Five suspects have been arrested after allegedly participating in a Sterling assault in September, according to the Loudoun County Sheriff's Office.

The LCSO says two victims reported they were sitting in a vehicle in the 400 block of Williamsburg Road around 6:45 p.m. on Sept. 19 when several subjects approached them, pulled them out of the vehicle and assaulted them. The victims sustained minor injuries.

During the investigation, authorities say they determined that some of the suspects were known to the victims and the assault reportedly involved two rival gangs. Members of the LCSO Tactical Enforcement Unit and Special Operations Section coordinated with the Northern Virginia Gang Task Force to identify and locate the five suspects.

Christian Carias-Chavez, 20, Joana J. Recinos-Rivas, 18, Gustavo A. Velasquez-Soto, 20, and Angel A. Velasquez Orellana, 18, all of Sterling, were arrested Sept. 27. Each was charged with two counts of assault by mob and two counts of gang participation.

A fifth suspect, Carlos V. Lopez-Navarro, 19, of Sterling, was charged with two counts of assault by mob, two counts of gang participation and providing false identification to law enforcement.

All five suspects were being held at the Loudoun County Adult Detention Center without bond immediately following their arrest.

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Ace, what are you talking about? First, who said what, no one can respond if they don’t know what you’re talking about? What are you talking about hugging? She’s a prosecutor, she puts people in prison. Why the racist end comment “Especially those who arent white” about a subject you know nothing about? It’s aren’t.


It's adorable that you're trying to correct my grammar. A missing apostrophe on a contraction isn't the end of the world. Especially when the correction is coming from someone who regularly confuses "your" and "you're." As in... your reading comprehension is severely lacking, because you're confusing a candidate for office for and actual office holder. It would appear that you are unfamiliar with the put-the-criminal first platform for the (D) candidate. She's all about hugs and being soft on certain portions of society. I want a prosecutor to be hard on ALL criminals. No excuses. No exceptions.


The Left continues to push to remove our 2nd Amendment rights and yet these criminals roam the county. The Left also tries to silent our 1st Amendment rights by calling anyone who speaks up bigots and haters. Trump 2020!


The Right are a bunch of racial haters....back in the 70's this stuff went on with good ole white American kids in gangs too! Remember????the Pagans and the Hell's Angel's. Just because these kids are Hispanic??? What???? It's the way of the world, race means nothing to it. Humans are a mean species! Impeach Trump 2019!!!!!


Amerigirl, & AFF, tell us how this is just an isolated incident and that there is nothing to worry about.


If you are not a gang member why are you worried. Most times it is one gang vs. another, just like this situation. It did say the assault reportedly involved two rival gangs.


But they are nice young men. With the liberal judges corrupting the system, they will be out and back on the streets very soon.


Waterfordresident you should take a look at facts around incarceration in this country. It favors mostly the richest members of our society. While I am all for holding people that commit crimes accountable following our justice system process, it cannot and should not be excessive to punish those that cannot get the same deals or afford the better attorneys. And judges who receive more discretion in their rulings tend to get things right. The more you have mandatory sentencing the more the less fortunate get punished excessively for the same crime a more fortunate member of our community does, as they get the better plea deals or overall better outcomes. You should take a look at the numbers on this, as it's not even close when you see the disproportionate number of non white or less fortunate folks getting punished at a stiffer rate. This all leads to additional levels of recidivism.


Yes, yes. These are just wayward children who will surely turn away from violence with just a hug.


Ace, who ever said that? You are living in the trump era, you should know that money is power.


Who said that? Firstly, that's the distillation of the post to which I was commenting. Secondly, that's a primary tenet of the Democratic candidate for Comm Attny. She wants to hug everyone. Especially those who arent white.


That's not a liberal thing!!!! It's a judge and jury thing!!! Who lets them back out? Not Liberals! Another racist hater....These boys should be processed according to law, just like anyone else. Did you ask these kids who they voted for? Maybe they are Trump voters???? One never knows anymore.


Why do some people insist on spreading conspiracy theories? Judges are corrupting the system??? only an idiot would believe that. If they did they would be disbarred. All judge follow the law but some people want to blame liberals for all their anxiety so they assign conspiracy theories to them. .


anymore conspiracy theories?


I can't wait for Cindy to post on this article.


Just for you....see above!!!! :)


Christian Carias-Chavez, 20, Joana J. Recinos-Rivas, 18, Gustavo A. Velasquez-Soto, 20, and Angel A. Velasquez Orellana, 18, all of Sterling, were arrested. Each was charged with two counts of assault by mob and two counts of gang participation.

Carias-Chavez, Recinos-Rivas, Velasquez-Soto, Lopez-Navarro. What's up with all the hyphenated last names in the Latino community?


Not sure why their spelling or grammar that accompanies their name makes any difference. If they committed a crime they should follow the same justice protocol that all of us follow.


Many countries that speak Spanish or Portuguese they use the fathers last name followed by the mothers last name, they usually don't have a middle name. Since in this country we use just about all documentation using the fathers name they really need to have that. The mother does not give up her maiden name when she marries.

Chris McHale

I call B-S, I've been told numerous times that there are no gangs in Loudoun.


You must be an idiot if you think there aren’t any gangs in Loudoun.


There are gangs in Sterling, Ashburn and thick in Herndon. Something needs done about it. The KKK is hanging out in Lovettsville and Lucketts are....something needs done about them. If they stopped harassing the immigrants that are here working and trying to be "Americans" they could and should go after the gangs!!!!!!


Amen. It seems like the politics of today is just filled with hate. After all we have a president who says he is a Nationalist.


OMG. Somebody is proud of their nation. HOW DARE THEY? Open borders. One world. LOLLLLLLLL. Fools.

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