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The Loudoun County Board of Supervisors issued a proclamation Nov. 7 recognizing the efforts of the Loudoun County Veterans Engagement Board.

The Loudoun County Community Veterans Engagement Board is celebrating more than a year of service to local veterans and their families.

The organization was founded in August 2018 with the goal to advocate for and support local veterans.

"The LCCVEB is focused on ensuring that issues affecting our veterans are presented to Loudoun County, state, and U.S. government officials," Chairman Jim Mullen said in a prepared statement.

Entirely volunteer-run, the organization helps veterans, veteran advocates, service providers and other stakeholders can engage in local-level initiatives that improve services delivered to vets as well as their families and caregivers.

According to Mullen, LCCVEB also aims to promote a "healthy and enriched lifestyle" for Loudoun vets and those close to them. It receives support from 14 veteran service organizations and about a dozen individuals who offer support services to Loudoun vets.

Among the LCCVEB's long-term goals is improving access to Veterans Affairs medical services in the county, as veterans in Loudoun currently have to travel to VA Medical Center locations in Washington, D.C., or Martinsburg, West Virginia, for routine care.

The collective is also collaborating with VA to host a two-day Veterans Experience Action Center event next summer, which will allow local vets to file their claims with VA representatives one-on-one and feature talks from local, state and VA representatives about issues important to veterans.

"It's important for our veterans to know there is an organization that is working to better the care and services they receive in Loudoun County," Mullen said.

In honor of LCCVEB's first year of service, the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors on Nov. 7 issued and signed a proclamation recognizing the group's services.

"The Loudoun County Board of Supervisors urges all residents to become invested in working to take care of Loudoun County veterans and their dependents, those who have 'Served our Nation proudly,'" the proclamation reads.

Mullen said Loudoun County is home to over 60,000 veterans and their dependents. Those interested in working with LCCVEB can visit

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