COVID update: Lane, Northam

Virginia Superintendent of Public Education James Lane, right, details the guidelines and restrictions for reopening schools in accordance with the second and third phases of the "Forward Virginia" plan as Gov. Ralph Northam (D) listens.

Loudoun County officials spelled out more details for the county's entrance into the second phase of the commonwealth's reopening plan on Friday.

On Tuesday, Gov. Ralph Northam (D) cited the downward trend in the percent of positive tests and hospitalizations due to COVID-19 over 14 days, sufficient hospital capacity and personal protection equipment (PPE) and increasing testing capacity as reasons for allowing Loudoun and northern Virginia to reopen on June 12.

Here are some of the key points of phase two, according to county officials:

-Increases the number of people allowed to gather in groups from 10 to 50 people; the restrictions do not apply to people performing functions of their employment.

-Allows restaurants, breweries and wineries to offer indoor service in accordance with a number of guidelines, including seating patrons six feet apart, not exceeding 50 percent capacity of the establishment and limiting total number of patrons to 50.

-Allows fitness centers and gyms, to reopen in accordance with a number of guidelines, including keeping patrons at least 10 feet apart and limiting the total number of attendees to 30 percent of the facility’s occupancy capacity.

-Allows brick and mortar retail stores and personal grooming businesses to continue to operate in accordance with a number of guidelines, including limiting the total number of patrons to 50 percent of the facility’s occupancy capacity.

-Allows outdoor and indoor swimming pools to open for lap swimming, diving, exercise and instruction only. Swimmers must be limited to no more than three persons per lane with 10 feet of physical distance per swimmer.

-Allows people to attend religious services in accordance with a number of guidelines, including limiting the total number of attendees to 50 percent of the facility’s occupancy capacity, seating attendees six feet apart (except for family members) and disinfecting frequently-contacted surfaces before and after religious services.

Some recreational businesses must remain closed in Phase Two, including indoor theaters, performing arts centers and concert venues, as well as businesses and events, such as bowling alleys, amusement parks and fairs or carnivals.

Loudoun County Health Director David Goodfriend had this to say about the days ahead: “It is important to recognize that while the steps Loudoun residents have taken over the past two months to reduce the spread of infection have caused the health metrics to head in the right direction and allowed us to move to Phase Two of the reopening plan, the potential for exposure to COVID-19 remains present in our community. So, I continue to recommend that older adults and people with underlying health conditions use extra caution in public, and ask that all of us remain vigilant in practicing infection control measures that include washing hands frequently, staying home when sick, maintaining six foot distances when possible and wearing face coverings in public to help keep us headed in the right direction.”

While northern Virginia will move into Phase Two, Gov. Northam’s Executive Order 63, which requires the use of face coverings in most public indoor locations, remains in effect until amended or rescinded by further executive order.

Northam also announced Tuesday that all public and private schools in Virginia will be able to reopen this fall.


Click here to read the Phase Two guidelines.

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The comments here well show some of the last gasps of significatn influence of reactionary "Republicans/"conservatives." Anytime someone resorts to name calling and ludicrous claims, they have already lost the debate (if they had better arguments they wouldn't be trying to demean people). Pathetic and sad.


Hey "Guest" you have over stayed your visa. Go back to whatever hole you came from. Probably North Korea. GOODBYE


Hey "Taking America Back" did you know that all BLM, liberal idiots, liberal Mayors, liberal Governors and all the other liberal wacko idiot proclaimed that rioting and looting doesn't spread the virus??? You are an ultimate Moron. Yes, we will take America back in November. Conservative House, Pelosi not re-elected to even her Botox position, 60 plus seats in the Senate and then of course one of the greatest Presidents ever to serve a second term and increase jobs, lower unemployment, more criminal reform, more de-regulation, stronger military, safety for our citizens and most of all, hard working tax paying citizens being treated with the Constitutional respect they deserve. Get on a boat and float away, Venezuela would love to have you.


Are you going to vote this time? Never vote for a dummycrat!!!!!

Taking America Back this November

Did you Trumpers notice that for the upcoming rally in Tulsa, attendees acknowledge that they can't hold Trump or his campaign responsible if they come down with COVID-19. He's absolving himself of liability for a hoax? A fake-news pandemic. I don't get it. Do you suppose he's been lying to us? MAGAGAGAG me.

pual mase

The hoax is the dems blaming Trump for a chinese originated pandemic and the dem lockdown fiasco. Litigious lawyers are also a big dem special interest group.

The only lying is from dems like you.

Vote democrat if you like unemployment, poor economy, open borders, riots, defunding police, no airplanes, higher taxes, abuse of intelligence agencies to spy on Americans, Pelos/Schumer/Schiff in charge and an affirmative action VP.


1. The 'hoax' was 'it's one person', 'it's 5 people and we've got it under control' and all the other fake information. This virus is going to be hanging around because the 'leader' of this nation failed to lead, instead of uniting, he divided. One plan with oversight might well have saved thousands of lives.

2. How's that stock market drop making you feel now? This isn't the end on that either...mark my words...


Guest--that stock market drop is only one day. Markets go up and Markets go down.

pual mase

Hey guest

Go to China or Venezuela and see how you like it there.

That’s where the Dems are leading you


Taking America Back this November -Your post is a product of drinking White Claws all day long and then having to find some article that has nothing to do with the subject of your post.

I suggest that next time you just tuck yourself into bed and wait to post in the morning.


Oh forgot the most important thing. Northam is wearing "blackface". Good job "Coonman"


Oh my God, stop with the "if only you wash your hands" crap and the "poor kids". These poor kids are having a field day with this stuff. Furthermore you need look no further than the parents. These so called "kids" that "work-out" NOT, at Ida Lee never met a wipe they didn't want to touch. Hundreds of complaints each month for years and years that these "snowflakes" have to have their phones while they workout so they can text and chat and if you say, hey can you wipe down your machine they roll their eyes and laugh at you. Whatever, get off your "wash your hands" crap and just vote all the liberals out. Remember you only need to riot and loot and Northam doesn't care!!


Hard guy-do you feel better now? How about crawling back in your hole and wait for a complete thought to form in your head before posting again


Unfortunately we know most of the people here and around the country are disgustingly dirty. Hand washing is a rarity. Forget about covering your mouth when you cough. If only people here could be counted on to believe that all lives matter, wear a mask, wash their hands, and stop getting your neighbors sick


I never saw that study, can you post a link?


The rate of new cases of COVID-19 in Northern Virginia continued to drop Thursday, with the region adding 165 new cases. The 7-day average for new cases has fallen from 685 cases on May 31 to an average Thursday of 324 — lower than at any point since late April.

Meanwhile, hospitalizations for the virus and the number of COVID-19 patients in intensive care units and on ventilators continued to decline, now at their lowest levels statewide since those numbers began being reported April 6.

Northern Virginia will move into the second phase of reopening businesses this Friday, June 12.

New COVID-19 Cases in Northern Virginia | June 11

Data from the Virginia Department of Health showed just 470 new cases of COVID-19 statewide, with Northern Virginia accounting for only 35% percent of them, much lower than in recent weeks.

The state reported six new deaths due to COVID-19, including two in Northern Virginia. The total number of deaths in the state due to the coronavirus is at 1,520. Northern Virginia accounts for more than half of those deaths at 809, and Fairfax County alone accounts for 27.5% of the deaths, with 418.

The state reported 9,053 diagnostic test results Wednesday. It was unclear how many of those were from the backlog of nearly 13,000 tests that were processed by a Richmond lab that was reporting results via fax. State officials said those results are being uploaded this week.

The state's total number of COVID-19 cases is at 52,647. Northern Virginia accounts for 28,619 cases, or 54.3%.

The health department's COVID-19 data is updated each morning by 10 a.m. and includes reports by local health agencies before 5 p.m. the previous day.

New Cases/Deaths

Northern Virginia: 165 new cases, 2 new deaths

Statewide: 470 new cases, 6 new deaths

Statewide Testing: 9,053 diagnostic tests

Overall Total

Northern Virginia: 28,619 cases, 809 deaths

Statewide: 52,647 cases, 1,520 deaths

Statewide Testing: 405,025 diagnostic tests (453,869 when including antibody tests)

Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome in Children (MIS-C): Two cases in Fairfax County reported in May

*Provided by Virginia Department of Health


How many more business's must we lose because of the governments lopsided restrictions?


That answer is dependent on a host of other factors, in addition to the intervention by the Government for the public health emergency. The Government has provided, and continues to work on providing additional support to those business concerns impacted by the public health emergency. Ultimately, the balance sheet of each company will determine if it survives/fails. Unprofitable companies/businesses that are "under water" deserve to close and those who manage their resources properly will continue to thrive. That's the basic economic concept of Corporate Darwinism. That has nothing to do with Government restrictions.


The government should not be picking and choosing which "Balance Sheets" survive and do not survive. That is what they are doing. The Democrats on the ticket MUST BE VOTED OUT IN NOVEMBER in order to get this economy going in the right direction.


The Market, not the Government, is determining which businesses thrive and which ones don't. The Government identified which businesses were classified as essential or non-essential. It is proper for businesses that aren't run properly and have solvent balance sheets to fail. It is also proper for those businesses who manage their financial resources to thrive. That is basic economic theory. Further, there are MORE variables that determine if the economy is moving in the right way besides political party in office.


Important point here made by Comrade Guest - make sure that you are registered to Vote and have a plan for voting either by mail or in person. November will be here before you know it.


Voltaire - I totally disagree with your comment. The government sure as heck determined which business would survive and which would fail. A small business with less capital and access to future capital will never be able to survive being closed down while larger businesses are allowed to operate.

I would love to debate you on this over a beer or two since I have been involved in finance for a long time.


You are exactly right. Look at this idiotic restriction: "-Allows outdoor and indoor swimming pools to open for lap swimming, diving, exercise and instruction only. " SAYS WHO??? What the crap is that?? I pay exorbitant fees to my HOA and just watched them cover our private community pool because it will not be opening this summer. The pool is OUTSIDE. Like all the restaurants setting up tables OUTSIDE in parking lots now. This moronic jerk governor and his ilk are a disgrace. I loathe Virginia and will be leaving asap.


Are you serious!


To the guest who loathes Virginia and wants to leave soon-see you, bye. Perhaps if you washed your hands every once in a while we would all be less sick and could open more places sooner


Guest at 5:15 pm: what an ignorant comment. typical snowflake


SD--The government determined which businesses were essential and which ones were not. I get your point that aA small business with less capital and access to future capital will never be able to survive being closed down while larger businesses are allowed to operate. But there were small businesses that are still operating, even with restrictions. They took the PPP and found ways to be innovative and come out with different service/product offerings. Why didn't these other small businesses do that? I too would find it entertaining to debate you on this over a beer or two. [smile]


For once, I agree with you Voltaire.


The gov't is clearly picking and choosing the winners and losers here. This is not a situation where a well run business can succeed. No matter how well capitalized, how great your business model is, how great your management is, if you can't open, you won't succeed.


Guest--no, the Government only has determined what businesses constitute essential vs. non-essential. Further, the Government has provided supplemental funding to help those businesses carry on through the pandemic. The Government is even bailing out entire industries, which I think is wrong.


Guest--concerning the question of authority, the following citations provide the Governor of Virginia and the State Health Commissioner the authority: authority vested to the Governor by Article V of the Constitution of Virginia, by § 44-146.17 of the Code of Virginia, by any other applicable law, and in furtherance

of Executive Order 51, and by virtue of the authority vested in the State Health Commissioner pursuant to §§ 32.1-13, 32.1-20, and 35.1-10 of the Code of Virginia.


All of this government control is for the birds....


I think the worst part is the destruction of life for our kids. Have you read the pages and pages of guidelines for reopening schools, chaos!, and what will surely be emotionally distressing. Plus loss of almost all school activities and extracurricular sources! Mask wearing, no lunch rooms, partial in school learning, more staying home, what!!, for a High School of over 1000 kids! This is a tyranical atrocity! I will be forced to home school! At this time in my kids lives, and for me as a Mother of 16 years, is my saddest moment ever! Our kids will forever be changed by this micromanaged matrix were all accepting. This is why my kids are taught to be leaders, not sheep!


Thanks, Karen. Please don't try to home school.

Comment deleted.

Wow really drank the koolaid...take the red pill. Such fools

Comment deleted.

What happens if we don't find a way to treat the virus are you saying we should home school children forever?

Hoping someone dies from the virus is such a nasty thing to say. I hope you are teaching your children not be as bad a person you are.

Comment deleted.

Well the lady worried about her kids is lucky that you are not their teacher and so is every other child in the county


The management/mitigation of a public health emergency is one of the main responsibilities of Government. The level of Government management will be conditioned on the virus spread/mitigation/containment.


I much prefer your leader and his idea of pushing people off the park with our military so he can do a photo-op. That's government control you celebrate, right?


I have no problem with Trump walking across the street from the White House to defy the protesters/rioters who set the church on fire the night before.

It was a powerful symbol that rioters don’t control the streets.

These protester thugs faced an imminent curfew and threw bottles and it was right to evict them. All the protesters are peaceful until they decide to riot.

Honored Guest

Better look at your timeline again, Guest. The vandalism occurred the previous evening. The peaceful protesters at the plaza the next day were pushed off by Trump and his pretorian guards in the afternoon. You're conflating two days, two groups of people and a couple of made-up Fox News inspired nonsense stories.


They didn't 'set the church on fire.' There was one small fire in one room in the basement...


The white collar THUG in the White House along with his thug cronies are going to be in for a rude awakening come November.


i totally agree!!

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