Loudoun County Democratic Board of Supervisors members and candidates

Loudoun County Democratic Board of Supervisors members and Democratic candidates announced a unity campaign platform on Tuesday.

Run for all and all for one.

While they each have issues unique to their districts, the six incumbent Democratic members of the Board of Supervisors and three Democratic challengers on Tuesday pledged to run a unity campaign.

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You know 6 of them for the current failures that they are why elect more of the same unless you are getting free stuff, like rent, healthcare...who do they think they are Ronna McDaniel?


The B team!


And Randall and Briskman say we wish we had more money.

Well, there was the 8 million bucks you wasted on a swampland. Money wasted on changing street names of dead people. Money wasted on hiring fat cat UVA professors to tell you what you want to hear. 50 million plus on a soccer stadium nobody uses. Money wasted on "art programs." The never ending blank check that is the failing METRO system. And my favorite, money completely wasted on pay hikes for the BoS.

Tell us about how you wish you had more of our money again.


Not so fast.

This Board of Supervisors has been eager to change:

• rural parks to suburban playgrounds,

• cinema centers to hundreds of houses,

• toxic dump sites to affordable housing,

• wetlands to solar array farms,

• airport property (best left for commercial use) into homes,

• sell off distressed property for homes, and

• shopping centers to even more housing.

This Board of Supervisors has made plans to:

• build in the floodplain,

• partner with developers to turn cul-de-sacs into thoroughfares (using eminent domain and quick take),

• turn our open spaces into barren cloud data centers, and

• build on known archaeological sites.

All this and more, telling us it is for our own good while our roads and schools become more congested. And then, of course, finally, they increase our real estate taxes to pay for their wild spending and wholesale trashing of our environment.

Sounds like they do not like residents of any color.

Jonathan Erickson, Sterling

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