400 block Autumn Chase

A homeowner in the 400 block of Autumn Chase Court in Purcellville reportedly found a bullet had been fired into a spare bedroom in her residence last week.

A bullet was apparently fired into a Purcellville residence on June 12, according to the Purcellville Police Department.

The resident called authorities around 1 p.m. Friday claiming she heard a loud noise at her residence in the 400 block of Autumn Chase Court, though she was reportedly unable to identify the source of the noise.

On Sunday, the victim reportedly found what appeared to be a bullet hole in the side of her house. Upon further examination, she discovered a bullet in a spare bedroom.

Authorities say the room was unoccupied at the time and nobody was injured in the incident.

The PPD and the Loudoun County Sheriff's Office are investigating the matter.

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Loudoun County is not rural anymore. The BOS needs to get with the program and change the law before people are injured or killed. There is zero reason why anyone in that neighborhood should be allowed to shoot at all. I'm a gun owner and believe in the 2nd amendment, but let's be real, a lot of these new folks who live in the suburbs have zero clue how to properly use them. The only place they should be is at a gun range not on 1-2 acre lots practicing! The county will get sued. It's just a matter of time.


Idiots and guns


In that densely populated of an area, that time of day, my guess is most likely an accidental discharge. Thankful that nobody was injured.


Accidental discharge! Lame!

Chris McHale

Accidental discharge is when the weapon malfunctions. If your finger is on the trigger it's no accident.


If the home is owned by a minority, it might be a hate crime.

What type of bullet was it? Handgun round or a Rifle Round? Its also possible somebody in the area missed their illegal deer kill and the bullet flew into the house.


LP--if it is a hunting incident, I would guess that the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries (DGIF) would be participating into the inquiry of this matter.


Why do you need two law enforcement agencies to investigate this one incident?


Could be a hate crime?


AG--if it was a hate crime, then I could see involvement by either the Virginia State Police and/or FBI. Why do you need the Purcellville Police Department and the Loudoun County Sheriff's Office investigating the same case? Seem that they would get in the way of each other and be wasting resources.


Yep, doesn't make sense.


Chapman has to be in everything! He's scary!

But back to bullet..that's even scarier, goes back to responsibility of peopke who own guns. It's their right to own it's ours to be safe from anyone with money to buy one.


Oldbroad--depending on the jurisdictional coverage, the County Sheriff (Chapman) would have to be involved as the Town Police Department may not have the jurisdiction/resources to sufficiently investigate the matter. If the discharge of the bullet is somehow connected with hunting (illegal or legal), the State Game Warden (Virginia DGIF) will also be involved.


Sounds like Antifa and BLM have moved into Purcellville.


What an idiotic statement.


Was it the KKK again?


Is BLM using that acronym again to make guilty white folks think they are harmless?


another idiotic statement


The long reach of the 2nd Amendment...

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