Angry about a restrictive state transgender student policy, Loudoun County Public School students participated in a statewide school walkout involving thousands of students on Tuesday.

About 1,375 students from 12 county schools walked, according to LCPS spokesman Wayde B. Byard. The protests lasted for about 25 minutes. Protesters included students at Dominion, Heritage, John Champe, Loudoun County, Loudoun Valley and Riverside high schools, according to local protest organizer Caroline Northedge, a Loudoun Valley High School senior.

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Joe John

This is just a cowardice administration that again has shown it will never stand up for a commitment to academics, or child excellence. . Why not just have the kids protest something every day.

No kid should ever be allowed to walk out of class and protest for ANY REASON. They are there to learn, they should be using every minute to do so. Further more they are disrupting other teachers and students trying to do have of sensitivity.

I'm not against protesting for any reason, I welcome it. Weekends and evenings, not wasting taxpayer money during school time.


If a martian landed on earth and heard that parents aren't notified of something like this he'd sprint back to his space ship and never return. Utter madness that anyone honestly believes this kind of information should be hidden from parents by school staff. This can't even be labeled as "reasonable people disagreeing"...this is complete and utter stupidity, plain and simple. Thank you Governor Youngkin for having the courage to put a stop to this insane madness.


First, if any of these students took the time to actually look at the policy they would realize that nothing is infringing on their rights. The schools should not be taking the place of parents and for those few children who are fearful of sharing their identity with their parents it is up to the schools to pass that along to CPS, not be the arbitrator. Second the policy protects the rights of all students, including those that don't feel comfortable sharing a locker room or bathroom with someone of the opposite sex. Accommodations are in the policy for single use facilities. Third the policy clearly states bullying will not be accepted.

Ellie Lockwood

Sad, but illuminating, to realize just how successfully students have been turned into compliant activists. I will be able to use examples like this on my “public comment” response to Gov. Youngkins policy for curriculum reform. One wonders how we drifted so far afield from common sense.


Trans, playing make believe in the real world.

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