Jan Mathov

Jan Mathov

As part of the Harvest Kindness initiative, the Wine Reserve at Waterford and North Gate Vineyard will team up Nov. 10 to support local grape grower Jan Mathov and help purchase a wheelchair that will allow Mathov to safely manage the Waterford vineyard she owns with her husband.

In 2014, Mathov suffered an accident on her property and sustained a spinal cord injury that left her an incomplete quadriplegic, according to organizers. Since then, Mathov has been borrowing a wheelchair when it's available that allows her to safely maneuver the muddy fields and stand up to tend the upper canopy protecting the grapes.

As part of the community goodwill effort, local businesses and wineries are being asked to donate unique experiences that highlight what the Loudoun community has to offer, which will then be raffled off at the event. 

North Gate is located at 16301 Hillsboro Road, Purcellville. The Nov. 10 event will be from 7-9 p.m. Tickets are $25 and are on sale now at The Wine Reserve at Waterford, at the door, or online at townvu.com/winereserveatwaterford/ordering. You can also buy raffle tickets at the same site. Donations to the fund can be made a tasting rooms throughout Loudoun County or online at gofundme.com/harvest-kindness.

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Jeanne T

What a wonderful gesture. I hope the money is raised to help Jan get a wheelchair of her own so that she can continue to cultivate her vineyard and prosper.

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