Buta Biberaj

Leesburg attorney Buta Biberaj

Democratic commonwealth's attorney candidate Buta Biberaj defeated Republican Nicole Wittmann, claiming 53,684 votes (49.5%) to Wittmann's 51,476 (47.5%) with 99 percent of vote reported.

A 23-year Dulles resident, this was Biberaj's first bid for public office. She is a partner at the Leesburg law firm of Biberaj Snow & Sinclair. She is admitted to practice in the Supreme Court of the United States and all state and appellate courts in Virginia, Maryland and New York. She received an undergraduate degree in education from George Mason University and her juris doctorate from the Antonin Scalia School of Law.

"Our vision has always been to have safety," Biberaj said at the Democrats' victory party on Tuesday. "In addition to safety, we have to remember that justice is the first and most promised thing we do in the Office of the Commonwealth’s Attorney. That is what I promise I will bring to you. This is a new day for Loudoun County, and I am so proud of the trust that you’ve put in me."

A New York City native, Biberaj said she saw first-hand the inequities of the legal system. Her decision to become a lawyer was always with the intent to “change the world for the better,” according to her announcement.

In 2006, she was appointed a substitute judge for the 20th Judicial District. During her 11 years on the bench, she presided over hundreds of criminal and civil cases.

Wittmann previously served as deputy commonwealth's attorney and was sworn in as the first female commonwealth's attorney for Loudoun County on Oct. 31. She assumed the post after former commonwealth's attorney Jim Plowman (R) assumed his Circuit Court judgeship. Wittmann will serve as commonwealth's attorney until Jan. 1, 2020.


Times-Mirror reporters John Battiston and Nathaniel Cline contributed to this report. 

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thanks George!


Criminals surely celebrated this one.


Which ones? Those who committed crimes or those who intended to?


Exactly! Let’s go back to doing things the right way -innocent before proven guilty.


Why do you say that? Is it because she was a lawyer that did her job?


Yes, because common criminals are educated enough to know who the commonwealth's attorney is and decide to commit crimes in that jurisdiction. Listen to yourself speak.

Loudooun independent

I hope that she takes a look at corruption within the LCSO.


Yes Jim Plowman, and his subordinate Nicole Wittman are active perpetrators of this nonsense for example his winning a judgeship based on political favors, and Wittman's lying about her residence when she actually lived outside the county.


Money can buy an office in Loudoun.


...but lying to get on the ballot can't. Go figure.

Also, money buys advertisements. It can't buy the office.


All that PAC money she got bought the office. If you think she doesn't owe someone something for that money, you are delusional


Yup, that's me, delusional. Soros' group supports positions that already align with hers. Do you honestly think he's going to show up and threaten to remove her from office? That's not how elections work.


Republicans just want to blame someone all the time, just ignore them. They are trying to make themselves feel better. It's like they didn't see how blue Loudoun and Virginia turned, or don't want to face it.


Money in politics has been an issue for both sides, however Biberaj is experienced and will balance reforms, with ensuring crime is kept low and our county kept safe.


Born. PAC money is given because they like her policies. She had created her platform and was chosen for that platform. What would she owe? It isn't like a contribution from a company that tries to own you.

Random, what is the obsession that Repubs have with Sorros? It's not like the Republicans don't have the Koch Bros, Bob J. Perry, Marlene Ricketts , Linda McMahon etc.


Wittmann mainly got her finances from her husband, contractors, and republicans already in Loudoun politics. Maybe there is a reason she didn't have more backing.

Virginia SGP

Now that she will be unemployed, Will Wittman's "intent" to live in Loudoun change?


Haha...yeah, this morning must be very uncomfortable in her house. Completely upending your life only to then lose?


Ahhhhh- the irony! She was smiling like a Cheshire cat at that hearing and we know that’s not the case now! Finally she’s been ousted and justice can be restored at the CWA’s office come January 1!


Justice? Criminals and Leftist groups opposing "mass incarceration" will now rule Loudoun. be sure to install an ADT system


Ken, do you believe that every wrong on the face of the earth was caused by leftist groups? You more than anyone should be aware that we live in democracy and that no one rules. But go ahead and spread those paranoid conspiracy theories, you have a limited audience so it shouldn't matter.

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