Loudoun County is making an effort to improve transportation by installing several new traffic message signs along Routes 50 and 606.

As directed by the Board of Supervisors on Oct. 2, Loudoun County will begin the process of installing traffic message signs along the Route 50 corridor between the Loudoun County-Fairfax County line and Northstar Boulevard and on Route 606 south of Evergreen Mills Road.

The board authorized county staff to utilize the funding available in the capital projects fund to design and install the signs at four separate locations. The default messages on the signs will be travel times to downstream destinations except in the case of an incident and other appropriate "traveler-needed information," according to county staff.

Additionally, staff was directed to execute an agreement to enable the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) to install the equipment. The cost to implement the proposed Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) equipment along the U.S. Route 50 and Route 606 corridor will be within the previously approved budget of $1.05 million.

Due to the roadway expansion for express lanes on I-66, VDOT decommissioned the traffic management system and was able to salvage the message signs, according to county staff. The salvaged signs will be installed along with newly procured pan-tilt-zoom cameras at each location.

In 2017, the board was presented a report from Kimley-Horn detailing recommendations to implement ITS technologies in Loudoun County. Some of the needs expressed in the report included greater situational awareness during emergency management events; ability to quickly alert road users of hazards; more outlets for providing traveler information; and increased information flows and coordination with VDOT Public Safety Traffic Operations.

The board approved the motion, 7-0-2, with Algonkian Supervisor Suzanne Volpe (R) and Vice Chairman Ralph Buona (R) absent for the vote.

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Chris McHale

$1.05 million????? Is this a Freak In joke. The BOS needs to go.


We are going to need much more than signs to make a route 50 commute more efficient. Take away all those traffic lights and replace with bridges like what was done on route 7 to the north. VDOT is behind the times and backwards.

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