Dulles Seizures

Three hundred-twenty six grams of marijuana were discovered and seized by Customs and Border Protection at Washington Dulles International Airport on Tuesday. 

The incident marked the second time in two weeks Dulles CBP officers have confiscated a shipment of the illicit drug after a similar seizure occurred on June 2, according to authorities. In both cases the narcotics were contained inside 93 tins packed into three parcels, each shipped from West Hollywood, California, and destined for a different address in Belgium.

The marijuana confiscated on June 2 totaled 325 grams, only one gram less than Tuesday’s seizure.

“Shippers of illicit contraband sometimes attempt a similar export method, and when they do, CBP officers are there to intercept the load,” CBP Director of Field Operations in Baltimore Casey Durst said in a prepared statement. “Our officers’ dedication and vigilance are commendable, and were instrumental in intercepting these illegal narcotics.”

CBP officers at airports nationwide confiscated an average of  4,657 pounds of narcotics every day in 2018, according to CBP.

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Why is it that somebody can ship weed (that makes it onto an airplane) and it not be caught before the plane leaves the ground, yet we can spot explosives terrorists try to place on planes? Sounds like TSA needs to up their game to intercept these drug shipments before they even leave the ground.

Chris McHale

Why are we exporting products that are in desperate need here?


326 grams! Why that is.....considerably less than a pound. It's hardly a major bust, especially for pot. I've found more than that in a storage unit I purchased, meaning it wasn't even enough for the previous owner to come back for before the unit was locked with a lien. But I opted against a press conference, and simply flushed it instead.


Using Grams to make it sound like a large event -- when this is well under a pound.


Almost small enough to be a personal stash.

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