Brian Damron

Former Dominion High School Band Director Brian Damron. 

Florida education officials have permanently revoked the teaching license of a former Dominion High School music director accused of making sexual advances toward a student.

The Florida Times-Union reports Brian Damron is accused of commenting on a male student's genitals and inappropriately touching him. The former Stanton College Preparatory High music director also is accused of misconduct including the verbal abuse of students.

Investigative reports say one student's mother argues Damron was hired without his previous school, Dominion High in Sterling, Virginia, disclosing alleged misconduct. Three people from LCPS, including Dominion Principal John Brewer, wrote Damron letters of recommendation.

LCPS said in a 2017 statement that the investigation did not go forward because the incident of misconduct happened in another school district.

Damron resigned from the Florida school in November 2016 while under investigation. The Florida Times-Union says Damron did not respond to a request for comment, but previously has denied the allegations.

Loudoun County Public Schools had received a complaint about Damron in 2015 that did not result in criminal charges. In late 2016, LCPS received additional complaints, and the school system conducted a new investigation and filed petition for license revocation. As a result, Damron surrendered his Virginia teaching license in early 2017.

Brewer, the principal, returned to his post as Dominion High School principal in April 2017 after a nearly four-month leave of absence while LCPS investigated his role in recommending Damron to the Florida school district.

A Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office investigation into the additional Damron complaints was closed March 2017 without charges being filed.

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Ed, this guy has proven to be guilty (multiple times now)....Kavanaugh has been accused with no evidence and the evidence the accuser presented no one will corroborate....are Ellison, Clinton, Spitzer, Edwards, Kennedys and others guilty without a trial or public hearing...let's hope our country has fallen that far yet...


Our own mini-version of the Kavanaugh saga. Except, I bet most of those calling for blood in this case are supporting elevating an accused sexual deviant to the Supreme Court.


Its just pathetic that LCPS chose NOT to terminate the principal of Dominion HS. That says a lot about how LCPS views/condones sexual predators and those that "condone" educational "professionals" by writing letters of recommendations to other schools AFTER knowing very well that the person they are recommending were accused of being sexual predators--- the principal should have been FIRED for poor judgement and for acting as an "agent" for LCPS by writing recommendations. The lesson for others is: DON'T write a frickin' letter of recommendations for anyone that has been investigated/accused of a crime UNTIL they have been cleared in court or by authorities. You knew very well that he had to give up his license yet you wrote a recommendation? Are you that stupid enough to put your own neck out there only to be investigated yourself for supporting him by writing a recommendation for that guy in FLA? I have to question your own judgement and professional qualifications to lead the school's administration. SMDH. Good thing my kid doesn't attend your school because I don't TRUST your judgement.


This sick pup should be in jail....pass the trash is not what you do with someone like this....hold him responsible for his perverted behavior...


Same old apologist attitude from the Cult of Brewer. Fact--he did write Damron a letter of recommendation. Fact--before he wrote the letter, he was aware of the allegation. Fact--he was suspended for it. What did LTM get wrong here? There may well have been higher-ups who abetted the trash passing, but Brewer was trash passing. And, I can guarantee you--if my kid or your kid at a subsequent school district was victimized by Damron, we'd be in court in half a heartbeat suing LCPS for all it's worth. Hopefully, the good that will come from this is the realization that we're not talking someone selling used cars here--this is someone with direct, unsupervised access to kids. Passing the trash for a school teacher has real, profound consequences. Don't do it--a lesson I'll bet Dr. Brewer has taken to heart.

Virginia SGP

So parents at Dominion all knew Damron was a danger. Only problem is his principal backed him (at least) until Damron was reported for sharing alcohol with an underage "assistant instructor" who was allegedly rooming with Damron on a weekend band-related trip.

Nobody seems to be sorry for this episode.

Brewer doesn't appear to be sorry for endangering Florida youth by writing a glowing evaluation of Damron.

The district band coordinator has no qualms for also writing a letter.

Supt Williams only belatedly, and under extreme pressure, asked VDOE to revoke Damron's license despite being involved in the decision to release Damron 2 years earlier. No remorse there.

And school board member Debbie Rose pushed so hard to just forget this all happened and give total authority back to principal Brewer.

Just like the Catholic church, almost nobody cares about the kids, especially if they don't have involved parents looking after them. With LCPS and particularly this school board, it is all about helping/protecting the adults in the system 100% of the time. It's sickening.


This continued misrepresentation of the situation is disappointing. LTM is repeating the same untrue story about Brewer. His suspension had more to do with the typical mismanagement from the LCPS administration that plagues so many other aspects of our kid's schools.

Chris McHale

So where is he now?

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