Fontaine wins another term as mayor of Lovettsville

From left, Sheryl Frye, Mayor Nate Fontaine, David Earl, Joy Pritz, Buchanan Smith and Mike Dunlap at the voting precinct in Lovettsville on Thursday.

Lovettsville Mayor Nate Fontaine, who ran unopposed this year, has officially been elected to a second term.

Three Town Council seats were also open, with current Councilman Mike Dunlap running for another term after winning a special election seat in 2018. Also running for re-election was Buchanan Smith, who won a special election last year.

Other challengers for the open seats on Town Council were Sheryl Frye, Joy Pritz and David Earl.

Pritz, Smith and Earl were elected to council with 298, 272 and 284 votes, respectively. Dunlap received 235 votes and Frye received 227 votes.

Voter turnout was slightly less this year, with 522 voters participating compared to 571 voters, or 35.75 percent, in 2018. There are currently 1,776 registered voters residing in Lovettsville.

Two years ago, Fontaine handily bested Kris Consaul to become the town's next mayor after longtime mayor Robert Zoldos decided to step down.

Earlier this year, Fontaine said he's excited for the future and his presumptive second term. His top priorities are to continue to focus on town streetscapes and sidewalk projects, including water and sewer improvements. He said he would also like to provide better customer service and town efficiency by focusing on the Town Hall expansion and removing the 11-plus-year-old "temporary" trailer.

Fontaine also plans to continue the "highly successful commercial economic growth" in Lovettsville, reducing reliance on residential property tax revenue from homeowners.

Fontaine added he hopes to continue to increase teamwork and collaboration among council members for the betterment of the community.

Pritz told the Times-Mirror this was her first time running for office and she has lived in Lovettsville for 12 years. 

"I've been watching Town Council meetings and have been seeing the lack of collaboration during the meetings. I always wanted to get involved, and it's time to do that now," she said.

Pritz said she is mostly concerned about high water rates in town. "A lot of people feel we are spending too much on water," Pritz said.

Smith said he has lived in Lovettsville for seven years. He and his family fell in love with the town when they visited during Oktoberfest.

He started serving on the Planning Commission, and he said he feels it is important to serve the community where you live. 

Last year, Smith won a special election seat for council. Since then he has focused on creating a transportation master plan.

Earl said this was also his first time running for office and he has lived in town for 12 years.

"I didn't necessarily agree with the way things were going and the strife on Town Council. I'm running to eliminate that and help get things accomplished," he said.

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Well, somebody's butt sure got hurt. Elections have consequences. Bring your voters or deal with it, tiger. Best, Dean.


Did anyone ask Pritz how many meeting she actually attended before she was asked to run. Did she ever reach out to the candidates who were not part of her faux homegrown cabal? Jimmy Sing is becoming a habitchaual liar Mike Dunlap endorsed no one in the Town Council race!


None of these candidates that won will be a factor. ROI or Realm of Idiots run by Hornbaker is what Lovettsville now has.

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