work and play," Consaul said.

Fontaine has served on Town Council for six months and is a former vice chairman of the town's Planning Commission. He says he will "work to uphold the small town values we enjoy everyday."

"I will continue to push for sustainable economic growth that matches the small town American values held in Lovettsville. I will work to increase sustainable commercial tax revenue that can decrease the significant over reliance on residential property taxes," Fontaine said.

In Purcellville, two-term incumbent Mayor Kwasi Fraser will face political newcomer Chris Thompson, a Purcellville native and Loudoun County government employee.

They will square off amid a tumultuous year of political upheaval and angst within the town. Several high-level employees remain on paid administrative leave and investigations are ongoing into previous actions taken by town officials.

In a statement, Fraser said "there is enormous pressure to grow the town by hundreds of acres via annexations. My vision is to listen to our citizens and not transform Purcellville into anywhere USA. We still have much to accomplish, and we have momentum on our side, and, with continued citizen engagement and support, committees of volunteers, and the strength of our local businesses, Purcellville will continue to be successful and attain greater heights."

Thompson said he is concerned about the town's recent issues involving staff management and investigations.

"It's embarrassing and the current mayor and some on the council are largely responsible for the lack of diplomacy, problem solving and management."

He aims to offer a common-sense leadership approach to the town and will make it his goal to bring the town of Purcellville back to an open-minded, responsive and respected community again. On the issue of growth, Thompson said he is not pro-growth and he is not anti-growth.

"I will listen to proposals and work with local entities that lead to smart, careful and well-managed improvements. I'm open-minded to all sides in providing solutions," Thompson said.

Two of Purcellville's council members said they will not run for re-election -- Karen Jimmerson is planning a run for the Blue Ridge District Board of Supervisors seat, and Doug McCollum said he wants to step away from town government.

The terms for Purcellville council members Nedim Ogelman, Chris Bledsoe and Ryan Cool end in 2020.

In Middleburg, Mayor Betsy Davis is retiring after service as mayor since 2006. She also served on the Town Council from 1998 to 2006.

Vincent Bataoel, Trowbridge "Bridge" Littleton and Mark Snyder are all on the ballot for mayor.

Bataoel, founder of the environmental consulting firm Above Green, said his vision is to keep Middleburg a small town yet keep it moving forward, but he hopes to preserve the culture, history and quaintness of the town.

"The next mayor's job will be to balance these responsibilities," Bataoel said.

Littleton - who was born and raised in Middleburg - said he is "always inspired" by his father who served on the town council for many years.

"The mayor has done a great job and I would love to follow in her footsteps and bring new ideas to make everyone successful whether it is a resident or business," Littleton said.

As mayor, he would like to protect the community, help businesses grow, and attract new businesses that share the same values and want to contribute to the community and Middleburg experience. He also would like to protect the investments made in the town's infrastructure and continue making the necessary investments to protect the town residents' health and safety.

Mark Snyder - who currently serves on town council with Littleton - said he is running for mayor to "make certain Middleburg remains the beautiful rural village in its unique foxhunting surrounds and culture."

"Middleburg is a jewel that we must protect, and I have the experience and understanding to do so. I look forward to building on Betsy's work as mayor to build council to its next logical level," Snyder said.

Snyder has served on town council and town committees for the past two and a half decades, he said and is "familiar with resolving past problems, such as the water and utility, have have led efforts to replace water lines in Ridgeview this year while also stabilizing rates."

Elections in Leesburg and Hillsboro will be held Nov. 6.

According to the Loudoun County registrar's office, the following candidates have formally filed to run in local town elections:


Mayor - David Simpson

Town Council (3 seats) - Craig Green, Rebecca Jones and Michael Snyder


Mayor - Nate Fontaine and Kris Consaul

Town Council (3 seats) - Christopher Hornbaker, Renee Edmonston, Nicholas Hayward, Matthew Schilling, William Hyde and Meredith Kopp

Special Town Council (1 seat) - Michael Dunlap

Town of Middleburg

Mayor - Vincent Bataoel, Mark Snyder, Trowbridge Littleton

Town Council (4 seats) - C. Darlene Kirk, Peter Leonard-Morgan, Kevin Hazard, Cindy Craun Pearson, Kristin Noggle, "Mimi" Dale Stein, Chris Bernard

Town of Purcellville

Mayor - Kwasi Fraser and Chris Thompson

Town Council (3 seats) - M.F. "Tip" Stinnette, Theodore Greenly, Joel Grewe, Steve Warfield

Town of Round Hill

Mayor - Scott Ramsey

Town Council (3 seats) - Frederick Lyne

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