Geary Higgins

Catoctin District Supervisor Geary Higgins 

Republican Loudoun County Supervisor Geary Higgins of the Catoctin District and Democratic state Del. John Bell will square off in the 13th Senate District seat race this November after earning their party’s nominations.

The 13th Senate District seat, which is being vacated by the retiring Republican Sen. Dick Black, covers portions of Sterling, Ashburn, western Loudoun County and part of Prince William County.

Higgins on Tuesday won the Republican nomination, defeating board colleague Ron Meyer in the primary with 65 percent of the vote to Meyer's 35 percent.

Higgins ran to the right of Meyer during the primary, consistently touting his support for President Donald Trump's border wall, his pro-life views and his support for the Second Amendment.

Addressing supporters Tuesday night, Higgins said he will fight to "protect liberties and quality of life."

"No one in this room is under the illusion that it's going to be an easy race," Higgins, the vice president of Labor Relations for NECA, Inc., said. "For us it's going to be a tough race. Over the next five months we're going to be outspent, we're going to be attacked, but I believe that we will prevail with all your support and enthusiasm that I've had today."

More than 10,000 votes were cast in the 13th District primary.

Bell, a retired Air Force officer, will finish his second term as the representative of the 87th House of Delegates District at the end of the year. The Democrat faced several primary potential challengers early on but eventually won his party's nomination unopposed. He serves on several committees in the House of Delegates, including Counties Cities and Towns, Militia, Police and Public Safety, and Appropriations, along with several other subcommittees.

The 13th District election is expected to be one of the highest-profile, most-expensive contests in the commonwealth. Black won his 2015 contest over Democrat Jill McCabe by 5.5 percent of the vote and his 2011 race by 14 percent over Shawn Mitchell. In 2016, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton won the 13th District vote by 6 percent, and now Gov. Ralph Northam (D) took the 13th by 11 percent in 2017.

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Count Quackula

So supporting the president, the second amendment, and opposing uncontrollable illegal immigration was all it took for him to be “to the right” of his pathetic so called republican challenger. Hopefully that’s the end of his worthless career.


Meyer was a train wreck candidate, never really had a chance. Probably sealed his fate with his attempts to all but suspend hunting and basic gun rights in Western Loudoun. Game set and match.

David Dickinson

Higgins ran as the conservative's conservative and won solidly. It should be a lesson to republicans that think they are safer in the middle.


Maybe if Meyer talked about something other than toll rates and new roads he wouldn't have lost so badly.


particularly since he's always voted to bring more houses to Loudoun and thus more traffic and more tolls.


Not surprised by this result. Higgins will make a good state senator...


Loudoun4Trump, Higgins will make a great state senator if, by that, you mean a tool for his developer buddies and for pork spending? I will gladly vote for the Dem.


For what state? Look at it this way. in 2018, in his district, turnout was over 80%, and Barbara Comstock lost big time. In 2017, turnout was well over 60% , and the Democrat culled over 65% of the vote. In both elections, women's issues were front and center. Now, we have 2019, and are the good Moms of Loudoun County going to vote for a guy who wants more guns in schools, wants to curtail women's health rights, and wants more guns on the streets? Really? Over the last two years, more women showed up to vote in his district than Men did. You think this guy has a chance of winning after he put "Build the Wall" on campaign literature, when "building the wall is not a Loudoun or Virginia fiscal issue? This guys is Dick Black reincarnated. A phone poll last November by Republicans showed Dick Black losing to anyone by over 25 points. After hearing the results of the secret poll, Black announced retirement. You think this guy is going to do better, running against a popular and seasoned politician?


Higgins would have run to the left of Meyer if that was where the votes were. He's empty inside


Higgins bent over backward to "give" the Waterford Gentrification Foundation $150,000 from our ToT funds to repair their finances (a complete misuse of such funds), after he failed to get $200,000 from the G.A.'s budget. He gave Loudoun Mutual $42,000 in ToT funds to pay re-zoning fees (so they can change their zoning to commercial, selling out at top dollar). He "gave" away and destroyed the character defining alley network in historic Waterford. He changed the zoning to build a mega gas station along the JTHG at the Point of Rocks bridge. He abused campaign and finance reporting law, misappropriating and delaying the reporting of $. Scratch the surface and Piggins (Mr. Pork), works for his union bosses and attorneys of his developer buddies (Minchew), not the "Average Joe".

Legal Alien

Can you be more specific? How did Higgins "gave" thousands of $ to anyone? Were they in his pocket? or in his piggy bank? If he was misusing funds, why you or anyone else complained at the time? It looks to me that you are an attack dog for the Dems, now that they've lost one more time. Get a job!

Virginia SGP

Higgins is a tax-and-spend liberal who voted to approve spending by over 9% this year alone (~7.7% annually in the last five years). Nancy Pelosi would be proud of that spending splurge. Why should any Republican/conservative/libertarian come out to vote for Higgins who will just vote to increase spending/taxes in Richmond?

John M

I totally agree, Brian.

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