Hillsboro residents, businesses speak out about latest plans for Rt. 9 project

The intersection of Route 9 and Hillsboro Road, where a roundabout will be located. 

The Town of Hillsboro is moving forward with its Route 9 Traffic Calming and Pedestrian Safety Project, and town officials announced Nov. 7 they have received three bids for the project.

Volkert Engineering, the project's design and construction management firm, will begin an analysis of each bid and present that to the town's project team this week, according to town officials.

Hillsboro Mayor Roger Vance said he anticipates signing a contract by the end of November.

The lowest bidder was Archer Western Corporation at nearly $14.33 million. General Excavation Inc.'s proposal was for $18,.29 million, and Sagres Construction submitted a bid more than $22.47 million. 

“Based on the bid totals received today, it is clear to me that all of the hard work and creative ideas that went into developing the revised Maintenance of Traffic framework has really paid off,” Vance said in a prepared statement.

Town officials say the project's goal is to improve traffic safety, allow for safe pedestrian access and safe parking, and reduce current traffic congestion along Route 9, which sees an average of 17,000 daily vehicle trips through the town. It will also address the town's drinking water, which town officials say has been unsafe for the past 25 years.

Vance has said the town wants to complete all the infrastructure projects at one time to reduce the time of disruption and save tax dollars.

Residents, business owners and commuters along Route 9 have expressed concerns about the construction plans, which call for regional and local detours. Construction will begin with building two new roundabouts in the first two phases. Phase three will start the full road closure process, which is expected to last a maximum of two months.

The next phases will take approximately 11-14 months and will allow for a single-lane closure on weekdays and weekends. During the week, commuter traffic will be able to travel on the eastbound lane from 4 to 9:30 a.m. The westbound lane will be closed, except from 2 p.m. Friday to 4 p.m. Sunday. The eastbound lane will re-open at 5 p.m. Sunday to 9:30 a.m. Monday.

Regional detours will direct vehicles either via Route 7 or Route 340 or other local detour routes. The regional detour will direct all traffic originating west of Route 340 to follow Route 340 to Rt. 7. Local traffic will detour around the town of Hillsboro on Route 719 to Woodgrove Road, to Allder School Road, then north on Hillsboro Road to reconnect with Route 9.

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Whatever they do, I hope they account for cyclists who transit through Hillsboro.


What was really needed was a proper Route 9 extension bypass to prevent further deaths, with tolls so that VA taxpayers aren't funding WV commuters entirely on their own.

Instead, the town will deal with the same insane traffic, but slowed down. A band-aid that does nothing to resolve the high fatality rate on 9 and the major traffic jams on 7 resulting from the poor 7/9 interchange.

Better thing would have been WV finishing their portion of 340 to Berryville. VA finished their end of 340, but WV didn't. WV finished their portion of 9, but VA didn't.

It's as if there is zero planning at all between VDOT, MDOT, and WVDOT!

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