Ramadan and McAuliffe

On Aug. 24, former Del. David Ramadan (R) endorsed Democratic nominee Terry McAuliffe for governor.

Former Republican State Delegate David Ramadan joined a number of other former Republican elected officials, who last month crossed party lines to endorse Terry McAuliffe, the Democratic nominee for governor. Ramadan said it is the first time he’s endorsed a Democratic nominee for governor. Ramadan said he believes McAuliffe to be the best person for the job, regardless of political affiliations.

“I’m a lifelong conservative. However, in this race, and for the first time ever, I am endorsing the Democrat candidate, proudly endorsing Terry McAuliffe,” Ramadan said to the Times-Mirror.

“I believe the experience that Terry brings and the vision that he has for Virginia today, and Virginia over the next four years, makes him the best person for that job,” he said. “And that is why I am proud to have endorsed him and helping lead the coalition of current and former Republicans for Terry.”

The former delegate served the 87th District, which includes parts of Dulles, South Riding, Sterling and south into Prince William County, in the Virginia House of Delegates for four years.

His first term began in 2011.

Ramadan said he’s worked with McAuliffe for years and worked with him during his first term on bipartisan issues such as jobs, military families, and education. As co-founder and co-chairman of the Business Development Caucus in the Virginia General Assembly, Ramadan said he worked closely with McAuliffe to advance a pro-jobs economy.

Republican nominee Glenn Youngkin, the former co-chief executive of Carlyle Group, is challenging McAuliffe for the governorship. McAuliffe is seeking his second term as governor. The state’s constitution bars governors from serving two consecutive terms.

“Terry is a committed public servant who always puts what is right for Virginia and our economy first, and he’s shown that again with his leadership on COVID-19 and vaccines,” Ramadan said in earlier remarks.

“Virginians need someone with the experience, leadership, and fortitude to govern on day one and work in a bipartisan manner to get things done, not someone who will bring Donald Trump’s brand of divisiveness, chaos, confusion, and failed leadership to the commonwealth,” he said. “That’s why I am supporting Terry McAuliffe for governor. Glenn Youngkin’s dangerous approach to COVID-19 and vaccines will harm our economy and drag Virginia back.”

Christian Martinez, a spokesperson with Youngkin’s campaign, refuted claims against the Republican nominee.

“Glenn Youngkin is the only candidate in the race running TV ads encouraging Virginians to join him in getting vaccinated against COVID,” Martinez said.

“Today, Terry McAuliffe refused to accept Youngkin’s invitation to film a PSA together encouraging Virginians to get the vaccine – an act of bipartisanship that could literally save lives,” he said. “McAuliffe was also photographed breaking federal law by failing to comply with President Biden’s executive order requiring people to wear masks on Amtrak trains. So not only does McAuliffe put playing politics with the pandemic over people’s lives, but he failed his own COVID leadership test. It’s clear he’s just another all talk, no action career politician.”

Ramadan’s endorsement was made shortly before McAuliffe visited Loudoun County on Friday and called on nursing homes, assisted living facilities and other residential facilities serving seniors in Virginia to require their staff to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19.

He made the announcement in front of more than 65 people at the Ashby Ponds Senior Living Community in Ashburn.

Campaign officials said McAuliffe will “work across the aisle to uplift all Virginians, invest in Virginia’s businesses, and strengthen the economy – just as he did before.”

As Virginia’s 72nd Governor, campaign officials said McAuliffe worked with lawmakers to create 200,000 jobs, reduce unemployment in every city and county, and raise personal income by 14%. Additionally, officials said he oversaw “billions of dollars of investment in Virginia’s transportation infrastructure, improved some of the most congested roadways in the commonwealth, and secured a record $1 billion investment in education.”

In his campaign this year, McAuliffe has released 20 detailed policy plans outlining his vision to build a stronger Virginia, including plans for education, jobs, and affordable health care.

“I am running for governor to build a stronger Virginia economy where everyone can thrive, and first and foremost that means beating this virus so we can keep our economy strong, our schools open, and our commonwealth on track,” McAuliffe said in a prepared statement.

“I am proud to be building an unmatched, broad coalition of leaders who share my vision to move Virginia forward,” he said. “COVID has given Virginia unprecedented challenges, but by working together and showing real leadership, I know we can get big things done — creating good-paying jobs, investing in infrastructure, and giving every child a world-class education. We did it before, and we’ll do it again.”

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J Smith

Is anybody happy with the current state of affairs in Virginia?

We’ve had 8 years of McAuliffe-Northam and everybody I talk to can hardly recognize what Virginia has become.

McAuliffe-Northam COVID policies have been a disaster with AARP earlier this year ranking Virginia as one of the most dangerous states in the nation for COVID while also having one of the strictest lockdown policies.

McAuliffe’s own party leaders, Sen McCellan, stated that under McAuliffe-Northam leadership, Virginia was unprepared for the pandemic.

Following COVID, Virginia doesn’t even rank in the top 30 of states for our economy and labor market recovery according to the financial website WalletHub.

According to business.org, Virginia ranks LAST in the country when it comes to paying teachers.

Six months ago, US News ranked Virginia as 38th in the nation when it comes to infrastructure.

This summer, BankRate scored Virginia as overall 31 of 50 states when it comes to choosing a place to retire. Significantly contributing to that score were our high property and sales tax rates and our access to health care and economic security.

On top of everything else, we’re more divided than ever with McAuliffe-Northam supporting Critical Race Theory that believes people should be judged by the color of their skin and that the police are the source of our problems and should be defunded.

Even Mother Jones, a progressive American magazine, has called McAuliffe “a distasteful political candidate” who “brazenly mixes campaign funding activities with attempts to enrich himself personally.” A man of “sketchy business partners” who “manipulates the media.”

Not surprisingly, last time he was governor, McAuliffe was investigated by the FBI and prosecutors from the Justice Department’s public integrity unit.

We’ve had enough of McAuliffe-Northam. Let’s not make it McAuliffe-Biden. It’s time for a fresh look in Richmond. Let’s give Youngkin and Sears a try.

They can’t do any worse.


I ask again what assisted living venue has staff that is not vaccinated, straw man by McAuliffe.

Was it Youngkin that wanted to do a "get vaccinated" ad with McAuliffe that Terry said no to, YES!

Ramadan should be censured by the republican committee, straw republican.

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