Democratic activist Tom Steyer

Democratic activist Tom Steyer

The billionaire founder of a liberal advocacy group is putting $1 million toward registering at least 12,000 millennial voters in Virginia in hopes of flipping the Republican-led General Assembly to the Democrats.

The Washington Post reports that the liberal advocacy group NextGen America, which was founded by investor and Democratic activist Tom Steyer, announced Monday that it will reach out to voters aged 18 to 35 in some of Virginia’s Republican-held districts, and focus on the key issues of gun safety, reproductive rights and climate change.

“This is a specific focus on the two chambers of the legislature, and each one of them can turn blue this year,” Steyer said. “Obviously, that’s something that would be incredibly important.”

The newspaper also reported Priorities USA and Emily’s List announced Monday that they will back some of the 36 female candidates around the state who support abortion rights, in part with a $600,000 digital campaign “focused on voter persuasion and mobilization.”

Steyer also announced in January that he’s spending millions to call for President Donald Trump’s impeachment.

All 140 seats are on Virginia’s ballot this November. Republicans hold thin majorities, with three seats in the House and just one in the Senate. Virginia is one of four states with legislative races in 2019 but the only one where control of the state legislature is at stake.

“Women made history in 2017 when they were elected to the Virginia House of Delegates in record numbers, helping break the Republican supermajority,” said Stephanie Schriock, president of Emily’s List. “This year, with both chambers up for election, redistricting around the corner, and ongoing Republican attacks on women and families, the stakes could not be higher, which is why Emily’s List is doubling down on its effort to turn the Virginia Assembly blue.”

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Does that come to 83 dollars per registration, very suspicious Joe.


More like I'll spend a million to fool the gullible young kids while I push socialism and free healthcare, free education, free abortions, condoms, and free everything else...yes the millineals will believe this....


I suppose that beats the message of increasing health costs while decreasing health outcomes, spiraling education costs, limited access to birth control and abortion, and the continuing consolidation of power and influence into the hands of a few that Republicans seem intent on pushing. You know, it's okay to criticize both political parties for their failings, right? Or maybe you don't know that, based on your screen name.


Looks like Virginia is going to have another marionette in addition to Bloomberg.

MAGA Morons Are Governing America

Mr. Bloomberg surely doesn't think he's a puppet


No, he is the "Puppet Master" that pulls the strings of those whose elections he paid for. Check out who he gave money to, how much and how they voted.


There enough employed at this rag.

More Cowbell

Seems like a waste of $1 million.

Chris McHale

Based on free speech he should be able to spend whatever he wants for campaigning just as corporations have the right to back Republicans.

MAGA Morons Are Governing America

Great news. It takes a lot of work and money to just get even with the effects of gerrymandered districts. This will help level the playing field so the best candidates for most voters will prevail.

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