Middleburg single-car crash - 2/12/20

The Loudoun County Sheriff's Office Crash Reconstruction unit is investigating a single-vehicle crash that occurred Wednesday morning in Middleburg and sent all of the vehicle's occupants to the hospital, according to LCSO officials.

A Toyota Sedan carrying five people was traveling westbound on Route 50 around 1 a.m. when it reportedly left the roadway near Four Chimneys Lane and struck a tree.

Authorities say all five occupants were transported to the hospital with serious but non-life-threatening injuries.

The driver, a Maryland resident, was charged with failure to maintain proper control of vehicle and driving without a license. He was later released on summons.

Any witnesses of the crash who have not yet spoken with law enforcement are asked to contact Investigator S. Allen at 703-777-8308.

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More Cowbell

At 1 am alcohol was probably a factor. Driving without a license, means it's either suspended or doesn't have 1.


Your comment “More Cowbell” is a huge problem these days. Without knowing anything as far as facts, you think you know what happened. Know before you speak. And what a genius you are to say he doesn’t have a license when the story already said so.

More Cowbell

It states he was ticketed driving without a license. Plus I was able to find his name in the police report and those that were in the car and looked up their criminal record. But you already knew that.


Cowbell, then you know that the report says, The driver, Henry A. Perez-Lopez, 19, of Maryland, charges were failure to maintain proper control of vehicle, driving without a license and was released on a summons. (as easterdgirl said, that info about a license was already already in the article) There is no mention of suspected alcohol use, so why would you bring that up? They could have been joy riding.

More Cowbell

Yeah joy riding at 1am weekday with 4 others in car and have an accident. Good one.


Cowbell. You have no idea why they were there and instead of saying that or there could have been another reason you think it's alright to brand them with drinking and driving? Sad!

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