Nicholas Wade mugshot

Nicholas A. Wade

A Hamilton man was arrested Monday night after an alleged domestic assault and attempted escape from a hospital, according to the Loudoun County Sheriff's Office.

Deputies responded to reports of a domestic incident near the 16500 block of Lance Trail Court in Hamilton around 10:30 p.m. The suspect reportedly forced his way into a home and assaulted the homeowner, who was known to him. The victim did not sustain any injuries from the incident.

Nicholas A. Wade, 18, was charged with domestic assault and unlawful entry.

After his arrest, Wade was transported to a local hospital due to a minor injury. At the hospital, he attempted to run from deputies, but he was apprehended.

Officials say Wade assaulted a deputy and attempted to disarm him of his firearm while being taken into custody.

The Hamilton 18-year-old received additional charges of assault and battery on law enforcement, attempt to disarm a law enforcement officer, obstruction of justice and disorderly conduct. He was being held Tuesday at the Loudoun County Adult Detention Center pending a bond hearing.

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Good thing he isn't African American - attempt to take a firearm from law enforcement? He'd be dead. Instead assault, battery, fighting with police officers, attempt to take a firearm, hauled to the hospital, escapes...he'd be dead if he wasn't white. Wake up. What's his immigration status? Send him back to where he came from.


False narrative says what? Please do see the incident which I posted below.

Geeb man 69

I went to school with him and he was actually adopted from Russia. Which makes him a commie, go figure.


To see real video of how badly this type of situation can go, search for West Valley City in Utah DUI arrest footage from last month.

Geeb man 69

Rest in piecies the legend, gone but not forgotten, just wanted to get geebed out. Home invasion ain’t that bad of a charge man I’m sure you can still work at pville mcdonald


Once beautiful Loudoun... Where do these people come from?


Actually he was home grown in Loudoun. He used to play baseball with my son back in elementary school days. I feel so bad for his parents.. sometimes good kids get on a bad path. Instead of all the rude comments, have some respect for his family. SMH


Good thing he wasn't an immigrant.

Chris McHale

How do you know he's not an immigrant? Is it because of the color of his skin? Cindy we have illegals in this country that are white and of color. Perhaps if LCSO checked the immigration status of everyone they arrest we could eliminate your racist concerns.


Oh snap!

Chris McHale

High AF


Attempting to gain control of a LEO's firearm is a great way to end one's life.


McHale - ICE alerts pop up on everyone who has a detainer in the system, and if this was your son, brother, best friend- think you’d still be so quick to label/ judge? Geez Louise... my sister’s gonna be so upset when she find out she’s not the only perfect person in the world

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