Discovery Elementary School

Ashburn's Discovery Elementary School was placed on secure-the-building status Nov. 25 after a report of a suspicious man nearby, according to the Loudoun County Sheriff's Office.

A resident reported seeing a male carrying what appeared to be a firearm around 9:22 a.m. in the 44000 block of Grace Bridge Drive near Michener Drive in Ashburn.

The subject was described to authorities as a white man with short hair who was wearing a camouflage jacket. He was reportedly walking toward a wooded area near a bank and the school.

Staff placed the school on secure-the-building status as a precaution as LCSO deputies searched the area.

Authorities did not locate the subject and say external surveillance video from nearby businesses did not capture any suspicious activity.

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[unsure] Remind me again why we want to convince children they should fear going to school... Schools are statistically one of the safest places for a child to be during the day — they already compare them to prisons, so why should we make them even more incarceral?


Great example why the perimeter of all LCPS should be part of security design not just the vestibule. Wireless panic functionality from anywhere on school campus should be executed without delay in my opinion. The earlier full Sheriff resources can be prompted is appropriate and the more workable warnings systems the less soft these targets become. All of these safety mechanisms should be achievable without involving children but can include voluntary participation by the parent population which logically surrounds each school. Full scale deputy response times should also be publicly committed to on a per school basis precisely so nobody thinks our most rural schools are unprotected. This is far more important than which party controls the Sheriff Department.

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