Loudoun County Voters

Loudoun County voters will head to the polls Nov. 5 to decide who will represent them on the state and local levels.

Local candidates are running for a total of 32 offices, with six of them unopposed. Those unopposed are state Sen. Barbara Favola (D-31st), Leesburg Supervisor Kristen Umstattd (D), Dulles School Board member Jeff Morse and Dels. David Reid (D-32nd), Karrie Delaney (D-67th), Ibraheem Samirah (D-86th).

Here's the full list of candidates along with links to more information about their candidacies (when available).



-Phyllis Randall, Democrat, Incumbent – https://www.phyllisrandall.com/

-Robert Ohneiser, Independent – https://www.facebook.com/candidatebobohneiser/

-John Whitbeck Jr., Republican – https://johnwhitbeck.com/


-Suzanne Volpe, Republican, Incumbent – https://suzannevolpe.com/

-Juli Briskman, Democrat – https://www.briskmanforsupervisor.com/


-Mick Staton, Republican – http://mick4ashburn.com/

-Mike Turner, Democrat – https://miketurnerforashburn.com/

Blue Ridge

-Tony Buffington Jr., Republican, Incumbent – https://www.votetonybuffington.com

-Tia Walbridge, Democrat – https://www.tia4va.com/

Broad Run

-James Bonfils, Republican – http://www.jimbonfils.org/

-Sylvia Glass, Democrat – https://www.sylviaglass2019.com/


-James Forest Hayes, Democrat – https://foresthayes.com/

-Caleb Kershner, Republican – https://calebforcatoctin.com/

-Sam Kroiz, Independent – https://samforsupervisor.com


-Matt Letourneau, Republican, Incumbent – http://www.mattforsupervisor.com/

-Sreedhar Nagireddi, Democrat –http://www.sreefordulles.com/


-Kristen Umstattd, Democrat, Incumbent – https://www.kristenumstattd.com/


-Koran Saines, Democrat, Incumbent – https://www.koransaines.com/

-W. Damien P. Katsirubas, Independent -- https://www.sterlingfordamien.com/


13th District

-John Bell, Democrat – https://voteforjohnbell.com/

-Geary Higgins, Republican – https://gearyhiggins.com/

27th District

-Jill Vogel, Republican, Incumbent – http://www.senatorjillvogel.com/

-Ronald J. Ross III, Democrat – https://www.ronnieross.com/

31st District

-Barbara Favola, Democrat – https://barbarafavola.org/

33rd District

-Jennifer Boysko, Democrat, Incumbent – https://www.jenniferboysko.com

-Suzanne Fox, Republican – https://suzanneforsenate.com/


10th District

-Wendy Gooditis, Democrat, Incumbent – https://www.wendygooditis.com/

-Randy Minchew, Republican – https://minchewfordelegate.com/

32nd District

-David Reid, 32nd District, Democrat, Incumbent – https://www.delegatedavidreid.com/

33rd District

-Dave LaRock, Republican, Incumbent – https://www.votelarock.us/

-Mavis Taintor, Democrat – https://mavisfordelegate.com/

34th District

-Kathleen Murphy, Democrat, Incumbent – http://www.murphyfordelegate.com/

-Gary Pan, Republican – https://panforvirginia.com/

67th District

-Karrie Delaney, Democrat – http://www.karriedelaney.com

86th District

-Ibraheem Samirah, Democrat – https://samirah4delegate.com/

87th District

-Bill Drennan, Republican – https://drennanfordelegate.com/

-Suhas Subramanyan, Democrat – https://suhasforvirginia.com/


Commissioner of the Revenue

-Bob Wertz Jr., Republican, Incumbent -- https://bobwertz.org/

-Sridhar Amudhanar, Democrat – http://www.friendsofsriamudhanar.org/

Commonwealth’s Attorney

-Buta Biberaj, Democrat – https://www.biberaj2019.com/

-Nicole Wittmann, Republican – https://nicolewittmann.com/


-Michael Chapman, Republican, Incumbent – https://reelectsheriffchapman.com/

-Justin Hannah, Democrat – https://justinhannah.com/


-H. Roger Zurn Jr., Republican, Incumbent – http://rogerzurn.org/

-Kannan Srinivasan, Democrat – https://www.kannanforloudoun.com/

SCHOOL BOARD (Non-partisan)


-Denise Corbo -- https://corbo4lcps.com/

-Kenya A. Savage -- https://electkenyasavage.com/

-Julie Sisson -- https://electjuliesisson.com/


-Atoosa Reaser -- https://www.atoosareaser.com

-Melanie Turner -- https://melanieturner4schoolboard.com


-Eric Hornberger, Incumbent -- http://www.voteerichornberger.org

-Harris Mahedavi -- https://www.harris4ashburn.org

Blue Ridge

-Ian Serotkin -- https://ianserotkin.org

-Ramachandran Venkatachalam -- https://www.ram4blueridge.com

Broad Run 

-Andrew Hoyler -- http://votehoyler.com

-Leslee King -- http://www.lesleeking.com


-Jenna Alexander -- https://jennaforcatoctin.org

-John Beatty -- https://jb4va.com

-Zerell Johnson-Welch -- https://zerellforcatoctin.com


-Jeff Morse, Incumbent -- https://www.electjeffmorse.com/index.html


-Beth R. Barts -- https://www.facebook.com/bartsforschoolboard/

-Joseph J. Newcomer -- http://newcomerforleesburg.com


-Brenda Sheridan, Incumbent -- https://www.brendasheridan.com

-Michael Neely – https://mike4office.com/

Soil and Water Conservation District (Non-partisan, three elected)

-John Flannery, Incumbent – https://www.facebook.com/FlanneryforDirector/

-George Melik-Agamirian (Website not found)

-Marina Schumacher, Incumbent -- https://www.facebook.com/Marina-Schumacher-for-Director-of-Soil-and-Water-Conservation-District-112204680134930/

-Jasvinder Singh (Website not found)

-Michelle Thomas – https://pastormichelle4loudoun.com/

-James Wylie, Incumbent — (Website not found)

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Flannery attacks a fellow endorsed democrat candidate and we will see if they even attempt to live up to their own bylaw "Section 8. The LCDC shall have the right to remove anyone from office and/or membership for failure to uphold the rules and principles of the Democratic Party of Virginia (particularly as set forth in the State Party Plan), including but not limited to public support for, endorsement of, or assistance to any candidate opposed to a Democratic nominee."


It says "shall have", it gives them the right if they feel it is necessary. It's not a mandatory thing.


I was a Democrat my entire life basically only because my parents were. I didn’t pay close attention to politics for a lot of years while raising a family. But when I started really paying attention during Trump's campaign and saw how Democrats tried to discredit him with lies about him being a racist etc, and then after he won, not-so-secretly met the day of his inauguration and vowed to go against everything he tried to do, even when it was things they normally would have approved of, that was it for me! And seeing Democrats turning a blind eye and/or supporting Hillary's obvious abuse of power, I have totally lost respect for the Democrat Party. I think local Democrat candidates have their Congressional colleagues in Washington to thank for their losses if they lose.


Well, isn’t that a little close to plagiarism? Democrats didn’t have to try to discredit trump, he did that all by himself. It was all of trumps lies, an unprecedented in all of politics, averaging 13 a day but the rate has dramatically since impeachment started. Who vowed to go against everything he tried to do? That never happened, probably another one of his lies to get sympathy from his base. No democrats had to say he was a racist, he was the one making those racist remarks, and executive orders. You don’t need to be a expert to see it. Do you have a clue as to how many times Hillary has been investigated over and over on the same things and the republicans still can’t find anything on her? What was the abuse of power? Please, tell! What loses, didn’t you hear about the blue wave? There is a reason it happened and there is a reason it is going to happen again in 2020.


I was a Republican my entire life basically only because my parents were. I didn’t pay close attention to politics for a lot of years while raising a family. But when I started really paying attention during Obama’s first campaign and saw how Republicans tried to discredit him with lies about his birthplace etc, and then after he won, secretly met the day of his inauguration and vowed to go against everything he tried to do, even when it was things they normally would have approved of, that was it for me! And now seeing Republicans turning a blind eye and/or supporting Trump’s obvious abuse of power, I have totally lost respect for the Republican Party. I think local Republican candidates have their Congressional colleagues in Washington to thank for their losses if they lose.


Straight up Democrat!!!! I don't care if Micky Mouse and Donald Duck are running, after this mess I won't ever vote Republican again! Oh wait, Micky Mouse is President right now, so Donald Duck will have to be on the ballot alone!!!!


So you support the anti-Semite candidate from the 86th District?


True "Yellow Dog" philosophy.


LoudounPulse, Excellent observation! When only 28% of the registered voters show up to vote in a local election there is more partisan preference than free choice. If . the "MAJORITY" of Loudoun voters would finally decide to use their right to vote we would see a lot of the partisan dead wood/ developer paid incumbents voted OUT! Tell your neighbors to make the right choice and VOTE!



Chair-John Whitbeck Jr., Republican

Algonkian Suzanne Volpe, Republican, Incumbent

33rd District-Suzanne Fox, Republican

Commissioner of the Revenue Bob Wertz Jr., Republican

Commonwealth’s Attorney Nicole Wittmann, Republican

Sheriff-Michael Chapman, Republican, Incumbent

Treasurer-H. Roger Zurn Jr., Republican, Incumbent



At-Large Julie Sisson

Algonkian -Melanie Turner

Soil and Water Conservation District


-George Melik-Agamirian

-Marina Schumacher, Incumbent

-Jasvinder (Jimmy) Singh


No surprise there, you never even look at their policies. Good luck with your wish list, you're going to need it. I guess Whitbeck like losing to Wexton so much he's going for it again.

Chris McHale

Why bother putting an unopposed candidate on the ballot, just hand him/her the office.


I refuse to vote for unopposed candidates. They will win but I always hope with less than 50% of the voters to encourage competition next time.


Maybe it's to hold the space so they have a spot for write-ins. Just a guess.


It is a boo boo, BOB WERTZ is running for Commissioner of the Revenue and ROGER ZURN is running for Treasurer.


Well you have the sorry part correct!


It would be interesting to see who would win if you removed Democrat & Republican from candidates names.


We now know the depth of corruption for personal gain and the willingness to cover up misdeeds and ignore the rule of law by the federal executive branch. Any politician that supports Trump is unfit for public office. Vote accordingly.

Duncan Idaho

Ed: Correct. I was a reliable Republican voter but now I need to check to see how much they kiss up to Trump. Volpe (my district on the BOS) fails the test.


You forgot to mention how many times he has violated the Constitution. Funny, during the Obama era the right tried to say everything he did was unconstitutional when it wasn't. They were strong supporters of the Constitution until trump started tearing it up.

Duncan Idaho

Sorry I can't vote against Debbie Rose, who mistakenly voted to close schools during the Republican primary voting in 2016.

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