Loudoun County Public Schools headquarters in Ashburn

Loudoun County Public Schools headquarters in Ashburn

Wanted: new superintendent for Loudoun County Public Schools. Must be prepared to get yelled at by parents who feel they’re being ignored, keep students safe, increase academic achievement, improve special education and boost morale of the beleaguered staff.

Those were some of the attributes parents called for in a community input meeting on the superintendent job search at Heritage High School on March 16. The meeting was the last of four sessions with parents, students, and staff from March 14 to 16 held by GR Recruiting, a Fountain Hills, Arizona, based educator recruiter.

Robert Alfaro, GR Recruiting associate

Robert Alfaro, GR Recruiting associate

LCPS parent Lori Levine

Lori Levine

LCPS parent Marc Sirinsky

Marc Sirinsky

LCPS parent and teacher Davinelle Woodson

Davinelle Woodson

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Tony Fasolo

My wife and I have lived in Leesburg since 1994 and seen both of our grand children graduate from the

LCPS system and then graduate from VA colleges. I have two degrees in Education and have been a sub

teacher in LCPS since 2003. The system produces

many fine citizens but politics has crept into the schools and the MAGA agenda of undermining public education and diversity that has flooded the country has hit us in Loudoun County. I hope that the comments made at a “sensing session” are used to

help determine who to hire as Superintendent. Whoever he/she is needs to be able to withstand being yelled at? The current Super. Is getting death

threats? Beth Barts who used to represent Leesburg got death threats too. Who wants the job if this is a job qualification? We need to work together, parents, teachers and admin to help educate our Future!


No, we don't have to work with you. You failed and so did Barts and Zieglar. and Ogadebge! Take out the garbage and bring sane back to our children while they attend class.


LOL...there it is folks...the obligatory and tiresome blame on all things Trump. It's all they have folks. Your concern that "politics has crept into the schools" is laughable given how overtly political the obsession with race and the gender ideology stupidity has been the past several years. The tolerance of bad student behavior and the abdication of teaching in favor the moronic woke agenda has turned LCPS into a national laughingtstock. You can blame it all on your bogeyman Trump but he is not the reason Glenn Youngkin is your governor...it's the useful idiots of the left who are to blame.


Sadly, the process is nothing more than a show. Ultimately LCPS will install another leftist super that continues the poison of the current regime. These folks are so far left they simply can't make their way back to the middle, where sanity resides. Brace for impact parents. It's gong to be more of the same.


Why would anyone want to be in charge of an organization whos leaders say their own institution, the one they run, is "systemically racist? (of course it's not, they just say for all sorts of woke reasons). Plus who are these guys kidding. These meetings are all for show. We know we'll just get another liberally biased social justice warrior. Hey make sure they all give you their diversity statements!


Use the extension and let the next school board choose the superintendent and make any hire on a year to year contract.

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