Trailside Middle School

Trailside Middle School in Ashburn

A 14-year-old Loudoun County student and her mother have accused Loudoun County Public Schools officials of covering up and mishandling an alleged rape in a classroom at Trailside Middle School in Ashburn.

A lawsuit filed on behalf of the alleged victim claims that during the 2017-2018 school year a teacher at Trailside Middle School worked to gain the trust and manipulate the student in question. The relationship escalated to include sexual contact and eventually a rape within a locked classroom in the spring of 2018, according to the lawsuit, which was filed in late May in the Eastern District of Virginia.

The plaintiffs are seeking more than $10 million in damages. The juvenile student is identified as Jane Doe in the suit.

“I want justice for my daughter, and [the teacher] is going to keep doing this to other students,” the mother told the Times-Mirror. “There are probably other girls who have been abused, maybe other students will be brave enough to talk now.”

Loudoun County Public Schools Public Information Officer Wayde Byard said the teacher remains at the school. The school system released a statement after local parent and frequent school system critic Brian Davison spoke about the allegations at the May 28 School Board meeting. 

The school system's statement says: “The Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office conducted an investigation in coordination with the Department of Family Services. According to the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office, after a complete investigation and after gathering all facts, evidence and statements, the Loudoun commonwealth’s attorney’s office declined charges in the case.”

Loudoun County Public Schools also says it investigated the allegations and determined they were unfounded, according to Byard.

The student's mother says she informed Trailside Principal Bridget Beichler and other school officials in March 2018 of her concerns about the teacher's interactions with the student prior to the alleged rape. The mother claims LCPS officials failed to take appropriate actions to protect her from further harm.

After the student became uncomfortable with the teacher's alleged touching, she confided in her mother. Her mother reported the alleged touching to Beichler and Assistant Principal Patricia O'Connell. She also consulted with a friend's husband who had an in-person meeting at Trailside on March 12, 2018, to discuss the alleged incidents, according to the mother.

Beichler told the student's mother it was reported to Loudoun County's Child Protective Services and she would have a “stern talk” with the teacher, according to the mother.

After the meeting, the teacher's demeanor changed and he became hostile to the student, according to the complaint. The teacher gave a survey to the student asking if she felt “emotionally safe” talking to the teacher. She responded positively because she feared further retaliation, the suit states. The teacher allegedly became nice to her again and gave her candy and special attention in the classroom. The student reportedly spent time in his classroom during resource time and the teacher provided more personal stories.

The alleged rape and other sexual assaults against the accuser occurred in the locked classroom in May 2018.

The plaintiff's attorney, Fenlene Edrington of Moreton & Edrington in Reston, told the Times-Mirror the firm helped the family file the case because she was concerned about Loudoun County Public Schools' handling of the matter.

“The allegations of this 13-year-old child are very concerning, but equally concerning is LCPS's refusal to provide copies of its purported investigation to the child's family. In short, LCPS has informed this family your straight-A student who has never had behavioral problems at school has accused her teacher of raping her. We investigated this matter and concluded that your child is lying. We will not provide you a copy of our investigation. When the child continued to talk about the allegation, LCPS suspended her,” Edrington said.

The teacher has declined to take a polygraph and declined a medical exam, according to the alleged victim's mother. 

“He has been given every opportunity to prove it didn't happen. He hasn't done that, and neither has LCPS. There has been no action to demonstrate his innocence,” the alleged victim's mother said.

After the alleged rape, the lawsuit states that the investigating officials failed to bring in an expert on sexual assault procedures, resulting in two ineffective interviews with the student. At a third interview, the student was able to draw a picture of the sexual assault for the CPS caseworker; however, the investigation was prematurely concluded, the complaint states.

Beichler reportedly suspended the student in March of this year for 10 days after the student sent an email to Trailside staff asking them to be vigilant against the teacher and labeling the instructor a sexual predator. According to the lawsuit, the email was sent after school hours, off school grounds and with the student's own personal device. The student's mother appealed the suspension, and it was reduced to three days.

In addition to compensation, the plaintiffs seek to have the suspension expunged from the student's record as well as full records related to the incident from the school.

Officials with the Loudoun commonwealth attorney's office said after speaking with law enforcement the office decided not to bring charges in the matter.

The student's mother told the Times-Mirror she is hoping for some accountability from the school. She believes a lack of effort has been put into the investigation, despite the fact that her daughter has offered information such as identifying physical features of the teacher's body. She would like to see the investigation re-opened by professional investigators who are “impartial, neutral and professional.”

Davison has launched a nonprofit called Loudoun Open Government Organization to assist victims with finding legal representation and counseling sessions. 


Editor's note: The Times-Mirror is not naming the teacher at this time because they were not charged with a crime following an investigation of the claims.

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David McKinley

It is high time for us to stop mucking around with the local non-leadership and go straight to Richmond. Teachers can have their licenses revoked for endangering the "health, welfare, safety, or morale of a student or minor" and it is the "duty" of the Superintendent to investigate if the "basis" for such a case exists. Regardless of the criminal outcome this process needs to be initiated. The Superintendent won't do it, but maybe Richmond will. For that matter, the Superintendent should be placed under investigation for license revocation under these standards. Its all in the Code of Virginia. Send e-mails about the scores and scores of misconduct by teachers to licensure (at) doe (dot) virginia (dot) gov, as well as to Nancy Walsh who is in charge of investigations at nancy (dot) Walsh (at) vdoe (dot) gov. Be sure to look up the License certificate numbers of these teachers in your email as well as the admins and super. Flood their boxes. Richmond officials need to come out here, open up all the personell files going back at least a decade and clean house. And unlike with the public and the media, the Commonealth has a right to--no mealy-mouthed "this is just a personnel issue". You listening, folks?


Amerigal, I apologize again for agreeing with you, twice, hopefully it's you coming around and not me. Otherwise, I have past experience w/ LCPS's, Sheriff's Dept, Commonwealth Atty's Office and I can safely say that there ain't no such thing as justice in VA. Granted this article supplies limited info and a rape kit should have been done immediately after alleged event; I don't believe any of the parties. Normally I believe the girl, but I have seen too many lie to get back at teachers they don't like. Lie detector tests, are likely to be wrong as well as right, for either side. LCPS's response is most likely to circle the wagons and side with system to protect the leadership. It's government, that's what government does, perpetuate itself. On the other organizations mentioned I will only say one thing since I don't want a few dozen people with guns drawn showing up. banging the door down in the middle of the night. If you see a burglary charge, question it, look up the code. You might be surprised how many don't know the definition and they are in law enforcement.  If you have kids, it could be the difference between having a felony on their record for the rest of their lives and a misdemeaner that goes away when they turn 18. I can't see a resolution (wthout further info) unless they settle. The problem is if the Teacher is in the right his career is still tainted the rest of his life. If the girl's claim is valid and even if she can't prove it, her life is misery unless she is a very strong woman. Rape might be the worst crime you can commit against a woman. My conclusion is that nobody is going to win. I don't believe the shrink either, they may just favor the side paying the bill.. I also don't believe any of the parties involved are equiped to deal with these issues, even those that you would think should know. Lastly, a thanks to BO BO for not being so verbose this time, the rest of you atty's should take heed. Many of us don't speak in tongues.


AHHHHH we have to stop agreeing like this! Just kidding, good points.

Virginia SGP

Settlements occur when the dispute is about money. This ain't about money. This is about accountability. The family would trade any $$ for a conviction of the teacher and accountability for the LCPS officials. Folks will know what happened. It may take some time. And folks have backed themselves into a corner saying this teacher "could not have done it". We will see if they ever eat their words or try to rationalize a verdict against the teacher.


Why is it not surprising to watch people taking sides and bullying others without anyone knowing all the facts?


No kidding! They have drawn their conclusions, the only thing left to do is convince everyone that they are right. But some people have some good ideas that LCPS should consider.


What am I missing here? The child didn't report the incident to the police. Why? Cops later investigated, no evidence to support charges. The drawing of privates is farcical. Who couldn't do that? Sounds like a mother in search of a big payday, nothing more than another example of the fleecing of America. All accusers are NOT necessarily to be believed.


Apparently we're about to be roommates in the mental hospital for daring to take this line of thinking.

Virginia SGP

romano and Loudoun1965 either seem unable to grasp basic facts or are intentionally obfuscating and dissembling. How about we do this. If you can describe an accurate picture of the marks on my groin area (the moles, birthmarks, etc. from 3 inches below my belly button to the middle of my thigh), I will give you $10K. You said "who couldn't do that"? We are about to find out. If you can read, you would know the child didn't draw any body parts. She merely drew distinguishing marks on a pre-drawn sketch that investigators use to represent the groin area. But you knew this. You are sordidly trying to undermine a 13-yr-old victim. And then there is the accusation of a big payday. In common/state law tort claims, we have this thing called sovereign immunity. Citizens can't sue their gov't (each other since the taxpayers pay the bill) when gov't actors are merely negligent (e.g. misjudge the teacher's likelihood to escalate stroking of the hair to serious sexual assault). When a gov't employee is willfully negligent (drives a gov't car while highly drunk) or intentionally injures someone, however, the victim can sue that employee. But the gov't can also tell the employee they were not following the rules and are on their own by terminating the employee. Had LCPS done that and terminated the teacher - which is what the family sought - then LCPS' insurance policy would NOT cover the $10M rape claims. The family would stand to get nothing from a teacher who likely is still under student debt. You can't say a family is seeking a big payday when their desired outcome is justice (teacher punished) but no $$. This is the type of deception that is really dirty. One might claim that neither romano or Loudoun1965 are capable of comprehending a pretty clear complaint. But it likely goes much deeper than that. LCPS apologist never miss an opportunity to impugn the integrity and honor of this victim. It is simply reprehensible. There is nothing wrong with withholding judgment. That is completely understandable. But these guys above are dismissive of one side (girl) without any evidence whatsoever.


Virginia, through all your bloviating claptrap you don't seem to grasp the reality that this person is an "alleged" victim. There is zero evidence to back up her claims. Does that matter to you?

More Cowbell

Why are classrooms allowed to be locked? Did this happen during school hours or after/before school hours? How long has teacher been working in LCPS? Any DNA proof? Didn't read if after rape, whether girl told mom and they went to police right away? Having daughters(older), that that was a very difficult age.


I work for a neighboring ( smaller )school district and personally witnessed a disturbing set of circumstances occur involving a physical abuse and a host of school faculty and staff. Reports were made and CPS was inserted into the situation, which rendered an investigation of the people involved for 1 year. The child video-recorded the abuse while the phone was in his pocket (therefore only audio) and played it for CPS. The school personnel (who actually allowed the situation to occur because they erroneously granted access to the child, despite written instructions not to) and the abuser did not receive punishment/consequences. The child is now in trauma counseling and remains home-schooled. I know, for a fact, this occurred. The abuser, who's record of anger and disturbing lifestyle choices got a *suggestion * to get counseling for a few months and continues to be around children, despite an 100 page CPS report with a self-admission of neglect/harm to children. The child is traumatized that no one protected him, listened to him. This is our justice system.

Virginia SGP

Several commenters seem to be confused. Forgive the long post but let's clarify a few things. This case has 2 distinct parts: a lawsuit against the teacher for rape and a lawsuit againt school officials/LCPS for retaliation and illegally withholding records. Let's take them in order. A. Case against teacher. You can take only 1 of these 3 positions: 1. Support the victim's claims of rape because of the compelling allegations and logical arguments. 2. Support the teacher's innocence because you think the victim is lying 3. Withhold judgment and await due process You cannot take both 2 and 3 as your positions. If you support due process, you cannot assume the victim is lying. If you assume the victim is lying, you oppose due process for the victim. Nobody gets to support the "innocent" teacher because you are awaiting due process. If you support 2 and the victim is correct, you are a judgmental, immoral *$*. B. Case against Principal Beicher, LCPS and CPS Beichler and LCPS suspended this student for raising awareness of a rapist. There are no assertions that the victim has been shown to be lying (knowingly lying). Thus, at best, LCPS suspended a student who publicized potentially true (in their minds) claims of sexual assault. Not only is that unconstitutional but it is immoral and unethical. Whatever you think of the teacher, how can anyone support LCPS for suspending her? That tells every future victim you may get suspended to asking for justice for your attacker. So let's stop the nonsense with LCPS is in the right. They clearly are not. LCPS and CPS withheld the records about the rape and investigation from the mother. There is no logical explanation for that especially when one knows the victim can have the court order those records be provided. Yet neither LCPS nor CPS has provided those records even today. If they show exculpatory evidence for the teacher (they clearly do not), the victim's lawyer would back out as would I. The most likely reason they are withholding is to limit the time the victim's lawyer has to review the records before the trial. That is immoral and unethical as well. Now for the ridiculous arguments: Loudoun1965: a. The complaint references the location of beauty marks in his genitalia region. If you think any random kid could identify what beauty marks and where they are located on this man because of FLE, well, I don't know what to tell you. You should commit yourself to the asylum now. b. OJ Simpson was a rapist before and after he was acquitted in his criminal trial. As a former (possibly current teacher), it is scary how little you know about criminal and civil courts. Just scary. c. A commenter on another forum said the mother put the victim back in the teacher's class after the victim reported the rape. That is 100% false and is defamatory. The commenter tried to later hedge by implying the mhe was referring to the very first, relatively minor incident of the teacher touching the victim on the shoulder and touching her hair in March 2018. The commenter had clearly tried to imply the mother put her daughter in a rapist's class after the daughter reported the rape. That was knowingly false and had it remained up, the commenter would likely have been sued for defamation. d. A LCSO deputy was making statements as if she knew inside information. She stated the teacher had been "cleared" when the only statement the LCSO has made is that they declined charged. "Cleared" implies someone found evidence showing the rape could not have happened. Not pressing charges means we don't have 95+% probability of guilt. The two are far apart and is why we have civil trials where you need 51% chance. The deputy used her position to signal to the public there was clearly exculpatory evidence which is not only false but against LCSO policy. She can support the teacher without signaling confidential information that LCSO won't even give to the family. e. The $10M only occurs if LCPS sticks by the teacher. You can't suggest the family wants the teacher to be fired AND wants a $10M payout at the same time. If LCPS cuts the teacher loose, the family never sees any significant portion of that claim as only the teacher would be responsible. If the family requested $1 for the rape, you would be first in line saying pay the $1 and protect the teachers even if they are guilty. Why should taxpayers care? The $10M is to cause taxpayers demand LCPS take action when they have rapists in their classrooms. The school board members may not care about a 13-yr-old girl, but they do care about a $10M hit to their budget. Mgolf, my comment was directed at Jeanne T. It just happened to be made slightly after yours but before your comment showed up online. I hadn't even seen your comment there.


Virginia SGP/Brian, you have now referred to this teacher twice as a "rapist." He has not been convicted of anything, the police conducted a thorough investigation, the DA did not press forward with a case, and yet you use this language. On another platform, you told a participant who did not agree with you that you were going to screenshot the comment and forward it to the attorney for this mother so that she could investigate the poster. Then you attacked a police officer on the same post and threatened to expose her because she was supporting the investigation. Then you attacked an 80 year old retired teacher for the same thing. How would the defendant's attorney feel about your comments here, particularly referring to an innocent teacher as a "rapist?" Or is he already determined to be found guilty by the court of public opinion due to a civil suit? Isn't this America? Several things are concerning here. First, if the girl was able to draw a picture of male body parts, the public suddenly assumes she drew a picture of "his" body parts? Really? If he never subjected himself to having pictures taken, how were they able to be compared? Distinguishing marks? In parallel with what? If you think no 13-14 year old girl is capable of drawing a picture of male organs, perhaps you should review both the Family Life curriculum and take a look at what teenagers are exposed to on the internet. No matter how hard we try to protect our kids online, it's still there. Second, if the girl is so terrified to attend school with this "rapist" as the civil suit states, why didn't she petition for a transfer on the county's dime? She certainly should have been able to at least file a petition of she was treated so badly by the admin. that she was placed in in-school and suspended. Yet she still attends TSMS. $10,000,000.00 is a lot of money. Is the attorney and the family shooting for the moon in hopes the county will settle to make the problem go away? The entire civil suit reads like and episode of SVU, and while there is little doubt a 13 year old could script something like that, suddenly all doubt is cast on the police for whether or not they completed a thorough investigation? So the attorney for the plaintiff want's to hire a "professional investigator." Isn't that what the police department is? They don't take cases like this lightly, especially when they involve children. Something didn't add up for them. So many questions on this one, and again, two lives ruined whichever way it goes.


I have a very honest easy question. Are you in your right mind? Are you of sound mind?


Some people believe themselves to be judge and jury, because, you know, they are never wrong.

Chris McHale

Loudoun Now article stated that the teacher and others involved in this case had a restraining order against the mother. It's not mentioned in this story so now I have to guess it that was true or not


Hi Chris, I believe I read this in the plantiffs case docket-- the daughter was nervous to return to school so the mother insisted she be able to escort her back and stay with her during the day. After hearing the mother wanted to be on campus all day, either the teacher or principal (can't remember who exactly) put in a request for the restraining order to prevent the mother from being on school grounds and it was never granted.

Chris McHale

Mgolf- thanks for the feedback but it still appears to be unclear. School states it was granted but mother says otherwise. I wonder if there is a way for LTM to actually see the case file at the courthouse

Virginia SGP

Chris, Loudoun Now accurately relays the petition for a protective order was dismissed. That means not granted. The judge deemed it frivolous.

John M

Scott, the 13 year old may not have an imagination that is wild enough to come up with 30 pages of details, but her parents might. I guess I'm the only person on the internet who will admit this: I don't know what happened, I don't know who to believe, even though I've read the report, etc. There are only two people in this world who know the truth, and their versions differ completely. Everyone on the internet can demand jail time, civil damage awards, etc. but none of us knows the truth. The only thing I'd like to see happen is for the teacher to go to a doctor and get an examination of his genitalia to see if it matches the description the child gave. If I was that teacher and I was innocent, I'd be running to the nearest doctor's office, but I'll say it again: I don't know the truth....and neither do you.


You're not a judge nor am I. You won't see a dime of the $10m if paid out nor will I. You won't have to pay a dime of the $10m if paid out nor will I. What do we know: 1. The teacher was not charged with any crimes 2. The student or her mother were also not charged with any crimes 3. The initial claims made by the student were not disproving, only the teacher said "I didn't do it" 4. The teacher refused (2) polygraphs and a medical exam 5. There has been a federal lawsuit filed against the teacher, principal, Ap, LCPS 6. The lawsuit has (30) pages of details that are disturbing 7. You said "her parents might" referring to making up a story. There is no mention of "parents" in the doc, only "the mother" and "AA", so pretty safe to say she's a single mom. I read no mention of a father figure being part of the lawsuit nor did I read the father was in jail for going after the teacher. 8. Being gay or "doesn't like girls"is not a defense, it's a lifestyle/sexual preference I've also read through the report and I also agree there are only (2) people that know the truth, however, at the moment, a simple claim of "I didn't do it" and "doesn't like girls" is being overshadowed by (30) pages of a 13 year girls account of what happened and NOT just with the teacher but with the principal, LCPS, her counselor and the substitute teacher. Don't forget that the counselor's professional opinion/determination of what happened to the little girl AND the substitute teacher were NOT part of the original investigation. Additionally, there was a story a few months back involving a female teacher at Dominion HS (I believe) that made headlines in this very newspaper that she had engaged in improprieties with a student(s) that the story turned out to be bogus. Why is no one rushing to the Trailside teacher's defense to clear is "good name"? "Wat's Up" Doc Williams was very quick to come out with a written statement of the sick 64 year old teacher that was busted (story broke Friday) kissing a 2nd grade girl throughout the year. Where's the Doc's official statement on this case either this year or last year? There isn't one. The only statement made was by Beichler on Saturday and it was disgraceful, insulting and dishonest, only trying to cover her butt.


Actually, I think it's time to call in some professionals to deal with the drunks, the abusive, the perverted, the mentally ill and incompetent teachers LCPS is hiring. It seem like nobody in this county can do anything about what's happening. Every day almost there is another teacher that should never have been around a child or teaching in the first place. Something needs done.


Wow. Just wow.....with this comment "Beichler reportedly suspended the student in March of this year for 10 days after the student sent an email to Trailside staff asking them to be vigilant against the teacher and labeling the instructor a sexual predator. According to the lawsuit, the email was sent after school hours, off school grounds and with the student's own personal device. The student's mother appealed the suspension, and it was reduced to three days" I would say this case is open and shut. It's clear by this article that this MOTHER AND STUDENT, have been victims of a sick man that LCPS is protecting. I hope they get every penny. This student should have been removed from this perverts class THE FIRST INSTANCE and the school should have had camera's mounted in his class. Social Services should have stepped up their game. This is a disgrace


You're right, that kid should have never been left in the same class with that teacher. But I don't agree with her sending the emails. Unless the teacher is proven guilty doesn't that open the student up to slander charges? Isn't there a chance that he could come after (again?) for damaging his name and try to get restitution? If he refused a lie detector test maybe she should volunteer for one before they dismiss her case. They are good at dismissing things kids or women say.


There are (30) pages of details in the lawsuit, none of which have ever been refuted, allegations denied but the student has charged with falsifying a crime. The ball is in the teacher, Beichler and LCPS's court. A simple "I didn't do it" and "doesn't like girls" is not a defense. The little girl has been seeing a counselor for a year, one that specializes in sex crimes and validated this girls trauma, that's her damn lie detector test. #MeToo right?


I don't think an emotionally scarred thirteen year old would be thinking about slander.

Jeanne T

"alleged" - 15 times "allegations" - 3 times allegation - 1 mention FTA: "The Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office conducted an investigation in coordination with the Department of Family Services. According to the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office, after a complete investigation and after gathering all facts, evidence and statements, the Loudoun commonwealth’s attorney’s office declined charges in the case. Loudoun County Public Schools also says it investigated the allegations and determined they were unfounded, according to Byard.†FTA: "[the teacher] He has been given every opportunity to prove it didn't happen. He hasn't done that, and neither has LCPS. There has been no action to demonstrate his innocence,†the alleged victim's mother said." In our system, someone accused of a crime is not required to prove their innocence. That' IS NOT how the system works. You are innocent until proven guilty, not the other way around. And yes, sometimes we are disappointed in the outcome.


You are correct, unfortunately when media is on the side of the plaintiffs it paints the defendants as guilty and they must prove their innocence in the court of public opinion. My concern is not so much with the teacher- since he was investigated and cleared, it's with the school and how they applied consequences which appear retaliatiory, but again... the school needs the opportunity to tell their side. Please, even though it's hard not to react to the accusations, think about the Brian Banks story. Google it if you don't know.

Virginia SGP

I guess you don't understand our justice system very well. 1. Police have to prove BEYOND A REASONABLE DOUBT that the person did it to put someone in jail. The only thing the LCSO has said is that charges were not filed. That does not mean the guy (see OJ) didn't do it. Disregarding the botched investigation, let's say we are 80% sure he did it. Should he be in jail? NOOOOOOO. That would be putting innocent folks in jail for 20% of these cases. But if we are 80% sure, then you get a civil judgment and make him pay. That is what is at stake here. 2. An employer need not have a conviction to fire/punish an employee. See Dallas Cowboys Ezekiel Elliot and Panthers Greg Hardy. No conviction. Serious punishments. When dealing with kids, LCPS should have at least barred this teacher from EVER being along with a kid in a locked room. They won't even do that now. 3. If you are working with kids, you must prove that you have no chance of abusing them. In your world (no convictions) = (unlimited access with kids). That is NOT how it works. Let the civil trial play out. But it sounds like you are saying if one cannot get a criminal conviction, then the family shouldn't be able to hold a rapist accountable? And everybody should send their kids over to his how a la Michael Jackson? Is that really where you want to be on this case?


Whoa VirginiaSGP! You completely misread the tone of my response. I'm not dismissing this the teacher's alleged inappropriate behavior, but unfortunately I would not have evidence to prosecute him therefore, "I'm not worried about the teacher" (in a criminal law suit because I don't have the evidence I need). I do feel his wrongdoings will be uncovered going after the school's mishandling of this case since they should have a rock soild paper trail. Yes, even if a child was flat lying about all of this, the school should have absolutely separated this teacher and student from the first allegation for both parties protection. I know you are mad because I seem to be supporting the teacher, but I'm approaching it without emotions and trying to focus on the facts that can win the case for the plaintiffs. I have read the plaintiffs ca


Yes people are innocent until proven guilty but they can't just say "I didn't do it!" without there being an investigation to back them up. People who work with children and often unsupervised with children should also be looked at very closely. The fact that the county did not want to press charges does not mean that the teacher is innocent either as not every case goes to court. There is a disturbing amount of cases related to sexual assault that the prosecutor's office may decide not to take only because it's not a slam dunk for them. Imagine your daughter claimed she could identify the privates of her teacher? Would you be so quick to write her off?


Agreed. I think this will come out in the civil suit and hopefully


I would never write off my daughter or any child claiming assault and I'm not doing so here. I think it will all play out in civil court. I also think things were missed that could have sealed the deal criminally. The most damming piece of evidence against the teacher, that was glossed over by the school, was not finding the substitute teacher who had an interaction with the student right after the accused teacher allegedly locked the student in a classroom and assaulted her. I'm also curious how the school board members, principal, assistant principals, and counselors will defend not replying to the plaintiffs concerns. Again like I replied to VirginiaSGP, I'm just taking the emotions out and trying to look at the evidence at hand because that is what's going to happen in the courtroom.

LoCo Bob

Once the complaint was filed against the teacher, was the student and teacher kept apart? The School should have ensured that he did not teacher her, interact with her, that they were never alone etc., What was the evidence in the sex Assault Exam? And, I find the statement from the teacher that he's doesn't like girls as an excuse for not having committed the alleged assault very interesting. .


I feel terrible for the victim and family of this alleged abuse...can the school board start to work on code of conduct, better hiring practices, weeding out these losers who are preying on Loudoun kids....very disturbing and sick...

LoCo Bob

Maybe it's just me, but there seems to be a trend of Lo Co School teachers being arrested lately.


Not you LoCo. In the past (30) days there has been (14) separate incidents.


weeding? they need a heavy dose of round-up.

More Cowbell

Time to install security cameras throughout the school and have teachers wear body cameras similar to law enforcement(while at school).


This just further proves that public school classrooms should be video recorded at all times during school hours, and should capture based on motion during after hours. Data should be maintained for at least a year at a location other than the school to avoid tanpering by school staff and in the event of accusations like this it becomes very simple to just review the footage, a copy of which can be submitted as evidence.

On the subject of evidence "the teacher has yet to demonstrate his innocence" what ever happened to "innocent until proven guilty"? We take the accusation as evidence of guilt these days, especially involving kids and even more so for crimes involving sex. If LCPS really found no problems in their investigation, it should be publicized. Any investigation of problems at a public school should be made public (names of victims redacted to protect their privacy) unless specifically sealed by a judge.


Without making any comments about an ongoing case perhaps it would be helpful if the school board would expand page 29 of the rights and Responsibilities Book which discusses violent acts at school. Instead of just stating terms like assault and battery etc. for students to avoid some explanation/examples of these acts would help. It would also be informative to include that the school system is responsible for insuring that all school staff have been informed not to allow areas such as locker rooms left unsupervised while students are there nor are any rooms in any school to be closed or locked with one student in that room alone or with one adult and one student unless there is a school emergency occurring. Just a thought so parents and children know that principals share the responsibility of safety by preventing situations where assaults etc. tend to occur precisely because of too much privacy from balanced and appropriate supervision.


This story is disturbing no matter which way one views it. The outrage on FB is visceral, and two lives are ruined despite the outcome. Are American citizens now required to "prove" their innocence?


American citizens have been required to prove their innocence nearly the entire history of our nation. "Innocent until proven guilty" doesnt mean a damn thing when the prosecution is allowed to take an uncorroborated accusation and present it as evidence of the accused's guilt.

Virginia SGP

Are you kidding me? Are you saying a victim cannot file a civil claim against a rapist teacher? If LCPS doesn't know for sure, it should be decided in civil court where the standard is preponderance of the evidence. LCPS is complicit in multiple ways: 1. Suspending the student for sending an email in March 2019 warning other teachers. How can you justify that?! 2. Withholding records that the victim is entitled to by law? How can you justify that?




Teacher says "I didn't do it", no polygraph or medical exam. Victim provides 30 pages of details, specific details. The girl is 13 i doubt her imagination is that wild. This needs to be reexamined. Trailside is a joke as well, run by an incompetent person

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