Raquel De Maria Picado

Raquel De Maria Picado

A Dominion High School counseling secretary has been charged with fraud and larceny after a Loudoun County Sheriff's Office investigation.

The LCSO began the investigation Feb. 5 and determined Raquel De Maria Picado, 34, stole credit cards from other employees and made purchases in Loudoun County and Maryland.

She also allegedly stole gift cards belonging to the school and a set of keys belonging to an employee, LCSO officials said.

De Maria Picado, of Maryland, was arrested on Feb. 8 and charged with six counts of credit card fraud, one count of grand larceny and one count of petit larceny.

She was released from the Loudoun County Adult Detention Center on a personal recognizance bond.

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Karmaisreal2019, OMG that's horrible! Now the truth comes out and you were the deflection they needed! You don't have to tell me about the "terrible awful" in the Loudoun County School system. One day someone will come along....employee or student and hire an attorney and then they might think about how they treat people.


What....no quote from Wade Byard.....I guess he is just an overpaid snow monitor for the county schools...

More Cowbell

Curious why no Bail, since 7 felony charges against her? I'll say she is a no show for her court date. LCPS needs to do a batter job of hiring. Not that hard or expensive to run a background check on every new hire.


Everyone has a background check run on them before they are hired. It's unfortunate, but bad apples work their way into every profession.

More Cowbell

The basic background check isn't enough or the company doing them is just taking the money and not doing their job. Usually, bad applies are bad apples passed on from other businesses. I did a quick search on her name from my Intel job and she had other charges against her from other states. Information any company doing a background check would have found.


Time for cameras in the school.


Amazing. As a former employee, I can attest to some of the nasty and inappropriate things some of the administrative staff were involved in. I was targeted at one point, where someone removed my sons pictures from my desk during an absence, going through my desk when I was away, accused me of doing things of an untrue nature. I informed Administration and my complaints were unfounded. Eventually, I filed a complaint through EEOC. This young lady was a part of the group of individuals I complained about. She accused me of doing things I did not do and when I spoke up, my complaints went unfounded. There were illegal as well as inappropriate things going on at the school of which some staff was aware and often discussed. For example, on one occasion, there was one male staff member who placed candy in another male staff members school mailbox of which he had a romantic interest. It was talked about amongst staff and considered to be ‘funny’. The male staff member who received the candy was eventually removed from his position at the school due to another situation. Although this is an unfortunate situation, it goes to show ‘what happens in the dark can and does sometimes come to light’.


That's a shame. I used to work for the county at another school and reminds me of how this one colleague I had who at first was really nice and then turned completely brand new and began acting very inappropriate to the point when she went to HR to complain, she made up a bunch of lies. She worked there for a year and a half and apparently did not know the lay out of the school, and spent the entire school year working on the same spreadsheet because she refused to do anything else.


Oh, and last I heard, that one colleague was arrested for drunk driving and assaulting an officer. And most recently she was in the hospital because her male provider assaulted her. Poor thing, I hope her son's father gets full custody.



David Dickinson

The LCSO "resource officers" at LCPS are really there to watch over the adults, not the kids. How many LCPS employees get arrested every year? Seems like a lot (that we know about).


news today about another ex-military/current private contract being charged with espionage. I wonder if David thinks there is a problem with all military the same way he thinks all LCPS employees are criminals?

David Dickinson

DavisB, go ahead and tally up the number of LCPS employees in orange jump suits that appear in this newspaper and then count up the number of former military spies and then use some LCPS math and tell me which one greatly outnumbers the other.


not sure when you started caring about actual facts but the numbers don't support your hysteria about LCPS staff

David Dickinson

DavisB, in the past 4-5 months, there have been 4 LCPS employees arrested (that I know of). You cite the first former military member turned spy in several years. LCPS criminals greatly outnumber the spies. If you want to argue facts, then cite some.


Over 10,000 people work if Wikipedia is correct - and you cite 4 teachers - not sure why you being are hysterical about this


LCPS is so overstaffed with administrative personnel that they have time to commit property crime while on the clock.

More Cowbell

You're so right.

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