Justin Hannah

Justin Hannah (D) is running for sheriff in Loudoun County in hopes of unseating incumbent Michael Chapman (R).

Justin Hannah, an Army reserves intelligence officer and Department of Defense contractor, has secured the Democratic nomination for Loudoun County sheriff, besting veteran law enforcement officer Chris Harmison in Tuesday's primary.

Hannah won 51 percent of the vote compared to Harmison's 43 percent. Nearly 6 percent of the vote was tallied as undervotes. An undervote is when the number of choices selected by a voter is less than the maximum number allowed for that contest, or when no selection is made for a single choice contest.

“We ran a really good campaign. We had a really good team,” Hannah said, thanking his friends, family and volunteers. He called his opponent a “really nice guy,” but said he believes the county wants something different, “someone with a clear vision that will get results.”

The Democrat will face incumbent Sheriff Mike Chapman (R) in November's general election. Chapman is seeking his third term as the county's chief law enforcement. The sheriff won his 2015 contest with 61 percent of the vote.

Hannah secured his party's nomination despite high-profile endorsements of his opponent from Loudoun County Chairwoman Phyllis Randall (D) and Leesburg Mayor Kelly Burk.

Hannah, 28, said if elected he'll work to improve transparency in the Loudoun County Sheriff's Office and strengthen the county's drug rehab programs. He also called for better enforcement of current gun laws and also advocated for more effective gun laws.

“Being a military veteran, I have been sought to fix organizations and I’ve done that. I’ve built teams on three different continents and got accolades for it,” Hannah said during a primary forum in May. “I’m going to do the same thing here. I’m going to bring the same tenacity that I brought to the United States military and I’m going to bring it to our sheriff’s office.”

This is the Democratic nominee's first bid for public office.

Slightly less than 9 percent of Loudoun County's 258,034 registered voters turned out for Tuesday's primaries.

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So a man who has sworn to uphold and defend the United States Constitution once already is now running for a position where he has to make the same oath again, only to undermine it. Sounds about par for the course for Democrats.


“Being a military veteran, I have been sought to fix organizations and I’ve done that. I’ve built teams on three different continents and got accolades for it,”. Great. You got my respect for serving in the military. So you've built teams on (3) different continents and received accolades, who cares and what does that mean anyways? Those are your qualifications, really? Except for being in the military, AOC has better credentials than you do and that ain't saying much. You're fricken 28 years old, go walk a beat, drive a patrol car, lead the CSI Unit, become detective and then try again. The fact that you were even nominated is shameful ZERO EXPERIENCE


I'm sure the unexperienced Dem elect will want to go the way of Fairfax and make Loudoun a sanctuary county. LCPS is already on a downward trajectory, last thing we need is welcoming all illegals and providing a safe haven.


While Loudoun may be turning blue, people still trust Republicans more with money, and law and order. Sheriff Chapman is safe, as is Roger Zurn.

Representing the Mambo

Sheriff Chapman and John Witbeck were at Black Hoof Brewery Celebrating Justin Hannah's victory Tuesday night. Well done dems. Your guy has no chance against Chapman. It is four more years of this scheming sociopath sheriff who surrounds himself with thugs, felons, and sycophants. Fingers crossed that something comes of his former campaign manager's conviction and plea deal.


Due to the change in Demographics of Loudoun County I would say this guy has a chance to win. The question is if he is qualified. Well, in 2008 a demographically changed country put an unqualified individual in the White House so I would think Loudoun can elect an unqualified Sheriff.


a candidate for sheriff without a shred of law enforcement experience. Brought to you by today's Democrat party.


For all the griping here and on Facebook, perhaps we ought to do better than sub-10% of eligible voters showing up to the polls?

loudoun fan

Democrats nominate a 28 year old with no law enforcement experience to be sheriff? Over a 40 year career law enforcement officer with high level managerial experience? Bunch of fools.

LoCo Bob

It is events like this that cause me to pause and wonder why isn't there Police Department in Loudoun selected by and accountable to the BOS? But it is now possible a person who has no LE background could be the Sheriff ??

David Dickinson

Because an independently elected Sheriff can keep the BoS in check and is also accountable to all the people of the County and not a handful of people. Recall the arrest of Supervisor Williams a few years ago.

loudoun fan

We really do need a police department with a chief hired by the county administrator. Leave the Sheriff with his primary duties: securing the courts and running the jail. I think to move to a police force, we'd have to have a countywide referendum (I could be wrong.) The current Sheriff is opposed to that. Maybe a new one would be open to it. A 28 year old with no LE experience wouldn't have a clue either way.


I believe AOC would be this guys 2nd in command.


hey scott, you've brought up AOC twice in a convo about a local sheriff's race...what's the deal? got a secret crush? watching too much FOX? might want to meet some of your neighbors who arent so scared of the next generation coming into power.


Will he or Chapman finally ENFORCE the law that says you can’t park on the side of the street in Waterford?!!!! If no then I’m not voting for either of them.


Enforcement of not parking on the side of the street in Waterford is your benchmark for who you'll vote for? Not exactly the crime of the century and I doubt it ranks in the top 500 crimes LCSO is working on. Do you realize how absolutely ridiculous this comment is? If this is the biggest threat to Waterford, then I'm moving there and will park all my big trucks on the side of the road.


Intel officer....contractor....where's the LEO experience at? LEO experience should be a requirement and proven prior to being able to running for this office. A clean record - polygraph prior to etc. I would even go so far as FLETC being a requirement. In other words, if he were to apply for a deputy position, would his resume pass muster and would he be a shoe in with zero further training required? If no, then no you can't run because as the highest LEO in the land of Loudoun, if you can't hold the lower positions based on an interview and resume, then why are you allowed to hold this one?

David Dickinson

A hearty congratulations to Mike Chapman. 70/30 in November.


Dont bet on it. The low info voters will be out in big numbers voting for unqualified candidates. When people like AOC and Omar get elected this guy can get elected. He will have a good chance.

More Cowbell

Is this the same guy that lost his case, owes Va Manor Cond Assoc and HOA??? 3 cases and over $7K??? Wow, can't wait to hear his explanation....Too busy running for Sheriff.


Any LEO experience?


I guess I have to vote for Chapman now....was hoping to pull the lever for harmison, but not in the cards....


I hope that's not the case. Everyone should vote for sanity. Every Republican running for every office, from Dog Catcher to President, should be afraid of losing. Distance yourself from this "normal" or expect defeat.

Chris McHale

Commoncentz - voting for someone for sherriff that has NO experience is insane. The sheriff's office should not be based on politics.


Well, Loudoun... looks like you just elected the incumbent come November. This kid with no experience has no chance against Chapman. Congrats - 4 more years of the same...


Enjoy the photo ops with Trump and his people.

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