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State Sen. Jennifer Wexton (D), left, is challenging incumbent Rep. Barbara Comstock (R) in Virginia's 10th District.

The candidates in one of the most closely watched congressional races in the country will go face-to-face at a Loudoun County Chamber of Commerce Debate in late September.

Incumbent Rep. Barbara Comstock (R) of Virginia's 10th District will meet challenger and state Sen. Jennifer Wexton (D) at The National in Lansdowne Sept. 21 at 8 a.m.

The debate is being held in partnership with the Dulles Regional, Greater McLean, Greater Reston, Northern Virginia, and Tysons Regional chambers of commerce, the Northern Virginia Technology Council and George Mason University’s Schar School of Policy and Government.

“We look forward to hearing Congresswoman Comstock and State Sen. Wexton share their thoughts on how they would improve the economic climate and quality of life for their constituents and for all Americans,” Tony Howard, president and CEO of the Loudoun Chamber of Commerce, said in a prepared statement.

The questions posed will be exclusively derived from the issues outlined in the Loudoun Chamber’s 2018 Public Policy Positions, according to chamber officials. The candidates will be questioned by a panel of local business leaders, and the questions will not be shared in advance.

Tickets for the debate can be purchased online at LoudounChamber.org.

First elected to the House of Representatives in 2014, Comstock won her 2016 contest against LuAnn Bennett by nearly 6 percent of the vote. But President Donald Trump is unpopular in the district that spans a portion of Fairfax County, all of Loudoun and areas west toward Winchester.

A late June Monmouth University poll showed Wexton with a 10-point lead over Comstock.

-Trevor Baratko

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Tony Howard of the Loudoun Chamber here. Thank you all for your interest and civil discussion of our debate between State Senator Wexton and Congresswoman Comstock. You will be interested to know that the debate will be streamed online via Facebook live, so any interested citizen can watch the event either live or later on video archive.


This is just another reason why no honest person would ever attempt to involve themselves in the local chamber of commerce. They will use any means necessary to make a buck. Next thing you know, they will expect us to pay $90 to vote in November. Pathetic. PLease everyone call the Reston Chamber of Commerc at 703-707-9045, Dulles Chamber at (571) 323-5300, and Loudoun Chamber of Commerce at (703) 777-2176 AND DEMAND THEY MAKE THIS A FREE EVENT. At the very least don't simply blackmail everyone into paying to see this event.


Since it is a private event there is probably not much any Chamber of Commerce can do about it. Comstock avoids meeting with her constituents, but I guess money talks. I guess we have to wait and see if she will debate Wexton in a public forum.


What a wonderful event for donors to cheer on their candidate of choice....no thanks, I'll take my $90 and donate it to a good cause....


Comstock should boycott this debate!

Chris McHale

Tickets are $90.00.

Virginia SGP

Why are these events requiring paid tickets to attend? To line the pockets of ethically-challenged pock Tony Howard and the chambet of commerce?

Why don't Weston and Comstock refuse to participate until the event is free to their constituents?


When there is a charge for tickets, many are left out. Why is there not a free debate?


By the way, tickets are not cheap...$90.00 for non Chamber members. $60.00 for members

MAGA Morons Are Governing America

Seems the chamber of commerce is limiting the scope of this debate (only discussing issues relevant to business) in a way that disadvantages Wexton. Of course, the elephant in the room for the GOP (no pun intended) will be Trump and Comstock is shackled to him...which advantages Wexton. Should be fun to watch.


If asking questions about business is a disadvantage for Wexton why would you want her representing Loudoun?


If the only subject they are suppose to debate it disadvantages Wexton by not letting her get her policies out to the public, I think that everyone knows what Comstocks are since she is the incumbent and has had years to get them out there.


Here are the Public policies the questions will be chosen from: (I inserted recommended questions where they can be justified)Federal, state and local laws, regulations and tax policies must support a strong, pro-business environment that ensures economic competitiveness and protects the ability of businesses to create jobs and economic opportunity;
The Chamber is committed to partnering with like-minded organizations to advocate for the issues and policies that serve the interests of Loudoun’s businesses and community;
Federal, state and local governments must provide adequate investment in vital assets, such as transportation (Our federal representatives - all of them- have done nothing to assist with the refusal of Maryland or West Virginia to make improvements to our interstate commutation issues as drivers try to get to DC through Loudoun) , technology, energy, water, K-12 education, higher education and workforce development, to meet the needs of a growing economy and population;
More of the tax revenues generated by Loudoun’s businesses and citizens should remain in Loudoun to serve the needs of our businesses and citizens; )None of our federal representatives have made ANY EFFORT to return Dulles Airport to Loudoun so appropriate property taxes can be collected from the highly profitable parking lots of MWAA)
Federal, state and local government must be responsive to the needs of the citizens and businesses, and accountable for the funds entrusted to their stewardship; and
Loudoun County’s business and nonprofit community must have the opportunity to work with government officials at the federal, state and local levels to develop and implement legislative and regulatory policies that will impact the economy and quality of life in our community.


It's going to be a tough uphill climb for the incumbent. What's sad is that all of the people moving to Northern Virginia are leaving areas to escape High Taxes and job killing regulations and come here and vote for the same kind of people they moved away from, in this case, Open Borders, High Taxes, Job Killing Regulations, anti law enforcement, anti military and pro sanctuary City Jennifer Wexton. Think twice before you pull the lever for the socialist loving Wexton.


Thinking this should be a great event for democracy in Loudoun County, I went to the Loudoun Chamber of Commerce site referenced in the article to see about attending. A single non-reserved seat for a member of the general public will set you back $90! (And of course plenty of sponsorship opportunities are available if you want to shell out as much as $5,000.)

This has absolutely nothing to do with helping voters to make an informed decision, and everything to do with raising the profile of and revenue for a private organization. I am disappointed that neither candidate insisted on any open "general public" seats as a condition of participation. While I realize that expenses are involved and certainly wouldn't begrudge the Loudoun Chamber for reserving some primo seats for sponsors, I would have gladly gotten there early to stake out public seat or even standing room, if either were available.

Perhaps the Loudoun Chamber will consider following the lead of many theaters and offer "$10 rush tickets" for any unsold seats an hour before the event on a first-come, first-served basis. Or even better, maybe they will decide to broadcast the event as a live webcast.

One can dream.

Chris Nicholson
Sterling, VA

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