Park View High School

An indecent liberties charge against a Loudoun County Public Schools teacher has been dismissed, according to court documents.

The teacher was arrested in late 2018 after allegations of an inappropriate relationship with a student at Park View High School. The allegations included a sexual relationship.

Assistant Commonwealth's Attorney Joshua Steward said there was a lack of “sufficient evidence to corroborate the allegations."

On Nov. 9, 2018, the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office sought charges against the teacher based on allegations from a graduate of Park View High School who alleged that he had a sexual relationship with the instructor while he was a juvenile. The allegations were asserted to be supported by the graduate’s phone and e-mail records, according to Westlake Legal Group, which represented the teacher. The accuser’s mother also claimed that she had copies of supposed incriminating phone and e-mail records.

Investigations by Westlake and the commonwealth, including forensic analysis of cell phones, e-mails and internet records, found no evidence of criminal conduct with the graduate while he was a juvenile and revealed only limited contact, which appeared to be school related. When confronted with the lack of support for the allegations, the graduate’s mother said she had been “bluffing," Westlake representatives said in a news release.

Westlake Legal Group said the teacher consistently maintained innocence.

Steward declined to comment on whether any additional charges related to the incident – including against those who filed the complaint – would be pursued.


Editor's note, Jan. 20, 2020: The name of the teacher has been removed from this story due to the charge being dropped. 

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SGP, I don’t understand why you have made the remarks to Cowbell that you have. First why would the teacher bring even more attention to the situation by making more remarks about it? I’m sure she wants it to go away. The lie detector comment was in the original article by LTM which said the teacher passed 2 lie detector tests. All communications between the 2 wee analyzed and nothing was found. It sounds like you want Winters to be guilty of something. It’s way to easy for kids to make these types of remarks against teachers just because they don’t like them or think they will get attention, money or both.


DavisB, let me get this right, you called Virginia SGP a "liberal"?


The identity of the liars are available in the mugshots section for Washington, D.C. Take your pick!


Interesting that no one is pointing out that this paper publically shamed this teacher by posting her mugshot photo in the multiple articles that assumed her quilt. Shameful business practice at best.


They should have posted the pictures of the accuser ad his mother.

More Cowbell

Both mom and student should be put away for 10 years, fined $100K and be made to do 100K hours of community service. Just more nonsense from the pound metoo(#metoo) farce. similar cases will be judged by this false accusation. And all the time wasted by law enforcement.

Virginia SGP

Let me reply to several posts here under More Cowbell's comments. Here is my position. 1. Read the statements very carefully. In her polygraphs and statements to the media, the teacher said she did not do anything inappropriate WITH A JUVENILE. What does that mean and what does it not mean? It only means that the teacher asserts she did not have sex with a person under 18. That's it. Let's see why that matters. 2. It is a crime to have a sexual relationship with an underage person (folks may disagree on whether it should be a crime for a 20-yr-old to have sex with a 17-yr-old, but here something like that was the claim). To convict someone of a crime, we need to be virtually certain it occurred. In my mind, this is 99%+ chance. Under all circumstances, the facts do not support charging the teacher with a crime. 3. But the teacher did not deny having a sexual relationship with the boy. And in the story, it appears the teacher may have had sex with a student (not a crime) who had reached 18 years of age. This is definitely against LCPS policy and would warrant a termination (not a crime though). 4. Note also that while the additional evidence of the mother was clearly "bluffing" (and she should be charged for that), there is no definitive proof that the teacher and the boy did not have sex while he was under 18. The boy hasn't recanted as far as we know (lots of questions here). While I tend to believe the polygraph of the teacher, it is possible there was no objective evidence of sex at age 17 but that it did occur. That shouldn't be charged without convincing evidence. 5. And now we get to the real questions. In the Brian Damron case, he was having sex with a student/former student (the boys were technically enrolled in LCPS but no longer attending Dominion at the time and they were 18+). If anybody believes he was not at least grooming these boys before they turned 18, I have a bridge to sell you. That is clearly what he was doing in Florida. And let's assume instead of a gay band teacher, it was a hetero male teacher pursuing 16 and 17-year-old girls. Are parents ok with teachers starting emotional relationships with their students so they can have sex with them as soon as they turn 18? I don't think any parent would go for that. Teachers should not be having sexual relationships with students for at least 2 years out of school. If they don't like that policy, go teach somewhere that parents are ok with teachers grooming students. There are still questions unanswered by these articles. But just like in Damron's case, if this teacher had sex with a current student or recent graduate, I don't think she should be teaching anywhere in LCPS. Thus, she should have been terminated. It appears she shouldn't have been arrested, but let's not suggest that a teacher having sex (and likely some type of relationship with a student) with an 18-yr-old graduate is A-OK in our book. 

(Edited by staff.)


Quite concerning that LTM continues to give SGP a plarform to publically convict this teacher despite not charges and outright lying from the student. SGP wants this teacher to prove she is innocent - and then he wants to connect these false accusations to the past. This is not what we do as a community and a legal system. LTM refrains from posting so many responses challenging him and his personal attacks against this teacher - so much for representing Loudoun, LTM

More Cowbell

@virginia SGP, you sound like a journalist. A lot of what ifs, maybe's, could be's....I'm sure if someone called you out for sexual harassment/assault, you'd want to remind everyone innocent until proven guilty. It doesn't sound like this teacher got that treatment. Just curious why you think 2 years(teachers & Students)? why not 4? or 6?

Virginia SGP

Cowbell, why doesn't the teacher put out a statement like "I did not have a sexual relationship with this individual." If she did and passed a lie detector, question (essentially) closed. But she did not. As for 2 years instead of 4, that is a policy question that the community needs to decide upon. But let me ask you. If you have a daughter, is it ok that her teachers develop emotional relationships with her in high school so that as soon as she turns 18 and graduates, the teacher can start a sexual relationship with her? That is what Brian Damron was doing with his male students. Nobody contents it. And Williams and Brewer stood on the sidelines not taking any action for that very behavior. I say that is unacceptable. If an adult wants to court 18-yr-olds, do it in a bar but NOT with our tax money as teachers. We should have no place for that in our schools. Thus, the need for a policy rather than the discretion of a Supt who is out to lunch.?

(Edited by staff.)


That's some show of arrogance. This teacher does not owe SGP or anyone else anything. For SGP to demand a statement is beyond extreme


If the student is a graduate then he is probably 18, and his mother is definitely of age, why aren't their names mentioned? They should be facing the embarrassment they put Ms. Winters through. I hope she sues them both, maybe it will deter the next accuser and help pay her legal costs.

More Cowbell

I agree, both mom and son's names should be published. I can get the information and attempt to post, but LTM will probably block it.


Why are the accusers not names??? Both where adults at the time the accusations were made. Virginia SGP. The mother lied, why can we believe ANYTHING she has to say??? It's not a he said she said, she admittied she lied and the teacher passed lie detectors. Civil lawsuit??? I hope you mean from the teacher. The accuser should be prosecuted, as well as the son. They ruined this persons life and her name was made public. Why do they get a pass for "BLUFFING". If there was any real evidence the case would not have been dropped.


sue the accuser for all he has. Make it painful some others in the future to "bluff".


Ruin someone's reputation on a bluff? Wow, how low can you go? Ms Winters should contact a lawyer. Defamation, loss of wages, pain & suffering. If "Mom" is not held accountable for her actions this will happen again

Representing the Mambo

How could this have gone that far? How was this poor woman arrested without corroborating evidence? I think attorney Plofchan will be purchasing a vacation home in Aspen after he wins this lawsuit.


Wow. The mom now says "she was only bluffing"? Bluffing is when you lie about your poker hand. When you falsely accuse somebody of a crime that threatens their career and freedom, that's something heinous.

Same story different tangent, this case also speaks to our two-tier justice system. Thank goodness Ms. Winters was able to Westlake Legal Group, who hired the forensic experts necessary to dissect the cell phone and email evidence. I know the public defender's office has a ton of cases and does the best they can, but I just can't imagine them having gone this far to unearth the truth.


Ms. Winters chose her attorney wisely. If I ever need a defense attorney (hope not), Tom Plofchan will be my first call. He is a bulldog. Cleaned up a case for a friend on appeal, whose previous attorney completely dropped the ball.


I hope Ms. Winters files charges against the 'bluffing' accusers.


Great month for LCPS, let me count the ways....


Scott - do you realize that this teacher did not do anything wrong? LCPS responded to the allegations as they should have and the teacher was investigated. Turns out to be a lie. Where do you think LCPS went wrong?

Virginia SGP

Let's review the statement from law enforcement: there was not “sufficient evidence to corroborate the allegations". That does NOT mean nothing happened. That does NOT mean the student lied. That does NOT mean the "teacher did not do anything wrong". That means law enforcement did not collect enough evidence to prosecute the case in their opinion (probably don't want to prosecute a "he said, she said" testimony case). The mother admitted to lying about part of the supposed evidence (but not necessarily all evidence from the mother). The student did not admit to lying about anything. It is this kind of irrational defense of anything LCPS related by its sycohphants that IS going to end. For example, if this did occur, a civll lawsuit could proceed needing only to prove a preponderance of evidence (51%) as opposed to beyond a reasonable doubt (in many folks' mind, 99%+). 

(Edited by staff.)

Concerned Citizen

Virginia SGP, did you even read the fifth paragraph? I'm no LCPS sycophant, but your comment is the irrational one here.

Virginia SGP

Concerned, see my explanation above.


SGP - your explanation dscounts what is known about the situation and jumps directly to convicting this teacher - your beef with the schools is one thing, your attack on individual teachers who have done nothing wrong is over the top. It is liberals like you that will continue to say Trump is a crook despite the Mueller findings.

Virginia SGP

DavisB, are you saying that the teacher has done nothing illegal (I would agree that it appears not) or has done nothing "wrong" (otherwise interpreted as unethical)? I violently disagree with the latter. If your position is that teachers can groom 17-yr-olds for sex when they turn 18, then the public will never support that.

You are merely trying to defend a teacher who has acted unethically.

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