Mick Staton

Mick Staton

Former Loudoun County Supervisor Mick Staton will replace Rich McMunn as the Republican candidate for Ashburn District seat on the Board of Supervisors.

The Loudoun County Republican Committee made the announcement Monday after McMunn indicated he would relocating to pursue employment opportunities.

Staton hopes to succeed two-term Supervisor Ralph Buona (R), who is not seeking re-election. Retired Air Force Col. Mike Turner is running for the seat as the Democratic nominee.

“I was pleased to support Rich’s candidacy,” Staton said in a prepared statement. “I am sorry that he has ended his campaign, but I am honored to have been asked to serve again. I have been an Ashburn resident for 10 years and my prior experience as a Loudoun supervisor will serve the district well.”

Staton said his top priorities entering the race are keeping taxes low, bringing more jobs to Loudoun County and protecting the existing communities of Ashburn, according to Republican committee officials.

Staton was elected to represent the old Sugarland Run District in 2003. Four years later, he lost to Democrat Susan Buckley by 19 percentage points.

McMunn said, “While it would have been a great honor to serve on the Board of Supervisors, my family and I have decided to pursue an incredible employment opportunity that has arisen outside Virginia. We are extremely fortunate that former supervisor Mick Staton has stepped up to replace me as the nominee and he has my full support and endorsement. Mick will make a great Supervisor for the people of Ashburn.”

The Loudoun County Republican Committee will officially take up the matter during its July 22 meeting.

Every seat on the Loudoun Board of Supervisors is up for a vote in this November's election.


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No the dope is giving marital advice, yikes!


Look at his eyes. He's emotionally barren inside.


Skyprince….please layoff the CNN and MSNBC....your comment could not be more foolish....


WOW you really are psychic, you have the ability to know what people do in their own homes. And you be better than them since you can pass judgement on them.


You could of put anyone's name in the headline and the same complainers are going to complain, from all indications these whiners do not wear the pants in their families!


I guess you "wear the pants in the family"? Most marriages and families work well together because of mutual agreement and equality. That way they can honor and respect their spouse. How do you treat your spouse?


He is brave! Any GOP running is really a fool....even people I know who have only voted GOP in their entire lives, will not anymore. The GOP has shown itself to be the party of hatred, the party of apply only if white and the party of lunacy Abe Lincoln must be twisting in his grave. A vote for a GOP is a wasted vote.


Why do you seem to be so afraid of Republican success in governing?? IE: Americas present prosperous condition, Vote for the good of the Nation never blind allegiance to party. Always remember that ignorance can be remedied by education, but stupidity is beyond redemption,


It looks like his friends that used to vote republican have had their ignorance remedied.

Count Quackula

Their are plenty of mental health clinics to help you with your disorder.


good to have someone with experience running....

MAGA Morons Are Governing America

Depends on whether you value that experience. I remember the Staton years well and that's one disaster I'd never vote to bring back to the stage.


Great day for the Dems. No interest in the Dick Black types, including Higgins. And then they wonder why the lose elections. Can any candidate discuss the budget and reducing the bloated government?

MAGA Morons Are Governing America

Keep Dick Black's greater family dining at the public trough


Sad day for the Loudoun GOP


The republican slate just became stronger!

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