Loudoun County 2019 General Election | Democrat Party | Phyllis Randall 1

Democrat Phyllis Randall thanks voters after being re-elected chair of the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors Tuesday during the Democratic campaign party in Brambleton.

Loudoun County Democrats are celebrating widespread victories Tuesday night, picking up three seats on the Board of Supervisors, one of the constitutional offices and a crucial state Senate seat.

Taking roughly 54 percent of the vote, Phyllis Randall (D) secured a second term as chair of the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors, defeating Republican John Whitbeck (38 percent) and independent Bob Ohneiser (4 percent). Randall in 2015 became the first African American woman to chair the county's Board of Supervisors.

Also on the Board of Supervisors, two-term incumbent Suzanne Volpe (R) was ousted in the Algonkian District by Juli Briskman (D) by an 8-point margin, and Democrats Mike Turner and Sylvia Glass cruised in the Ashburn and Broad Run districts, respectively. Current Republican supervisors Ron Meyer (Broad Run) and Ralph Buona (Ashburn) were not seeking re-election.

When the new Board of Supervisors is sworn-in in 2020, six Democrats will step to the dais, with three Republicans rounding out the county's governing body. The outgoing board is made up of six Republicans and three Democrats.

Bright spots for local Republicans came in the form of incumbents Tony Buffington (R-Blue Ridge) and Matt Letourneau (R-Dulles). Buffington defeated Democrat Tia Walbridge by 7 percent, while Letourneau bested Sreedhar Nagireddi by more than 20 percentage points.

The GOP incumbents will be joined by Caleb Kershner (R) from the Catoctin District. Winning 45 percent of the vote, Kershner defeated Democrat Forest Hayes (34 percent) and independent Sam Kroiz (17 percent) to succeed Republican Geary Higgins, who lost the 13th District state Senate bid to John Bell, with Bell taking 54 percent of the vote. Bell will succeed retiring Sen. Dick Black in the 13th District.

Loudoun County 2019 General Election | Republican Party | Caleb Kershner

Newly elected Loudoun County Board of Supervisors Catoctin District representative Caleb Kershner (R) gives a few quick remarks before introducing Board of Supervisors Chairman candidate John Whitbeck, who lost to incumbent Phyllis Randall (D).

Also securing new terms were Republican veterans Mike Chapman as sheriff, Bob Wertz as commissioner of the revenue and Roger Zurn as treasurer.

Attorney Buta Biberaj, a Democrat, narrowly bested Republican Nicole Wittmann in the commonwealth's attorney's race. With 97 percent of the vote counted, Biberaj held a 2 percentage point lead. 

In the House of Delegates, incumbent Democrat Wendy Gooditis held off Republican Randy Minchew in a 10th District rematch of the 2017 contest wherein Minchew lost his seat, and conservative Del. Dave LaRock (R) handily defeated Mavis Taintor by 12 percent of the vote in the 33rd District.

In the Senate, Bell's victory over Higgins gives Democrats a crucial pick-up in the General Assembly's upper chamber, and incumbent Democrat Jennifer Boysko cruised to re-election in the 33rd District over Suzanne Fox (R).

"Thank you to our firefighters, thank you to our teachers, thank you to everybody who made this happen," Bell told supporters at the Democratic campaign party in Brambleton. "There’s so much this race is about, but I want to let you know what we did tonight: We flipped the Virginia Senate. I want to thank every candidate who ran, congratulations to you."

Loudoun County 2019 General Election | Democrat Party | John Bell, Jennifer Wexton

U.S. Rep. Jennifer Wexton (D-Va.-10th) congratulates Democrat John Bell on being elected to the state Senate on Tuesday. Bell defeated Republican nominee and Loudoun County Supervisor Geary Higgins.

Republican Sen. Jill Vogel comfortably won another term in the 27th District over Democrat Ronnie Ross.

Democrat Suhas Subramanyan coasted in the House of Delegates' 87th District race to succeed Bell.

Shortly after 10 p.m. Tuesday, the Associated Press reported Democrats had taken over control of the Virginia statehouse.


Times-Mirror reporters John Battiston and Nathaniel Cline contributed to this report.

This is a Times-Mirror news alert. Check back for updates and complete election coverage. Click here to peruse all the local results from Tuesday night. 

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Loudoun County 2019 General Election | Democrat Party | Suhas Subramanyam 2

Democrat Suhas Subramanyam takes photos Tuesday at the Democratic campaign party in Brambleton after being elected to represent the 87th District in the Virginia House of Delegates. He becomes the first Indian American to be elected to the House.

Loudoun County 2019 General Election | Republican Party | John Whitbeck

Loudoun County Board of Supervisors Chairman candidate John Whitbeck (R) says a few words to his supporters following his loss to incumbent Phyllis Randall (D).

(22) comments


Oh, and let's not forget -- we now have a Commonwealth's Attorney bought and controlled by a PAC funded by leftist billionaire George Soros, which wants less prosecution of "lower grade" offenses! This opens Loudoun to criminals! Plus, Biberaj is a patsy of Michele Thomas, the NAACP chair in Loudoun who pulls the race and :lynching" card when anyone disagrees with her. I pity the career employees in the CA's office, which has been shaped by Jim Plowman and Nicole Wittmann the last 16 years. They now have a "leader" who never prosecuted a case in her life and who could become a tool for Leftist pressure groups!


Ken, you and your ilk are the reason that Republicans can't win an election in Loudoun. Only moderate Republicans managed to win, but by all means, keep tacking right and bemoaning the sad state of Loudoun and Virginia. I'm sure that will fix the endemic issues of your party.


School board is now filled with radical leftists, too. We can now look forward to students being allowed to take books out of the library with foul sexual language and imagery all in the name of "diversity." But why stop there? Let's mandate that elementary and middle schoolers read these books so they accept LGBTQ unquestionably! The new School Board will be dedicated to indoctrination not schooling, and when test scores drop, "hey, we need more learning specialists and bureaucrats to 'fix' the problem" And, with the General Assembly under Democrat rule, why not get rid of state and local tax breaks to religious schools and religious institutions that teach homosexualoity is "an abomination"??? Isn't that what Beto O'Dork advocated and Fauxcohoontas Warren? So glad my kids were in LCPS before this happened and I raised them to be "G" rated.


Don't worry so much and give them a chance. You can not predict the future.


Best thing about this election (ANY election these days) is that we don't have to look at those ridiculous and ubiquitous campaign signs any longer! (Assuming that the politicians follow the law and take them down right away!) I think their main purpose must be to imprint the names of the candidates on the minds of potential business customers.


The winners forgot to thank their puppet master Bloomberg.


More team red and team blue pizzle. Huzzah!


Deep state Loudoun goes blue....no surprises here.....congratulations to all candidates that put forth the energy and time to serve the people of the county....thank you....now we get to decide if this board is any good.....time will tell...

I think you mean Loudoun rejected the Derp State...


whistleblower attorney tweets "the coup has started".....that would be the deep state....hope it gets investigated...


Deep state? So glad we turned blue it's time for more of the truth and less conspiracy theories like a "deep state".

Jeanne T

"People love California, and Loudoun isn't a city."

California is a state, and so is Virginia.


Jeanne, I know you just love to argue with me about anything but I agree California is a state as is Virginia. Can you agree with me that Loudoun is a county not a city like Chicago or Baltimore?

Jeanne T

"Jeanne, I know you just love to argue with me about anything"

Projecting much, amerigirl? I do think so.


the deep state is fake news. The only people who think it exists are republicans. But your attitude of not condemning the winners until you see what happens is a refreshing.


After years of horrible stewardship of government, the GOP is being tossed out on it's MAGA-hatted rear. Today, they lost Virginia. This time next year they lose America.


Yes, hopefully, the Democrats can turn Loudoun and Virginia into a utopia just like California, Chicago, Baltimore, etc. Great job Loudoun voters!

Not only that, but now that the GOP isn't running Richmond, we can remove barriers to voting, make early voting easier and generally get more people involved in elections. Only dead-enders trying to force their resentments on everyone else will have a problem with that, I imagine...


Such optimism. People love California, and Loudoun isn't a city.

Duncan Idaho

Good thing Trump didn't hold a rally here, or it would have been worse for Republicans.


True. That would have been terrible for decent Republicans like Zurn and Wertz.


Great job Loudoun Democrats!!

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